‘Do-gooder Racism in Bill C-10’

Parliament is in the process of entrenching more ‘systemic racism’.
P.S. ‘Racialized’ is a racist term that doesn’t belong in Parliamentary legislation, and the “special place of ‘Indigenous’ {sic} peoples within that society” embodies the do-gooder racism that originally created the Canadian Segregation of Aboriginal people…

“3(1)‍(d)‍ (iii) through its programming and the employment opportunities arising out of its operations, serve the needs and interests of all Canadians — including Canadians from ‘racialized’ communities and Canadians of diverse ethnocultural backgrounds, socio-economic statuses, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and ages — and reflect their circumstances and aspirations, including equal rights, the linguistic duality and multicultural and multiracial nature of Canadian society and the special place of ‘Indigenous’ {sic} peoples within that society.

“3(1)‍(d)‍ (iii.‍1) provide opportunities to ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia} persons to produce programming in ‘Indigenous languages’, English or French, or in any combination of them, and to carry on broadcasting undertakings…

“3(1)‍(i) (ii.‍1) include programs produced by Canadians that cover news and current events — from the local and regional to the international — and that reflect the viewpoints of Canadians, including the viewpoints of ‘Indigenous’ persons and of Canadians from racialized communities and diverse ethnocultural backgrounds…

{This assumes that there IS an ‘Indigenous viewpoint’ – a generalized stereotype that used to be called ‘racist’…}

“3(1)‍ (o) programming that reflects the ‘Indigenous’ cultures of Canada and programming that is in ‘Indigenous’ languages should be provided within the Canadian broadcasting system, including by programming undertakings that are carried on by ‘Indigenous’ persons…

“5(2)‍ (a) takes into account the different characteristics of English, French and ‘Indigenous’ language broadcasting and the different conditions under which broadcasting undertakings that provide English, French or ‘Indigenous’ language programming operate…”
{We only have TWO Official Languages – English and French…PERIOD!}

–‘BILL C-10’,
NOVEMBER 3, 2020

See also:
Unofficial Languages’ (‘Indigenous’ Languages Act) {Feb.20, 2019}:
“UNESCO (U.N.) has declared this the ‘International Year of ‘Indigenous’ Languages’. In Canada, we have only 2 ‘official’ languages and current legislation seems like a backdoor attempt by the federal government to elevate aboriginal languages to a similar status; otherwise, there isn’t justification for spending so much on unofficial languages.”

Language Folly: Eleven Official Languages’ (N.W.T.):
When you’re foolish enough to declare 11 official languages {yes, you read that correctly, ELEVEN!}, as the Northwest Territories has done, you end up having to deal with the consequences: providing government services in 11 languages…
   “The plan now is to record proceedings of the legislature in at least nine of the territory’s 11 official languages, and to post those recordings on social media…

Cornelis Anthonisz (1547): ‘Fall of the Tower’

Rebuilding The Tower of Babel’ (Indigenous Languages):
“The greatest barrier between people is language and the Government of Canada isn’t doing anyone any favours – particularly aboriginals – by erecting more barriers, none of which will help aboriginal youth find success in the modern world… The attempts to preserve aboriginal languages only serves the interests of the linguists of the ‘Aboriginal Industry’; they are a disservice to native people.”



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  1. When the “law” is corrupted there is no remedy in the “law” .. right?

    Peter A. Allard School of Law
    June 28 at 3:20 PM ·
    Allard Law faculty and staff share their recommendations for students and colleagues in the legal community on the themes of truth and reconciliation and Indigenous and Aboriginal law. Read the full list on our blog: https://allard.ubc.ca/…/truth-and-reconci…/allard-school-law

    BUT what is the “law”? in Canada, like the rest of the world.. its communitarian law… http://nord.twu.net/acl/ebookdownload/2020_ebook.pdf .. this is a helpful read from Niki in Alaska and her daughter Nordica.. on Facebook at “ACL Books”

    I have promoted your website in New Brunswick Canada.. thanks… I cannot get in touch other than thru this website… don’t have any social media options left to me.. much censorship.


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