‘Another Tribal Crisis’

The same aboriginal Band that extorted money from Alberta motorists trying to avoid a car accident {see below} is now asking for help:

“The three ‘First Nations’ bands near Morley {Alberta} are in a crisis situation over extremely high rates of prescription drug addictions and overdoses among members.

“With addiction rates surging as high as 60% among adult members of the reserve, Stoney Nakoda has declared a state of emergency. 

“We had something like 139 deaths attributed to opiates within a two-year period on the ‘nation’,” said Lindsay Blackett, CEO of the Chiniki Band, one of three that Stoney Nakoda comprises. “There’s only 6,000 people on the whole reserve, so that’s a significant number vis-à-vis the population.”

“He said fentanyl is the No. 1 culprit on the reserve — the same deadly drug that is devastating communities across Canada. More than 270 Albertans died from fentanyl overdoses last year, with at least 20 deaths on the southern Blood reserve alone since the summer of 2014. A prescription painkiller, fentanyl is up to 100 times more potent than morphine and is often passed off as a new form of ‘OxyContin’…

“Blackett noted that the opiate crisis is just part of a larger drug and alcohol challenge on the reserve…

‘Health Canada’ funds $86 million annually for addictions support for ‘First Nations’ and Inuit communities through the ‘National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program’ and the ‘National Youth Solvent Abuse Program’…

The high number of addicted adults on the Morley-area reserve is anecdotal at best, as actual numbers are not known. Prescription opioid addiction numbers are not tracked, nor are deaths unless they are related to fentanyl…

“Prescription drug abuse has a tragic history on many of Canada’s reserves despite the efforts of ‘indigenous’ leaders and health officials to combat the problem {What specific programs have been initiated by aboriginal leadership?}.

“Between 1986 and 1988, at least 42 ‘indigenous’ people died from prescription drug overdoses.

“In 1994, Alberta’s chief medical examiner and the ‘College of Physicians and Surgeons’ investigated 15 overdose deaths on the Eden Valley reserve, population 450, and how easily and often the victims got their pills from doctors.

“The following year, a 10-week investigation by ‘The Herald’ uncovered widespread drug abuse on reserves from Siksika ‘Nation’ near Gleichen, Eden Valley, the Tsuu T’ina reserve west of Calgary and the Blood reserve near Cardston. Doctors and social workers confirmed 90% of adults abused drugs such as ‘692’s, ‘Tylenol 3’, ‘Valium’ and ‘Halcion’.

“And in 1997, the federal auditor general condemned health programs for ‘indigenous’ people, saying prescription drug abuse on Alberta reserves was the highest in the country. The stats showed that in one three-month period in 1996, more than 700 ‘First Nations’ people across the country received at least 50 prescriptions, and almost 1,600 were prescribed more than 15 different drugs. In both cases, Alberta accounted for more than half the national total.

“A followup auditor’s report in 2006 found little had changed… It found that ‘Health Canada’ had not conducted any analysis of prescription drug use or analyzed data on drug-related deaths of its clients since 1999. The audit also determined that the number of clients obtaining more than 50 prescriptions over a three-month period had almost tripled compared with the 2000 audit.”

–Stoney’ First Nations’ facing prescription addiction crisis’,
Michele Jarvie, Calgary Herald, July 24, 2016


http://www.stoneynation.com/ Stoney Nakoda NationFrom 2014:
“RCMP are investigating the deaths of a young man and his mother on the Stoney Nakoda ‘First Nation’ that officials believe could be related to the use of street drugs and non-prescribed prescription pills…

“This is the first time in my 11 years of experience that I’ve seen a situation where a mother and son have both passed away in the same day due to essentially ingesting pills,” said Const. Ryan Gervais.

— ‘Son, mother on Stoney Nakoda ‘First Nation’ die in apparent overdoses’,
CBC News, July 30, 2014


Chief Ernest Wesley, Chief Bruce Labelle', Frank Oberle, Alberta minister of aboriginal relations, Chief Darcy Dickson (PHOTO: Cochrane Eagle)
Chief Ernest Wesley, Chief Bruce Labelle’, Frank Oberle, Alberta minister of aboriginal relations, Chief Darcy Dickson (PHOTO: Cochrane Eagle)

Also from 2014:
“Stoney-Nakoda ‘Nation’ chiefs and councillors have now posted their schedule of remuneration (salaries) and expenses for public information, as per the ‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act (‘FN’FTA)…

“The total tally of remuneration and expenses for the year ending March 31, 2014, is close to $2.7M for the three ‘Nation’ chiefs (three respective bands: Chiniki, Bearspaw and Wesley) and 14 councillors.

“It should be noted that all salaries earned by ‘First Nations’ leaders are tax-exempt.

The total population of Stoney ‘Nation’ in all three locations of Morley, Big Horn and remote Eden Valley is roughly 5,000 people.

“The ‘Iyahrhe-Nakoda Food Bank’ puts together around 300 food hampers each week.
Employment opportunities, both on and off reserve, have long been reported as problematic on the ‘nation’…

‘Stoney Nakoda salaries (expenses)’:
Darcy Dixon, Chief: Bearspaw
$183,354 ($110,976)

Bruce Labelle, Chief: Chiniki
$125,217 ($100,477)

Ernest Wesley, Chief: Wesley
$125,217 ($90,066)

–‘Stoney leaders’ salaries/expenses over $2.7M’,
Lindsay Seewalt, Cochrane Eagle, Oct 09, 2014


ERBLNotVeryNeighbourly600x600Remember these guys?:
“The tolls arbitrarily imposed on the Morley reserve Monday went straight into the pockets of the Band members who collected them. And the only legacy they left was one of anger and frustration among the drivers who, through no fault of their own, had to ransom themselves so they could continue their travels…”

‘Not Very Neighbourly: Ripping Off “Unfortunate” Motorists’ {August 28, 2015}: https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/not-very-neighbourly/ 

PHOTO: Meghan Grant - CBC)
PHOTO: Meghan Grant – CBC)

From 2012:
“Members of the Stoney Nakoda ‘First Nation’ in Morley exercised a peaceful {illegal} protest Sunday afternoon.

“About 200 people blocked one lane of the ‘Trans-Canada Highway’ in joining other ‘First Nations’ to protest the federal government’s Bill C-45…

“Autumn Eaglespeaker helped organized the march.

“The ‘First Nations’ people are saying no, that enough is enough, we’ve had a sovereignty treaty {?} with the crown and that is the basis of the beginning of Canada {?},” Eaglespeaker said.

“Elroy Strawberryrain came from the Samson Cree ‘First Nation’ in Edmonton.

“I was there for 13 years in residential schools {when attendance was voluntary} and there is no way I will put up with the government doing this to me again — our reserve is our reserve,” Strawberryrain said. “I’m 56 years old. We do everything for our kids and our grandkids so they have what we have including this land, everything around the reserves {?} — the money, the economy all our boundaries, of all our ‘nations’.”

–‘Stoney Nakoda ‘First Nation’ protests Bill C-45’,
CBC News, Dec. 16, 2012

Main Image: Nathan Godfrey – CBC 

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