‘’First Nations’ property rights double-edged’

Repost from Nov.19, 2013:
“There have been many attempts to solve the “Indian problem” over the decades… Nothing seems to work out as planned; a poisonous legacy continues to haunt us, whether American or Canadian, aboriginal or mainstream.

“One idea, however, keeps reappearing — that of incorporating aboriginal people into the mainstream capitalist system through private property ownership. This idea re-emerged in Canada in the late 1960s in a government ‘white paper’ that recommended converting reserve lands into private property that would be owned by tribal Bands or individual members. 

“More recently, the government’s ‘First Nations Property Ownership Act’, inspired by a Fraser Institute report prepared by Katrine Beauregard and Tom Flanagan, suggests private property ownership would eliminate aboriginal poverty, elevating living standards to Canadian norms…

“Reaction to the Act was immediate. Lawyer {?} and ‘Idle No More’ ‘founder’ {No, ‘unofficial cheerleader’} Pamela Palmater asserted it “is not a solution to any of the issues ‘First Nations’ are facing“. The power of “big money” will suck Canada’s native populations into the same concentration-of-wealth vortex threatening the global middle class, destroying what’s left of ‘indigenous’ culture.

“As this debate on aboriginal property rights intensifies, I am reminded of ‘Tevye’ in “Fiddler on the Roof“. In the Broadway play, Tevye overhears two neighbours arguing. As the first one makes his case, he turns aside to the audience and says, “He’s right“, and then after listening to the other side of the argument, he sighs deeply and says, “And he’s right, too“,

“On the positive side of the property debate, there’s no doubt private property has played an important role in the creation of the western middle class and the advancement of western civilization over many centuries.

“Private property — a house in particular — is valuable to individuals and families because it’s an asset. Why do assets matter? They matter because assets are the institutional vessels within which capital is stored and value accumulates. Private ownership means the accumulating value in property attaches itself to the owner and can be borrowed against, leveraged or sold for a profit.

“Ultimately, private property is a social invention that allows humanity to store the financial equivalent of sunlight in a bottle. It is perhaps capitalism’s ultimate gift to civilization…

“…Dangerous imbalances aside, many believe private ownership also serves a larger purpose, for it bonds humans into shared ethical systems. Friedrich Hayek, one of the 20th century’s most original thinkers, believed the co-operative system we call capitalism is supported by an ethical foundation, and that these ethics, centring in the individual, are the consequence of the mutual ownership of property. For Hayek, these ethical networks are generated automatically with property ownership; indeed, they are “an evolved morality… that created and sustains the extended order“.

“Private property ownership has played a key role in enabling and enlivening the extended social networks that underpin a modern society. Thomas Aquinas acknowledged this larger social virtue in property in the 13th century:

The institution of private property“,
he explains,
is an addition to the natural law, devised by human reason to serve the well-being of the human community…”

“Although many in the aboriginal community are suspicious of private property, seeing it as another ‘white man’s trick’, it is important to keep in mind private property has a very long history dating back to Bronze Age Mesopotamia, and its central features can be customized to suit their own needs and ends…”

–‘First Nations’ property rights double-edged’,
Robert McGarvey, Winnipeg Free Press, 11/18/2013
(Robert McGarvey is an economist and co-founder of ‘Genuine Wealth’, a Canadian enterprise whose mission is to help the businesses, communities and the economies of nations flourish.)
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  1. I want to end the NWO take over in Canada, & oust the treasonous politicians who are implementing communism & working towards agenda 2030 aka Crimes against humanity. I know this is End Race Based Law, but I don’t know who else to talk to……


    1. We see the connection. Aboriginal radicals are being encouraged through the U.N. to weaken Canada, both politically and economically. The whole point of UNDRIP is to use so-called ‘Indigenous’ rights to weaken nation-states, thereby furthering the ‘need’ for a ‘world government’…


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