When will the media talk about native racism?

This is the kind of huge racist abuse people get from natives who use being their race to attack others who are not their race, that the mainstream media refuses, absolutely refuses to cover honestly, while they cater to every complaint if it’s a native blaming Canada for it.

ERBL when will the media talk about native racism-2

To paraphrase, this man says “white” $%&^$# owe him money for his land, and have not paid one red penny since 1492, and it’s all their land, anyway.

(see first comment on Facebook post, or next post, or website for screenshot of racist abuse.)

We, who are not that one race, all pay rent, mortgages, land leases and taxes, and yet this man speaks to people who are total strangers, whom he perceives as “whites”, as if they not only do not belong, have not paid for land, but owe one race forever if we are not the same race, just for existing on the same continent as they do, at the same time. He didn’t pay for land in 1492, none of his ancestors did, they fought for it, and stole it from other tribes for centuries, until Canada was formed.

Note how he speaks as if HE, himself, has been alive since 1492, and how he has carried the same hatred, racism, resentments and abuse for all those centuries.

That, my friends, is what’s at the very heart of all that ails our native communities…racism.

Not racism towards them, but racism from them.

They nurture this kind of hate filled racist dialogue, generation after generation, and this man has taught his kids and his grandkids to carry on the same racist abuse narrative, for the next few generations. Since 1492 and counting, this family line is no where near accepting other races of people, quite clearly. He is a musical entertainer with a large family, who’s carried these racist resentments all through his life into his elder years, passing it all on in his culture, spilling it out on my page, today.


We hear from kids all the time telling people whom they perceive as “white”, that they gave all natives diseases, and genocided them. No exaggeration, it’s just so bad what these kids have been brainwashed with in order to keep up the race divide so Chiefs get rich and keep power. It’s not healthy for anyone, but they don’t seem to care, as long as their kids continue blaming people who are not their race, so the extortion can carry on, and the excuses for everything find a place elsewhere, outside of accountability at home, in the community, and in their own leadership.

It’s a non-stop daily feast of what to blame Canada for next, and as each new story of a missing and murdered native woman comes up on CBC, or some blaming abuse about how no one from the other races are doing enough for them in this, they ignore all the obvious facts in front of them, of overt, unabashed, unchallenged, unprecedented racist abuse from the same race the CBC keeps catering to, but refuses to hold accountable on any level no matter how severe it gets and how obvious their racism is, and how it has NOTHING to do with “Canada” or anyone else, but them. They, them, them, they, them…them. No one else.

They have a very serious racism problem they MUST address, and everyone in Canada has the right to start not only expecting it, but demanding it.

“Larry, don’t you ever speak to anyone who is not your race, like that again. Go tell your kids and grandkids, and everyone else you spewed that racism out to, that you are sorry and embarrassed for making your culture look so bad, and that you are going to work on your severe racism problem, and teach others to do the same.”

Larry Kenoras fuck you its a downpayment for my land 800x260

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