‘Segregated Financing Reaffirmed’

Rather than taking the steps necessary to end institutionalized Segregation and Race Based Constitutional Law, both aboriginal and Canadian political leadership continue to proudly entrench — and finance — racial division, even though it is a stain on our Nation:

“A promise from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last December, and a commitment in the federal budget in May to do away with the two per cent cap on funding for ‘First Nations’, was formalized Tuesday morning July 12 in a memorandum of understanding.

“The ‘MOU’, said Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde in his opening address on the first day of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ annual general assembly,

“will work towards the creation of a new fiscal relationship.”

“Bellegarde and ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs Canada Minister Carolyn Bennett signed the MOU, initiating a process by which Canada and ‘First Nations’ {which’first nations’?} will work together to jointly design and establish sufficient, predictable and sustained funding for ‘First Nations’ communities.

“Further, the MOU establishes a joint Canada-’First Nations’ New Fiscal Relations Working Group to develop recommendations. Bellegarde said the new fiscal framework will take into account “real” needs and total population, both on and off reserves.

“Bennett referred to her government’s action to do away with the two per cent cap as

“removing the irritants from previous years that poisoned the relationship and set back {the Segregation} ‘progress’ by a decade.”

“Bennett said the budget passed by the Liberals in May is new money for education, infrastructure, housing, enhanced prevention in child welfare, and ending boil water advisories {Shouldn’t they just receive these services the same way as all other Canadians?}.

“Bennett committed to building a ‘Nation-to-nation’ {! What a fool. These are Canadian citizens…!} relationship and undertaking meaningful engagement, especially in the face of disagreements.

“She stressed that the Liberals did not believe that litigation was the way to build relationships and her government would stay away from court action {Good, because you never try to fairly represent Canada in court, anyway…}.

“How do we react when something goes wrong? …. (this) must be answered if we are truly on a path to ‘Nation-to-nation’ relationships and {one-way} reconciliation,” she said.

“Both Bennett and Bellegarde agreed that the time since the Liberal government came to power has been filled with ‘accomplishments’ {? Reinstating corruption by getting rid of the accountability?
‘Election Payback – A Licence To Steal?’ (Transparency Act): https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/12/31/election-payback-a-licence-to-steal/
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/keep-the-accountability/ }ERBLKeepTheAccountability600x600

and both the government and the A‘FN’ have been ‘moving ‘forward’ {‘backward’} on a steady path.

“Both talked about the pre-inquiry work and upcoming national inquiry into murdered and missing ‘indigenous’ {but no other} women;
the full implementation of the ‘United Nation Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ People’; and the federal government’s commitment to implementing all 94 calls to action from the {Partial} Truth and {One-Way} Reconciliation Commission.

“We have a new federal ‘partner’ in Ottawa. A partner that has pledged to build a new relationship with us …. We can see the first steps to reset the relationship,” said Bellegarde.

“But while he applauded the government for its commitment of $8.4 billion over five years to ‘First Nations’, Bellegarde said that, in keeping with the theme of the AGA, which is “Gaining Momentum”, the A‘F’N would keep pushing.

“We say, ‘Was it enough? No.’ It’s not enough … to close the gap in terms of the quality of life,” said Bellegarde. “The budget was a significant first step and we’re going to continue to press on in all areas. Action is needed in all areas and we need to keep pushing for that action.”

{‘$8.4 Billion – Only A Deposit?’ {March 26, 2016}:
‘Liberals Missing $2.6 Billion’ (Funding/Election Promises) {March 22, 2016}: https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2016/03/22/liberals-missing-2-6-billion/ ERBL$8.4Billion--OnlyADeposit600x600

“I know how hard it is, after so many broken promises {from Liberals}, not to be cynical,” said Bennett. “But we must not, we cannot fail at rebuilding a renewed relationship of respect and opportunity together.”

–‘Sufficient, predictable and sustained funding for ‘First Nations’ within reach’,
Windspeaker, July 13th, 2016


Main Image: Treaty 4 News 

June30-sunAs far as getting agreement with ‘First Nations’, there isn’t even agreement among aboriginals about Bellegarde negotiating on their behalf. This is typical {from a ‘Facebook’ post}:

“Attention FN Chiefs
Hey, you guys, AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde is at it again. Start telling your Chiefs to call on Perry Bellegarde to resign. He’s trying to extinguish all of our rights in a backroom deal with Justin Trudeau. He’s signing a new “fiscal relationship MOU” tomorrow morning with Carolyn Bennett. No one has seen this MOU and AFN National Chief is not the rights-holders. We are. Chiefs are not the rights-holders either. Perry is doing exactly what Shawn Atleo did with PM Harper on the education backroom deal, and we have to stop him before he extinguishes all our rights with one signature. If Justin Trudeau can get the Chiefs to agree to a new fiscal deal, we will never win another court case for inequitable funding because the Chiefs agreed to the funding policy. Chiefs are not Nations either. Chiefs are unconstitutional and violate our right to freedom of association under s.2 of the Charter. The Feds force the Indian Act Chief system on us against our will. Feds are running slavery of our people using the Indian Act. We have to stop Perry Bellegrade and the AFN Regional Chiefs now before they extinguish all of our rights.”


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