‘Nonsense Disguised As Academia’

University hiring based on Race/Ethnicity, rather than merit, is producing more and more so-called ‘academics’ who sound as if they shouldn’t have made it through high school…

“Dr. Jeannette Armstrong is the {Aboriginal Industry} associate professor in ‘Indigenous’ {sic} Studies at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan (UBCO) campus. Armstrong was one of three speakers discussing ‘systemic racism’ in science {Lol} in a ‘conversation’ {‘lecture’} on ‘Indigenous’ knowledge in academia.

“‘Indigenous’ people still face ‘systemic racism’ {and benefit from it, as well}, and their voices are often left unheard, said Ananya Mukherjee Reed, provost and vice-president of UBCO during her opening remarks of the Jan. 20 webinar.
{Nonsense. They are the ‘most heard’ people in Canada!}

“During the two-hour discussion, three ‘Indigenous’ {they’re not!} leaders and researchers discussed some of the differences and misunderstandings of ‘Indigenous’ {‘Aboriginal’} knowledge and western science, as well as the impacts of what they framed “environmental racism{another Lol}.

“Armstrong, who shared a ‘Syilx Okanagan’ perspective {Says who?}, spoke alongside Aaron Prosper from Eskasoni ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 4,684 people}, and Elder Albert Marshall from the Mi’kmaw ‘Nation’ {? No such thing…}.

In these times of ‘climate change’, societal disease and diseases, we need ‘Indigenous’ knowledge”,

said Armstrong. As Canada Research Chair in Okanagan ‘Indigenous’ Knowledge and Philosophy, Armstrong has been recognized for her award-winning literary work on education, ecology and ‘Indigenous’ ‘rights’.

“‘Indigenous’ knowledge remains overlooked in academia, particularly in science, because unlike a western scientific method, ‘Indigenous’ knowledge is not evidence-based, according to Armstrong.
{Then it’s NOT Science! And you’re NOT an ‘academic’ if you don’t understand something that basic…}

“‘Indigenous’ knowledge is focused on a ‘holistic perspective’ incorporating ‘traditional knowledge’ and ‘lived experiences’, she says.
{That’s philosophy, not science…}

A general definition of ‘Indigenous’ knowledge consists of those beliefs, assumptions, and understandings of ‘non-western’ people developed through long-term associations with a specific place”,

Armstrong told participants during the event.

{As if ‘western’ people don’t have “long-term associations with a specific place”?
What racist nonsense!}

Therefore, ‘Indigenous’ knowledge is considered the second tier of knowledge, that is, below science. This is racist.”

{Lol.. YOU have racial arrogance, leading to a ridiculous attitude towards science. You have NO BUSINESS being at a university…}

“According to Prosper, ‘Indigenous’ knowledge has been misused or co-opted within the scientific field.

‘Indigenous’ people had knowledge prior to Western scientific knowledge, in terms of traditional medicine”,

{Yes, just like ‘Indigenous’ European tribalists did, many centuries ago…
P.S. It’s incredibly ignorant to refer to science as ‘Western’…}
said Prosper, who studies ‘Indigenous’ Health and ‘Indigenous’ Ethics & Research Methodologies.

In my personal opinion, there is a significant issue within the scientific field when it comes to racism, systemic racism.”

“Prosper feels ‘Indigenous’ knowledge, and ‘Indigenous’ information or data should be valued the same as Western scientific knowledge.
{Then he’s a self-serving idiot…}

Usually what you see done is an Elder getting interviewed, getting traditional knowledge taken out, and then the researcher collects the data as a western methodology, to interpret that data, which makes it ‘incorrect’,” {? Examples??}
Prosper explained.

“Marshall believes ‘two-eyed seeing’ is the ‘transformative change’ society needs to understand and incorporate ‘Indigenous’ knowledge.

Being ‘Indigenous’ {No, you’re not. You are a descendant of Siberian/Mongolian migrants who doesn’t live off the land}, I see everything through my ‘Indigenous’ lens”,

{And that’s ANOTHER racist statement!} said Marshall, who says ‘two-eyed seeing’ means a worldview which reconciles and incorporates ‘Indigenous’ ‘ways of knowing’ and western scientific ways of knowing.

To see from one eye with the strengths of ‘Indigenous’ knowledge, and to see from the other eye with the strengths of Western science knowledge and to use both of these eyes together, is two-eyed seeing.”

“‘Indigenous’ knowledge systems can offer society solutions for living in balance with the environment, the speakers stressed.

{Nonsense. Aboriginals never had to cope with the complexity of the modern world. The ’knowledge’ is extremely limited, much like it was for European tribalists centuries ago…}

“According to Armstrong, the {some} Syilx Okanagan people view the land as a dynamic system, and their ‘sole purpose’ is to protect the ‘tmxwulaxw’ (land) and ‘tmixw’ (all living lifeforms)…

“During the webinar, ‘environmental racism’ {? Another ludicrous concept from racist minds} was discussed.

