‘Pretending To Be Sovereign’

This Aboriginal tribe wants to ‘take back its sovereignty’ by using Canadian taxpayers’ funds. Someone needs to teach them the meaning of the English word “sovereignty” {“supreme power or authority”, “a self-governing state”}.
In addition, they need to read ‘Treaty 8’. There is NO entitlement to “free housing”:

“The Yellowknives Dene ‘First Nation’ (YKD‘FN’) {a ‘nation’ of 1,614 people} is now working with ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and the territorial Housing Corporation to see if it can access some of the $60 million put aside for the territory under the ‘National Housing Co-investment Fund’ to build its own affordable housing as an unsettled ‘First Nation’ {‘Aboriginal community’}… 

“Jason Snaggs, CEO of YKD‘FN’, said that if the federal government sincerely wants to improve its ‘Nation-to-nation’ relationship with ‘First Nations’, prioritizing ‘Indigenous’-led housing initiatives would be a good way to do that…

   “For the Yellowknives Dene ‘First Nation’, it’s a form of taking back its sovereignty and its independence when it comes to housing“,
he said…

   “I’m a Band member owning this land. Under our treaty we’re entitled to free housing — and here we’re paying rent“,
Henry Beaulieu said.
   “I’d like to have this place rent-to-own, under our Treaty that was signed on July 25, 1900 in Fort Resolution, N.W.T. We’re entitled to free housing. Transfer ownership to me because they’re not fulfilling their treaty obligation.”

{This is yet another fictitious Treaty entitlement. There is NO mention in Treaty 8 of any entitlement to “free housing”:
http://treaty8.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Treaty-No-8-Easy-Read-Version.pdf }


–‘Northern First Nation sees new public housing as a way to ‘take back sovereignty’’,
Juanita Taylor, CBC Radio, Nov. 28, 2020

See also:
Treaties Don’t Include Free Health Care For Aboriginals‘ (Treaty 6) {Nov.18, 2020}:
“Treaty Number Six was unique as it allows a medicine chest to be kept in the home of an Indian agent for the use and benefit of the Aboriginals. Activists have interpreted this provision as extending to all who signed the Numbered Treaties. It is also interpreted by some as a promise by the federal government to provide free health care to every aboriginal person in Canada — forever. The evidence clearly shows otherwise…”

Thank you from ERBL inc. Canada

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