‘How Many Apologies Are Enough?’

The leader of a Metis {mixed-Race} lobbying organization masquerading as a ‘nation’, wants an apology for being taught to read and write – this time, from the Queen:

The president of the ‘Metis National Council’ says the Queen should apologize for residential schools to help ‘survivors’ {former students} and their families heal. Cassidy Caron says residential school ‘survivors’ told her that an apology from the Queen would be important since she is the leader of the Anglican Church and {symbolically} Canada’s head of state. Caron says she will make the request to Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, during a reception with them at Rideau Hall on Wednesday.

“Some 150,000 ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia} children were ‘forced’ to attend residential schools; the Anglican Church ran about three dozen of them.”

{Repeating the lie that they were ‘forced’ to attend. Only 1/3 of all Aboriginal children ever attended a residential school – some for only one year – and most were brought there voluntarily by their parents.}

–‘Metis leader seeks apology from Queen for residential schools’,

Canadian Press, May 16, 2022



A number of non-status Indians, including a significant number of Metis children, attended residential schools, but by definition they could not have been forced to attend as they were not covered by the ‘Indian Act’.”

“See Chartrand, Larry N., Tricia E. Logan and Judy D. Daniels, Métis History and Experience and Residential Schools in Canada, Aboriginal Healing Foundation, 2006, p. 67.

–‘They Were Not Forced’,

Nina Green, Brian Giesbrecht, and Tom Flanagan, Dorchester Review, April 21, 2022


See also:

Residential Schools: Myths vs. Evidence{Sept.03, 2019}:

Canadians are constantly being told that the Indian residential school system is at the root of the many dysfunctions in ‘indigenous’ {No, aboriginal} society today. Alcoholism, violence, poverty and poor educational attainment are all blamed on these schools, the last of which closed in the 1990s.

Here are some myths and some facts:

Myth: residential schools robbed all native kids of their childhoods.

Fact: the average stay was only 4.5 years and the vast majority of aboriginal youth never attended such a school...”


Blown Out of Proportion’ (Residential Schools) {Aug.29, 2019}:

My great uncle was a Catholic priest teaching at a far north residential school in the 1960’s. I can tell you, this man had integrity, and would never have been involved in abuse, or even tolerated it around him. I believe a few cases of such abuse have been multiplied and blown out of proportion, to obtain settlements and perpetuate victimhood by some aboriginals. But not all. We don’t hear about the ones who had positive experiences in residential schools, do we? Why?”


Senator Beyak: For The Record’ (Senate Speech) {February 5, 2018}:

Honourable Senators… I want to present a somewhat different side of the residential school story…”


Yet Another Apology’ (Anglican Church) {July 13, 2019}:

From the ‘Endless Apologies’ file:

In an open letter published Friday, the leader of the Anglican Church of Canada apologized for its “cultural and spiritual arrogance” that caused harm to ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} peoples…


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