In the context of ‘environmental racism’, the government had been failing to shut down treatment plants in ‘Indigenous’ communities”,
Prosper told participants…

“Marshall said ‘Indigenous’ Peoples need to amplify our voices, to protect the environment for future generations. People cannot live in silence, he says, allowing the government to continuously destroy the land…

“Armstrong is committed to pursuing an alternative academic approach {?} to ‘Indigenous’ environmental knowledge in her research and study. She has created a methodology that she says may assist as a model in ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ struggle to include ‘Indigenous’ knowledge in the academy.

I am developing better access to ‘Indigenous’ knowledge through ‘Indigenous’ oral literature situated as the {limited} knowledge documentation system of the Syilx peoples”,
Armstrong explains.

“Marshall is working on cultural understandings and healing of our human responsibilities to care for all creatures and our ‘Earth Mother’ through ‘two-eyed seeing’. 

{This is religious therapy, NOT science!}

These essentials of the web of life should be protected under the charter of human rights because they constitute to me, a climate emergency”, {?}
says Marshall.

“In response, Prosper is committed to approaching his research mindfully {Like all researchers?}.

How do ‘Indigenous’ communities consent to research when they were exposed to these unethical experiments, whether be in the residential school or within their own communities?{Examples?}
Prosper asked the group.
We have to be mindful when engaging with ‘Indigenous’ communities.”

Even the most adverse individuals are still dealing with various issues as a result of their experience with ‘colonialism’ {‘modernity’}, and they are still trying to reconcile that.”

“Prosper acknowledges that little progress in the scientific field has been made, but a lot of work needs to be done…

I think it’s going to take another hundred years to see a difference.” {!}

“This event is the second of three examining ‘racism in science’, specifically from ‘Indigenous’ {racist} perspectives, with the final one, planned for the spring, will explore ‘Black’ scientists’ views.
{How ‘Black’ do they have to be to satisfy your racial categorization?}

Editor’s note: Jeannette Armstrong is reporter Athena Bonneau’s grandmother {!?!}. At ‘IndigiNews’, we take journalistic independence seriously {Lol}, adhering to the ‘Canadian Association of Journalists Ethics Guidelines’. Due to Armstrong’s role at UBCO and participant in the webinar as an elder and knowledge keeper, we felt it was important to include her perspective in this piece.”

{You could have assigned another reporter – one without such an obvious conflict of interest…}

–‘Indigenous knowledge systems often overlooked in academia’,
Athena Bonneau, Toronto Star, Jan. 25, 2021

IMAGE: Frontier Centre for Public Policy

“Bill Erasmus, the Grand Chief of the Dene ‘Nation’…maintained that traditional knowledge should be called “Dene science“, but when we asked how its methodology compared with modern research, he gave the following comments:

I call it Dene science because in the literature, it is regarded as a science… For example, we have been trying to explain…how the mind of the people works

“…The scientific process we talk about is very complex. It takes a lot to describe… It is a science. There’s a method to the way people work

We’ve managed to survive all these years… This is how society works…” {???}

Widdowson and Howard:
“Two underlying assumptions can be discerned about the nature of traditional knowledge vis-a-vis science. The first is that the existence of traditional knowledge is dependent upon the undefined qualities of the person who allegedly holds it. All that is explained is that it is impossible for certain people…to have this “knowledge“. Secondly, traditional knowledge has a “world view” that is rooted in native spirituality.

Unlike physical science, ‘Traditional knowledge’ assumes that all objects in the universe are governed by spiritual forces that cannot be seen by a ‘white man’

This makes it incompatible with modern research, since scientific methodology attempts to verify hypotheses by using evidence that is open to evaluation.

“Scientific understanding does not rely on the alleged “spiritual qualities” of a scientist, or processes that are visible only to people of a certain racial ancestry.

“’Postmodern’ rhetoric like “cultural context” and “cyclical thinking“, however, acts to mystify the true character of traditional knowledge, preventing the implications of its use in public policy from being understood.”

–‘Education: Honouring the Ignorance of Our Ancestors’,
Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard, “Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry” (2008),
p. 191-214

See also:
A Racism Of Intelligence’ (Science and ‘Traditional Knowledge’) {April 17, 2018}:
“Quebec deputy minister Patrick Beauchesne wrote that Ottawa’s intention to systematically place ‘indigenous’ {‘primitive’} knowledge on equal footing with scientific data
could prove problematic in cases where ‘indigenous’ knowledge and science are found to be in contradiction”.

“He said criteria should be established to evaluate the accuracy of the ‘traditional knowledge’…{Sensible fellow. So few of them left…} …When the letter recently became public, it provoked an outraged reaction from Quebec ‘indigenous’ leaders, an apology from two Quebec cabinet ministers and, this week, an accusation of racism from a University of Ottawa law professor…”



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