‘Call For More Systemic Discrimination’

The head of the dysfunctional MM‘I’W Inquiry now wants the lives of aboriginal women, girls and LGBT people to be worth more than other Canadians:

“The chief commissioner of the national inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women is recommending the justice system be tougher on people who commit crimes against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, girls and LGBT people, saying the government must prove their lives are valued {?}.

“In a taste of what’s to come when the national inquiry releases its final report next month, Marion Buller told a parliamentary committee this week that homicides involving ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women must be treated automatically as first-degree murder.

“She also said that in criminal cases where the complainant is an ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} woman, judges must consider that fact as an aggravating factor when sentencing the offender.

Nothing less than that is going to protect the safety of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, girls and members of the 2SLGBTQQIA {alphabet} communities”,
she told the Senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs, which is studying ‘Bill C-75’, the Liberals’ wide-ranging justice reform bill.
Otherwise, the criminal justice system is seen to further devalue their safety.”

“In an interview Thursday with the National Post, Buller wouldn’t confirm that these particular recommendations will appear in the national inquiry’s June 3 final report, which is intended to address the root causes of violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, though she said “there will be some overlap”. But she said her recommendations to the committee were based on concerns the commissioners have heard from ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people across the country, and the final report will recommend changes to several laws, including the Criminal Code.

We’re looking at many pieces of legislation, and not just federal, but provincial and territorial, as well”,
she said.
We’re also looking at Band governance under the Indian Act.”

{Looking at everything except aboriginal culture, which has far too high a tolerance of aboriginal men using violence and abuse against aboriginal women…}

Marion Buller, Chief Commissioner of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ Women and Girls, July 6, 2017 (CANADIAN PRESS–Darryl Dyck)

“In her testimony on Wednesday, Buller applauded a provision of ‘Bill C-75’ that would allow higher maximum penalties in cases of domestic violence, though she said the definition of such violence should be broadened to encompass violence between family members, not only toward intimate partners..

“But it was her three final recommendations that especially stood out. First, she said courts must consider whether victims are ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women before granting bail to those they accuse.

Too often … we heard from family members and survivors that an accused individual was released back into the community without proper protection for the complainant and her family”,
she said.
{But isn’t this true for ALL victims, not just aboriginals?}

“Second, when victims are ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, that must be an aggravating factor during sentencing, Buller said {Why?}. And finally, the killing of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women must automatically be treated as first-degree murder.

It’s to recognize the importance of the individual who has been killed and the importance of their life”,
she said.
That tells all of Canada that if you kill one of these women, it’s murder in the first degree, the strongest penalty and the strongest offence that we can impose.”

{Then why shouldn’t that be true for ALL women? Why would aboriginal lives be valued more highly?}

“First-degree murder charges, which can lead to the severest sentences under Canadian law, normally require proof that a killing was “planned and deliberate”. Under the Criminal Code, however, the murder of a police officer or prison employee results in an automatic first-degree charge — the only category of people whom the law currently sets apart in this way. The code also decrees that killings in the course of sexual assault, aircraft hijacking, kidnapping or hostage-taking come with automatic first-degree charges, as do murders resulting from terrorist or organized criminal activity, or in the context of criminal harassment or intimidation.

“Speaking to the Post, Buller said the recommendations aren’t intended to level harsher punishments against those who commit violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women {Nonsense}, but to level the playing field in a society where crimes against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women are often treated more lightly than those against non-‘indigenous’ people {And that’s just not true. Conviction rates for violent offences are virtually identical!}.

Let’s make it equitable in terms of sentencing”,
she said.

{The ‘inequitable’ sentencing derives from the racist ‘Gladue’ principle which LESSENS the sentencing for aboriginal criminals…and it’s aboriginal men who commit most of the crimes against aboriginal women…}

“However, Tony Paisana, a Vancouver-based defence lawyer, raised concerns about Buller’s recommendations, arguing the Criminal Code should not be

picking and choosing which communities are more important{!}.

I think that’s a slippery slope that’s quite dangerous when considering the appropriate penalty for murder”,
he told the Post.

“Paisana, who appeared before the Senate committee last week on behalf of the Canadian Bar Association, said that in many cases, the perpetrators of violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women are ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men, and that Buller’s recommendations could lead to stiffer punishments for a population that’s already ‘over-represented’ {‘guilty of more criminal activity’} in Canadian prisons.

You’re perpetuating the {justified} ‘over-incarceration’ of ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people”,
he said.
The answer is not punishing people more, full stop.” {???}
{Now YOU’RE the one “picking and choosing which communities are more important”!}

“Courts are already supposed to take offenders’ ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} identity into account during sentencing {systemic racial discrimination}, in an attempt to recognize the factors that can place them at a disadvantage, including the ‘legacy of residential schools’ {which includes learning to read and write}, poverty and substance abuse. In her testimony, Buller spoke about the importance of this principle. But she also said the inquiry heard from families and survivors who feel it simply leads to lighter sentences for ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} offenders {Exactly!}. Having judges also consider the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} identity of victims as an aggravating factor “doesn’t necessarily outweigh or negate” that principle, she said — it just means both factors have to be balanced.
{Why not get rid of Race as a factor entirely? You’re just adding discrimination on top of discrimination…}

“It’s unclear whether the Senate committee will propose any amendments to ‘Bill C-75’ based on Buller’s testimony when it reconvenes next week. The legislation is intended to deal with chronic court delays, but it encompasses a number of other reforms, including changes to the rules for jury selection. During Buller’s appearance on Wednesday, {pretend-}Independent {‘Liberal’} Sen. Frances Lankin said the recommendation regarding automatic first-degree murder charges might be

beyond the scope in the short period of time we have to be able to undertake.”

