‘Aboriginal Support For Gas Pipelines’

“Do we want a better life for our people? Yes, we do. How are we going to get it? Not by sitting here waiting for government handouts.”

‘Two more ‘First Nations’ sign agreements over Prince Rupert pipeline’

“’TransCanada’ says the latest signings bring the total number of project agreements signed on the pipeline to 11.

“The Takla Lake ‘First Nation’ and the McLeod Lake Indian Band have signed project agreements with TransCanada over the ‘Prince Rupert Gas Transmission’ (PRGT) project, the company announced this week.

“Other ‘First Nations’ who have signed on to the project include Doig River, Halfway River and Blueberry River ‘First Nations’ in Northeast B.C., along with the Yekooche , Gitanyow, Kitselas, Lake Babine, Metlakatla and Nisga’a Lisims ‘nations’ along the rest of the pipeline’s proposed route. 

“Specifics of the agreements weren’t released, but they include employment and contract opportunities, along with initial and annual payments to the two groups over the life of the pipeline…

“The pipeline will carry gas 900 kilometres from the Hudson’s Hope area to Petronas’s proposed Pacific NorthWest liquefied natural gas export facility on Lelu Island.”

–‘Two more ‘First Nations’ sign agreements over Prince Rupert pipeline’,
Alaska Highway News, April 15, 2016

http://www.alaskahighwaynews.ca/regional-news/lng/two-more-first-nations-sign-agreements-over-prince-rupert-pipeline-1.2232454 AboriginalWorkerFrom January, 2015:
‘Wet’suwet’en say they are on board for ability to improve their community’

“The latest to sign revenue deals this December are the Wet’suwet’en, Skin Tyee and Nee Tahi Buhn in north-central B.C. They signed revenue deals with the province for TransCanada’s $4.7-billion Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline that would feed the Shell-led $25-billion to $40-billion Canada LNG plant at Kitimat.

“The Nisga’a in northwest B.C. signed a revenue deal with the province in late November for TransCanada’s $6-billion Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project. That pipeline will feed Malaysian state-controlled ‘Petronas’ $11-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project at Port Edward, a tiny coastal community adjacent to Prince Rupert.

“Those agreements with the province total $14.1 million, and would be phased in as the pipelines are built.

“The 20 or so ‘First Nations’ along each pipeline route can also share in $10 million for each project from the province.

“Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’ chief Karen Ogen said her community considers gas more benign than oil, as gas evaporates in the event of a leak. She also pointed to the existence of a natural gas line constructed in 1968 in northern B.C. for domestic use (the ‘Pacific Northern Gas’ line).

“Ogen said it is important to know this line has not destroyed their traditional territory or their ability to hunt and fish and gather traditional foods and medicines.

“She said that her community has to carefully consider economic opportunities or live with the status quo: dependence on declining funding from the federal government, poverty, poor housing, and children with few opportunities and little education.

“Do we want a better life for our people? Yes, we do. How are we going to get it? Not by sitting here waiting for government handouts”, Ogen said in an interview.

“She said her community will use the $2.8 million in revenue sharing for a four-pillar strategy: increase education and skills for their 242 members, invest in housing, support health and wellness, and foster their culture and language.

“In coming to agreements with the LNG companies, training and jobs will be paramount, as it has already been at the Huckleberry gold and copper mine, said Ogen.

“Their ‘Yinka Dene Economic Development Ltd.’ company has partnered with contractors and is preparing to bid on pipeline work should the projects go ahead.

“Ogen noted that because of work and training with TransCanada this summer, there were no community members on social assistance for the first time in her memory.

“Last spring, the Metlakatla and the Lax Kw’alaams near Prince Rupert signed revenue-sharing agreements with the province. And the Haisla also earlier reached agreements with B.C. and companies with LNG projects in Kitimat.

“In December, the Nisga’a and Kitselas signed benefit agreements respectively with ‘TransCanada’ and the ‘Pacific NorthWest’ LNG project led by ‘Petronas’.

