‘Race-Based Control Of Resources?’

‘One in six ‘First Nations’ vows to block pipelines; all claim veto power’ 

“More than 130 ‘First Nations’ {leaders} are dead-set against pipeline and energy development, Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde said Tuesday.

{Would the tribal members also be opposed if it meant no more electricity for their reserves? Where do they expect the power to come from, without any ‘energy development’?}

The rest are demanding an ‘absolute veto’ over any proposed developments before they’ll even begin negotiations with governments and energy companies. And if that slows Canadian energy development to a crawl, so be it. 

{But they’ve already been told by the Supreme Court of Canada that they don’t have a ‘veto’:
‘DEFYING CANADA’ {May 30, 2016}:
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/defying-canada/ }

“Rightly so,” Bellegarde said Tuesday. “It should slow it down. We might be 1.5 million people in Canada — 4.5% of Canada’s population are ‘indigenous’ peoples — but we’re ‘indigenous’ peoples with ‘inherent rights’. Those ‘rights’ need to be respected and they can’t be infringed upon.”

{Because racial rights are absolute, and trump the modern nation-state, and democracy?}

“Emboldened by the new a government in Ottawa and its promises to “reset” the relationship between ‘indigenous’ peoples and the Crown, Bellegarde ‘lectured’ a Senate committee on Tuesday that Canada’s resource wealth cannot be unlocked without ‘permission’ of individual ‘First Nations’ communities… {Such outrageous, racist arrogance…and legal nonsense…} 

Image: APTN
Image: APTN

“It’s not clear where Bellegarde’s data comes from. The Assembly of ‘First Nations’ was unable to supply that information on Tuesday… {Not surprised…}

“Many senators spoke in favour of finding a way to build some pipeline to get Alberta crude to an ocean port. Sen. Bob Ranchman said he was concerned that giving veto rights to individual ‘First Nations’ could paralyze development of pipelines that pass over multiple jurisdictions {!}.

“Earlier this year, the Trudeau government adopted the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ but, so far, have provided few details about how the U.N. declaration will work in Canada.
{That’s at least partly because of an unclear definition of the politically-created term ‘indigenous’. At least one U.N. category would leave out most Canadian aboriginals…} 

{‘Embracing the U.N. At Canada’s Expense’:
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2016/06/04/embracing-the-u-n-at-canadas-expense/ }ERBLEmbracingtheU.N.atCanada'sExpense600x600

“Some {self-serving} ‘First Nations’ leaders and environmental activists {disingenuously} argue the declaration gives ‘First Nations’ veto power on resource development.

“If that were the case, that could be quite challenging,”

“Monica Gattinger, a professor at the ‘University of Ottawa’ who studies pipeline and energy development, told the senators before Bellegarde’s testimony.

“I think our federal government definitely has its work cut out for it in thinking through the way in which it’s going to implement that declaration.”

“Bellegarde also told senators that he personally is in favour of reducing fossil fuel use. {That’s why he’s constantly flying around this vast country, rather than using communications technology…}

“Remote and northern communities typically rely more heavily on fossil fuels than urban, southern communities. Many remote communities, for example, use diesel for heating homes and must use fossil fuels to power the planes, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles in wide use in many remote ‘First Nations’ communities.”

{And yet, Bellegarde – in his ‘Turtle Island’ fantasy world – ignores this reality. The real danger of tribal leadership is the way they’ve been encouraged to be so delusionary…}

–‘One in six ‘First Nations’ vows to block pipelines; all claim veto power’,
David Akin, Toronto Sun, June 14, 2016


transcanada-energy-east-pipeline(Graphic by Canadian Press)(600)

“The ‘Assembly of ‘First Nations’ of Quebec and Labrador’ (A’FN’QL) has formally declared its opposition to TransCanada’s proposed ‘Energy East’ pipeline {While, as usual, proposing no alternative…}.

“A resolution adopted Wednesday at a conference organized by the ‘Mohawk Council of Kanesatake’ in Quebec City requests that Ghislain Picard, the A’FN’ chief for the region, lead opposition to the 4,500-kilometre oil pipeline, both inside and outside the province of Quebec.

“The resolution was adopted unanimously, which makes me very proud.” said {anti-Canadian} Kanesatake Grand Chief Serge Simon. “This is one of the biggest issues facing ‘First Nations’.”

“Ghislain is a good mediator and a good politician. He’s forceful when he needs to be,” said Chief Simon.

