‘More U.N. ‘Human Rights’ Nonsense’

The UN report, without evidence, insinuates that missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ girls and women were victims of retribution for blowing the whistle on the oil and gas industry.

“A United Nations ‘Human Rights’ Council report claims Alberta’s “Tar Sands” are poisoning kids, keeping ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} people impoverished, and are responsible for missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ {sic} women. The report also alleges that oilsands companies may be implicated in other human rights abuses… 

“The report to the Human Rights Council was written by Baskut Tuncak, a Turkish investigator who conducted a 2019 eight-stop tour of Canada, visiting Vancouver, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Kenora’s Grassy Narrows ‘First Nation’, Sarnia, Ottawa, Toronto and Montréal.
{So, he visited ONE Aboriginal reserve? And for how long?? And now, he’s the ‘expert’???}

“The UN report, without evidence, insinuates that missing and murdered Indigenous girls and women were victims of retribution for blowing the whistle on the oil and gas industry…”

“A 2015 RCMP study found that 70% of murdered ‘Indigenous’ {sic, the correct term is ‘Aboriginal’} women were killed by ‘Indigenous’ men.

“Tuncak’s report was submitted to the UN on October 2… 

Concerning the oil sands industry, between 2010 and 2014 some substances were present in the air in concentrations exceeding provincial health thresholds, elevating the likelihood of adverse health impacts
and that
children ingest ‘acceptable’ traces of harmful pesticides in food”, and are “exposed to air pollution such as particulate matter at home, in school and outdoors.”

“However, the air quality in Fort McMurray consistently receives better health ratings than Istanbul, the capital of Turkey

“Tuncak’s report claimed ‘First Nation’s communities in and around Fort McMurray are suffering higher than average poverty rates: 

Some ‘Indigenous’ peoples amidst the oil sands in Alberta are living in relative poverty, which points to whether the industry is really as beneficial to the communities as has been postulated.”

“This allegation is discredited by ‘Statscan’ data compiled by the Alberta Government’s ‘Canadian Energy Center’, which demonstrated members of ‘First Nations’ bands in Alberta’s oilsands region typically fare better economically than ‘Indigenous’ people anywhere else in the country

One ‘First Nation’, Fort McKay, which is significantly involved in the oil sands, shows a median employment income of $61,248—over $7,800 higher than the equivalent figure for all Canadians ($53,431). The median employment income in Fort McKay is also higher than that for all citizens in nine of ten provinces.

Fort McMurray ‘First Nation’ shows a median income ($52,480) above those of five provinces (Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island).

Three of the ‘First Nations’ (Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, and Chipewyan Prairie) show median employment incomes above those for all reserves in Canada ($35,676), though Chipewyan Prairie ‘First Nation’ at $35,776 is only marginally above the Canada-wide median.

The median employment income for those of Aboriginal ancestry who work in oil and gas extraction and in pipeline transportation is $144,034 and $142,883 respectively…”

“According to ‘Blacklock’s, Tuncak’s report did not contain any rebuttal from federal or Alberta regulators; however, the report did call on Parliament to “recognize the right to a healthy environment” under the ‘Charter Of Rights And Freedoms’.”

–‘UN study blames Alberta ‘tar sands’ for missing Indigenous women’,
Sheila Gunn Reid, Rebel News, November 13, 2020

COMMENT: “I am an Ojibwa Indian woman to start. And at no point have I ever voted to have the UN speak on my behalf and nor will they ever. The UN is using ALL INDIAN/NATIVE People across the world. They are once again trying to genocide our people’s. And how people do not see this absolutely amazes me. They are causing division between our people. All people of every colour, nationality are indigenous to the planet earth…”
–Kim Harvey
See also:
Canadian Gov’t Invites U.N. Interference{Feb.3, 2020}:
Canada’s unfortunate virtue-signalling at the United Nations simply Invites U.N. interference. Both the current and previous federal governments are guilty, as it was the ‘Conservative’ Harper government that signed on to the ridiculous UNDRIP – a document that permanently segregates Canadians and guarantees the unequal application of laws…
   “The U.N.’s ‘Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’ is urging Canada to stop work on three major resource projects, including the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, because we haven’t ‘gained approval’ from affected ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal’} folk. Let’s face it, there will never be enough consultation, sufficient agreement or, indeed, adequate approval for some group or another…”

Balkanizing British Columbia{Jan.16, 2020}:
British Columbia politicians are thoughtlessly embedding Race law, two-tiered ‘rights’, and United Nations influence in all aspects of B.C. legislation:
   “Horgan told the chiefs his government has a lot of work ahead {!}, to adapt provincial legislation {to segregate British Columbia} to the dozens of articles of the UN declaration {Some of which are CONTRARY to the Canadian Constitution}…”

More United Nations Interference {June 19, 2019}:
The totalitarian, dysfunctional ‘United Nations’ is sticking its nose in Canada’s business again:
   “Canada’s response to the conclusions of the inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} women and girls should include some form of redress for the victims and their families, says the United Nations High Commissioner for ‘Human Rights’.”

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