‘Avoiding The Truth’

Nothing will improve Aboriginal reserve children’s lives until Aboriginals start taking accountability for the rampant alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse and neglect in their communities: 

(IMAGE – Fraser Institute)

Canada announced two agreements totaling $40 billion dollars that will compensate ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} children who were taken from their families and put into the child welfare system. 

“The agreements come 15 years after the ‘First Nations’ Child and Family Caring Society brought forward a human rights complaint.

“The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal {an unConstitutional body that ignores rules of evidence and doesn’t allow for legal representation} repeatedly found child and family services discriminated against ‘First Nations’ children, in part by under-funding services on reserves. Children were then removed from their homes and taken off-reserve to get those services.

“The reform deal includes $2,500 Canadian dollars in preventive care per child {given to whom? Corrupt chiefs and councils?} and provisions for children in foster care to receive support beyond age 18.

I see it as words on paper“,

said Cindy Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society.

I judge victory when I can walk into a community and a child is able to say to me, ‘My life is better than it was yesterday.’ Nothing in these words actually changes children’s lives until it’s implemented.”

“Lawyer David Sterns, representing {supposedly} harmed ‘First Nations’ children and families, said during a news conference that this would be the largest class-action settlement in Canada’s history.

The enormity of this settlement is due to one reason, and one reason only. And that is the sheer scope of the {unproven} harm inflicted on class members“,

he said.

“‘Indigenous’ {sic} Affairs Minister Patty Hajdu promised to end discrimination against ‘First Nations’ children, who are ‘over-represented’ {that disingenuous term} in foster care across Canada, at the news conference detailing the agreements.

Canada’s decision and actions harmed ‘First Nations’ children, families and communities“,

she said.

Discrimination caused intergenerational harm and losses. Those losses are not reversible. But I believe healing is possible.”

–‘Feds Will Give $40 billion to Compensate Indigenous Children Taken from Families’,

Buffalo Tribune, Jan.7, 2022


Minister of Crown-‘Indigenous’ Relations Marc Miller, news conference on the ‘compensation’, January 4, 2022. (REUTERS-Patrick Doyle)

‘Main Conclusions’

“The federal government recently announced a $40 billion settlement of ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal} child-welfare claims though previous maximum amounts were in the range of $6–$8 billion. The original complaint, launched in 2007, took issue with the ‘First Nations Child and Family Welfare’ program, which came into effect in 1991 and is now being phased out under new legislation. The essence of the claims, which were adjudicated by a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, is that the federal program was underfunded in comparison to provincial child welfare programs, and thus discriminatory under the ‘Canadian Human Rights Act’.

The settlement will provide $20 billion for improvement of services for the next five years, and $20 billion for compensation to ‘First Nations’ children living on Indian reserves who were taken into care from 1991 onwards. Compensation will also be paid to these children’s caregivers—parents or grandparents.

No concrete harm to individual children was ever demonstrated in the litigation; the harm was said to be the discriminatory underfunding of the program. The two unelected lawyers who constituted the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal nullified long-standing government policy without any consideration of how to replace it and what that might cost.

“This $40 billion settlement sets a new benchmark for ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia} claims far higher than the previous maximum amounts in the range of $6–$8 billion.

“Settlements of this magnitude increase the incentives for law firms to bring ever more numerous and larger class actions seeking compensation from government for alleged historical wrongs.”

–‘A $40 Billion Settlement for Indigenous Child Welfare: Is Anyone Minding the Fiscal Store?’,

Fraser Institute, February 23, 2022


This is far higher than the government’s estimate from a year ago.

See also:

It’s Only Money…’ (Jordan’s Principle) {Feb.27, 2021}:

Another Aboriginal Industry giveaway of taxpayers’ money:

The parliamentary budget office says it could cost the federal government up to $15 billion to compensate ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} families and children impacted by the child welfare system… The figure updates the budget office’s initial estimate to include thousands more children, parents and grandparents who would qualify for the $40,000 payments under recent developments in the case. The updated report adds roughly 100,000 more ‘First Nations’ children, along with their parents and grandparents, whose compensation would alone be about $10 billion…”

{They no longer have to prove anything to get the money, just like in the case of the Residential school payouts…}




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