Chief Ghislain Picard of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ of Quebec and Labrador (Photo by Canadian Press)
Chief Ghislain Picard of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ of Quebec and Labrador (Photo by Canadian Press)

“The three-page resolution asserts that ‘Energy East’ poses

“the very real risk of a toxic tarsands spill that could not be adequately cleaned up”

and says the 1.1-million barrels a day conduit will also

“fuel ‘catastrophic climate change’.”

{A nightmare fantasy designed to scare the general public into compliance…}

“It also says the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous People’ — officially adopted last month by the Trudeau government — bolsters their ‘rights’ over lands and resources affected by the pipeline project.
{Your ancestors lost their ‘rights’ to the land long ago, and only legal fiction and fraud keep it alive…}

“The resolution calls on the federal and Quebec governments to fulfill their ‘constitutional obligations’ {The ones expanded by the Supreme Court of Canada}

“including completely overhauling the NEB’s review of the project in collaboration with ‘First Nations’ {Which so-called ‘First Nations’? ALL of them?}.

“It’s just the latest {unfair} Quebec hurdle for ‘TransCanada’, which has already shelved plans for a tanker terminal at Cacouna, Que., due to concerns over beluga calving grounds in the Saint Lawrence.

{Environmentalists and aboriginals continue to slow down the Canadian economy, with the resulting negative impact affecting low-income people the most. Of course, they will blame ‘capitalism’, rather than their economic ignorance, for the resulting damage…}

“A group of mayors from the Montreal area caused a national furor in January when they came out against the pipeline crossing their municipalities, saying the potential spill risks were too high {Right, because pipelines are constantly spilling oil all over our cities? What incredible nonsense. See below…}.

{And since they also don’t want rail traffic, is the Province of Quebec now committing to ending its use of oil – and ending the acceptance of transfer payments based on resource sales? Or is this just more hypocrisy?}

“Amid the vocal opposition, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall will be in Montreal on Thursday to meet Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, as he continues a cross-country tour to advocate for building the $15.7-billion pipeline to New Brunswick. 


“The new ‘Liberal’ government in Ottawa has said major resource projects cannot go forward without better consultations with ‘indigenous’ communities, but it has also maintained that ‘First Nations’ do not hold a veto over development.

“The ‘National Energy Board’ is holding a news conference Thursday in Calgary to provide an update on the ‘Energy East’ regulatory process. The Liberals have said a decision on the pipeline application isn’t expected for at least another two years {Because the economy can wait, right? What a bunch of economic illiterates…}.

–‘Assembly of ‘First Nations’ of Quebec and Labrador formally opposes ‘Energy East’,
Canadian Press, June 15th 2016

http://www.nationalobserver.com/2016/06/15/news/assembly-first-nations-quebec-and-labrador-formally-opposes-energy-east NoEnergyEastPipeline(500)‘Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says Energy East pipeline too risky’

“Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre announced the city’s official opposition to proposed ‘Energy East’ pipeline project…{without offering any alternatives}, saying the potential risks outweigh its possible economic benefits to communities, including his.

“Coderre was joined by mayors from neighbouring cities, including Laval and Longueuil, that make up the Montreal Metropolitan Community…
{But there was no announcement of those communities ending their communities’ dependence on oil. They are obviously O.K. with continuing to get their oil from a Communist government in Venezuela – which means oil tanker traffic up the east coast…}

“In a statement, Brian Jean, leader of Alberta’s Wildrose Party, called Coderre’s position “disgraceful”.

“While Mr. Coderre dumps a billion litres of raw sewage directly into his waterways and benefits from billions in equalization payments, his opposition to the ‘Energy East’ pipeline is nothing short of hypocritical,” Jean said.

“Jean claimed the project would entail economic benefits of $9.2 billion for Quebec, citing numbers provided by ‘TransCanada’.”

–‘Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre says Energy East pipeline too risky’,
CBC News, Jan. 21, 2016

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/montreal-mayor-denis-coderre-energy-east-opposition-1.3413117 ERBLScaringOffInvestment600x600“Most discussion has focused solely on the court’s declaration of ‘aboriginal title’ and the powers and authority such a declaration provides to a ‘First Nations’. Not enough has been said about how the ‘Tsilhqot’in’ decision emphasizes the rights and powers of the province — of particular importance is THE RIGHT TO INFRINGE ABORIGINAL TITLE WHERE JUSTIFIED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, and the court’s unequivocal finding that PROVINCIAL LAW APPLIES IN TITLE AND TERRITORIAL AREAS


“The courts have been clear that ‘First Nations’ DO NOT HOLD A VETO over projects or developments even where aboriginal title is proven, let alone on asserted territorial lands where overriding public interest can be demonstrated and an infringement of title can be justified according to a long-established legal principles…”


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