“But in her interview with the Post, Buller said her recommendation about sentencing “should have been in Bill C-75”, and disputed the idea that the changes would disproportionately punish ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men, pointing out that they are not the only perpetrators of violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women.
{Stop ignoring the facts! They are MOST of the perpetrators…}

The sentence has to reflect not only the gravity of the offence but also the circumstances of the offender. And so does that mean criminalizing ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men? Well, it means criminalizing all men who commit violence against ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA {alphabet} people”,
she said.
What’s wrong with that?
{But that’s already the case!}

–‘MMIW chief commissioner recommends automatic first-degree murder charges for killings of Indigenous women’,
Maura Forrest, National Post, May 10, 2019

See also:
Another One Gone’ (MM‘I’W) {July 25, 2018}:
The MM‘I’W Inquiry – the fiasco continues:
“Another staffer from the national inquiry looking into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} woman and girls has resigned. Melodie Casella said the federal government’s limited extension to the length of the national inquiry was a leading reason why she quit… She said the tight timeframe will not allow the inquiry to get to the ‘root causes’.

Is Anybody Happy With The MMIW Inquiry?{April 3, 2018}:
“The MMIW Inquiry has asked for more time…and more money. However, it seems that most people – except for the federal government and what’s left of the MMIW Inquiry commissioners – think that the Inquiry has basically been a disaster…”

Dysfunction at the Missing Women’s Inquiry{January 14, 2018}:
“We hate to say ‘I told you so’ but when this Inquiry was announced, we expressed our conviction that it would turn into a colossal waste of time and money, and end up helping no one…”


Missing and murdered aboriginal inquiry a waste of money{February 13, 2016}:
“The federal inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is being labelled as a waste of money by a local advocate in Edmonton… She believes the money would be better spent on things like educational training…on issues like safe sex and drinking and driving, among others.”

Finally, The Truth…’ (Missing Women) {November 25, 2015}:
“Across Canada, in nearly one-third of all homicide cases in 2014, the accused person was of aboriginal descent, although indigenous people only make up five per cent of the Canadian population.”


Stop Blaming ALL Canadians{October 7, 2015}:
“When aboriginal women are battered or murdered, the perpetrator is their male partner in the overwhelming majority of the cases. That partner is almost always aboriginal. Aboriginal women are also far more likely to be battered or murdered by their partners than are non-aboriginal women… Rather than concentrating on the massive problem of aboriginal male violence to women, aboriginal leaders insist on trying to focus on the tiny fraction of female victims of violence who are missing and may have been murdered by non-aboriginal men…”


Native violence starts at home, RCMP say{June 22, 2015}:
“The new study, which was released Friday, says the problem of Canada’s many missing and murdered aboriginal women is clearly rooted in family violence. It comes several months after Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt angered many indigenous people by saying he knows who is killing aboriginal women – and it is aboriginal men…”

Most murdered and missing aboriginal women victims of indigenous perpetrators: RCMP{April 14, 2015}:
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  1. Maybe for years Aboriginal women (in large parts) are kidnapped, killed, and Canada has nothing to do.

    Your reasoning makes me think of those naive people in France who say: “Why is it more important women who are victims of domestic violence than men?”

    Well, because a woman dies every 3 days here! A man all 11 (about) More than 222 women killed every year! You’re fed up!

    Aboriginal women and LGbT people suffer twice as much violence as others! Aboriginal women are not even taken into account in the official figures! At some point, you will have to grow: equality is good but equity is better!

    You talk about Aboriginal men and their so-called cultural violence or they come from matrilenarian societies so much less not at all violent than others. Except for exceptions. And then in this case let’s talk about the culture of Euro-Canadians! Because I do not know how many non-Aboriginal women experience violence but it’s too much !!!


    1. The rate of solved cases is virtually identical for both missing and murdered aboriginal women, and the rest of missing and murdered Canadian women (And you’re wrong — they ARE taken into account in the official figures). In addition, the facts clearly indicate that most violence directed at aboriginal women comes from aboriginal men. So why should Canadians have to continually focus on just aboriginal women? Are they somehow more important than all other women? And why should the rest of Canadians be forced to pay for hearings where the blame is directed at everyone EXCEPT those responsible — aboriginal men? Aboriginal communities need to spend more time focusing inward and dealing with their own issues, rather than always looking to blame others. P.S. The historical record clearly indicates the violence that tribes directed at one another, the torture, the cruelty, the slavery and, in some cases, the cannibalism. So trying to pretend that they came from some idyllic past is just racist nonsense…


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