“These recent agreements build on a deal reached in 2009 with 15 ‘First Nations’ in northern B.C. for the ‘Pacific Trails Pipeline’, which would feed the ‘Chevron’-led Kitimat LNG project…”

–‘Chiefs Facing Off Over Pipelines’ {January 10, 2015}:

https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/584788621623375/?type=1 ERBLNisgaaSupportLNGPipeline600x600See also:
‘Nisga’a Support LNG Pipeline’ {November 22, 2014}:
https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/563981217037449/?type=1 GitxsanLNGBlockade“Your compliance with this instruction is required and is expected”

“Wa’a (Samson Muldoe) of the Gitxsan ‘First Nation’, delivers a notice to desist from drilling, to a contractor working for TransCanada Pipelines’ ‘Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project’, March 25, 2014. The drilling was taking place near the Muldoe Forest Service Road, north of Kispiox, B.C.

“The drilling was intended to provide geo-technical information for a pipeline crossing under the Skeena River. TransCanada Pipelines DID NOT COMPLY with the instruction to desist, and completed its work later that week.”

‘Wa’a Delivers Notice to Desist, to TransCanada Pipelines’:

VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/92059776 Wetsuweten-'First-Nation'-warns-Premier-Christy-Clark-to-begin-Crown-Consultation-on-new-LNG-industry-EDIT“On November 20, 2012, ‘Toghestiy’ did what his ancestors would have done to people not welcome in their territory. Confronting surveyors for a gas pipeline planned in Northern B.C, he handed them an eagle feather in accordance with ‘Wet’suwet’en law’. It was the first and final warning that anyone involved with the ‘Pacific Trail Pipelines’ isn’t ‘allowed’ to return.

“According to Toghestiy, his forebears didn’t look kindly on anyone who ignores such warning.

“In the old days, our people dealt with that with death,”

Toghestiy told the ‘Georgia Straight’ in a phone interview on March 28 during a stop in Vancouver.”

“Since 2008, Warner Naziel has gone by his ‘traditional name’, ‘Toghestiy’. It means “man who sits beside the water”.

“As one of the hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’, he takes neither tradition nor his duties lightly…

“Nowadays, he’s “not too sure exactly” what will happen if proponents of the ‘Pacific Trail Pipelines’ take no heed.

“If they want to test it, they can go ahead”, Toghestiy said. “But this is something that our ancestors have done for thousands of years. They’ve given us more and more reasons to evoke all of our old laws again because, you know, we’re not gone. We’re not extinct. We’re still here. We’re living on ‘our lands’.”

“The ‘Pacific Trail Pipelines’ is part of a bigger joint venture between ‘Chevron Canada’ and ‘Apache Canada Ltd’. The 463-kilometre pipeline will deliver gas from Summit Lake, B.C., to a liquefied-natural-gas (LNG) facility in Kitimat. With a capacity of 10 million tonnes per year, the Kitimat LNG plant is seen as, potentially, the first of its size in Canada to export to Asian markets.

“We have all of our environmental-assessment certificates and our export permits,”

Gillian Riddell, a spokesperson for ‘Chevron’ and ‘Kitimat LNG’, told the ‘Straight’ in a phone interview. According to Riddell, a final investment decision will be made after the province lays down a tax framework for the LNG industry.

“We’re also looking for greater cost certainty, because the project is still in the front-end engineering-and-design phase”, she said.

“Riddell added that 15 ‘First Nations’ are on board as partners in the pipeline project.

“She noted that proponents are aware that a group of Wet’suwet’en people have set up a camp blocking the route of the Pacific Trail Pipelines. {Arrest them…}

“We would always welcome them to meet with us, and we have that invitation extended”, Riddell said. “We believe that it’s very possible to develop this project in a way that protects people and the environment and, of course, respects ‘First Nations’ rights.”

“Toghestiy said that he has lived in the camp in the path of the pipeline for the past 21 months and that he and his companions are not budging.

“Our ancestors are behind us in this fight because we’ve never, ever given up our lands”, he continued. “We’ve never given up our responsibilities. We’ve never surrendered our rights to anybody. Our lands are our lands and they always will be.”

–‘Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’ protests Pacific Trail Pipelines project’,
Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight, Apr 2, 2014
{Hat Tip to Digger Dan}




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