‘It’s Only Money…’

Another Aboriginal Industry giveaway of taxpayers’ money:

“The parliamentary budget office says it could cost the federal government up to $15 billion to compensate ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} families and children impacted by the child welfare system, as well as denials or delays of essential services. The figure updates the budget office’s initial estimate to include thousands more children, parents and grandparents who would qualify for the $40,000 payments under recent developments in the case.

“The ‘Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal’ has ordered the government to compensate children and families who had been denied service, or faced delays. The updated report adds roughly 100,000 more ‘First Nations’ children, along with their parents and grandparents, whose compensation would alone be about $10 billion.
{They no longer have to prove anything to get the money, just like in the case of the Residential school payouts…}

“The new estimate of about $15 billion includes the 13,000 children originally expected to be eligible for compensation, mostly related to delayed approval of claims, as well as those taken into care ‘unnecessarily’ {? Proof?}, and their families.

“‘Jordan’s Principle’ {See below} requires governments to cover the cost of services for ‘First Nations’ children, and work out any disputes over jurisdiction afterwards.

“NDP MP Charlie Angus said the high cost of compensating ‘First Nations’ children and families is a result of the government’s refusal to negotiate a solution with them
{No, you STILL don’t get it! It’s a result of the racist segregation built into the Canadian Constitution – a ‘do-gooder’ racism SUPPORTED by the NDP…}
after the human rights tribunal found Canada guilty of ‘systemic discriminations’ against ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’. They are descendants of Siberian/Mongolian migrants} children in 2016.

“Angus said the new report shows that the cost would have been between $2.2 billion and $4.5 billion if the government began negotiating in good faith…

“The tribunal ordered the government in September 2019 to pay $40,000 to every ‘First Nations’ child who since 2006 was ‘inappropriately’ removed from their home {Where’s the evidence?}, and pay the same amount to their parents or caregiver.

“The same amount, which is the maximum the tribunal can award, was also ordered for children who faced denials or delays of basic services like medical care.

{Even if they live in a remote community locked in during the winter? What about ‘white’ children in remote communities?}

“At the time, the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ estimated that 54,000 children and their parents could receive compensation, for a bill of at least $2 billion.

“Budget officer Yves Giroux’s report pegs those figures far higher, but warns estimates are uncertain because of data limitations. 

“In November, a tribunal ruling expanded the scope of its order to allow ‘First Nations’ to decide whether a particular child is entitled to federally funded services {???}, not just the federal government under the ‘Indian Act’.

“Ottawa announced before Christmas it would seek a judicial review of the decision.

“Angus said the government has used numerous arguments against the tribunal’s rulings…

They’ve used jurisdiction. They’ve attacked the Human Rights Tribunal. They said that the costs would be outrageously high”,
he said.

{And they were right. It’s so easy to self-righteously give away other people’s money…}

The ‘Human Rights’ Tribunal ruling is a watershed moment in Canadian history, and there’s no going back from that.

{Nonsense. All Canada is doing now is move backwards…}

“The recent developments flow back to a 2016 ruling from the tribunal that found the federal government at fault for not providing funding on-reserve for child welfare services equal to provincial payments for those living in urban and rural settings.

{A proper progressive ‘Human Rights’ ruling would have been to order a change in the Canadian Constitution, requiring the equal application of the law to ALL individual Canadian citizens and an end to rights based on Race/ethnicity. Then, we could actually move forward…}

“The government subsequently broadened its definition of ‘Jordan’s Principle’, named for Jordan River Anderson, a boy from Norway House Cree ‘Nation’ in Manitoba. He spent five years in hospital while the Manitoba and federal governments argued over which level of government needed to pay for his care in a special home.

“The PBO report notes that more than 594,000 claims under ‘Jordan’s Principle’ were approved between July, 2016 and April, 2020. Crunching the numbers, the budget office said that amounts to one claim per person for each of the approximately 375,000 ‘First Nations’ children living on- and off-reserve, as well as those who became adults over that almost four-year period.”

–‘Federal government’s child-welfare compensation for First Nations could rise to $15B: PBO’,
Jordan Press and Maan Alhmidi, Canadian Press, Feb. 23, 2021

COMMENT: “I have no issues with the concept of compensating people when a civil service component adversely affects their lives in some preventable way – so the $40K/head that the court assigned for people who have been specifically wronged by Child Services seems fine on the surface, but who exactly is eligible for this compensation? There is THIS ominous statement:
“….(which) amounts to one claim per person for each of the approximately 375,000 First Nations children living on- and off-reserve, as well as those who became adults over that almost four-year period.”
“So now we’re NOT talking about fair compensation for being wronged by Child Services; we’re just talking about a blanket payout to all “correctly-racialized” children and their parents, and their grandparents. If that is correct, it is a travesty, and wrong-headed in the extreme.”
“The question then would be when will this be finished once the tremendous amounts of cash are handed out. Will it then be the end of dishing out money or are we going to come up with another reason to pay more. I fail to understand that if one lives way up where there is nothing to be had services would of course be most difficult to access with time needed to have it done. The same situation would apply to others who chose to live in rural areas with limited service, maybe they need to be compensated also.”
“Hmmm . . . so let’s give a whopping $40,000 windfall personal payment to a people with a long history of aggression, drug and alcohol problems, to name a few. Is the government out to cause a quick, massive self-destruction of this people? Is this followed up by another massive payment to those that remain?”
“They’re asking more than Canada can give right now – sound familiar? There you go – solved. I would think most of the money will be back in the economy within two years. I do hope if this comes to pass, they look to invest for the future. But easy come, easy go. Lots of people have that problem.”
“White man bad.
White man’s money? Good.”
“Systemic stupidity exists in Canada. I can promise you that our perpetually offended and moaning tribal friends will say it’s not enough. Reconciliation, the gift that never stops giving.”
“‘Jordan’s Principle’ makes sure all ‘First Nations’ children living in Canada can access the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. Funding can help with a wide range of health, social and educational needs, including the unique needs that ‘First Nations’ ‘Two-Spirit’ and ‘LGBTQQIA’ children and youth and those with disabilities may have. ‘Jordan’s Principle’ is named in memory of Jordan River Anderson. He was a young boy from Norway House Cree ‘Nation’ in Manitoba.”
See also:
“This is not an issue of physical or sexual abuse — everyone who attended a residential school will get a government cheque averaging $24,000. No questions asked. Government officials admit they have no idea how much all that could cost taxpayers…”




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