‘When Climate Science Meets Aboriginal Victimization’

This one is so ridiculous that it made me smile. {P.S. The real science explanation is further down}:

Colonization killed so many people that it changed the Earth’s climate. We have stories about it, about how the Earth seemed to shift after ‘white’ people came.”

“European colonization of the Americas resulted in the killing of so many native people that it transformed the environment and caused the Earth’s climate to cool down, new ‘research’ has found.

“Settlers killed off huge numbers of people in conflicts and also by spreading disease, which reduced the ‘indigenous’ population by 90% in the century following Christopher Columbus’s initial journey to the Americas and Caribbean in 1492.

{MOST of the deaths in what is now Canada were the result of disease, NOT violence…}

“This “large-scale depopulation” resulted in vast tracts of agricultural land being left untended, researchers say, allowing the land to become overgrown with trees and other new vegetation.
{In what is now Canada, very little land was cultivated before Europeans arrived…}

“The regrowth soaked up enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to actually cool the planet, with the average temperature dropping by 0.15C in the late 1500s and early 1600s, the study by scientists at University College London found.

{This is called ‘confusing correlation with causation’. The ‘Little Ice Age’ was due to natural causes – see below…
P.S. This theory might make more sense if they included the 100 million European deaths from the ‘Black Plague’ in the 14th century. Europe was far more highly cultivated; however, it’s obvious that this theory derived from the ‘indigenous’ grievance industry…}

The great dying of the ‘indigenous’ peoples of the Americas resulted in a human-driven global impact on the Earth system in the two centuries prior to the Industrial Revolution”,

wrote the UCL team of Alexander Koch, Chris Brierley, Mark Maslin and Simon Lewis.

“The drop in temperature during this period is known as the ‘Little Ice Age’…”

–‘European colonization of Americas killed so many it cooled Earth’s climate’,
Oliver Milman, The Guardian, 31 Jan. 2019


‘Ice Skating near a Village’, Hendrick Avercamp (Netherlands – 1610)

The Little Ice Age was caused by the cooling effect of massive volcanic eruptions, and sustained by changes in Arctic ice cover, scientists conclude. An international research team studied ancient plants from Iceland and Canada, and sediments carried by glaciers.

“They say a series of eruptions just before 1300 lowered Arctic temperatures enough for ice sheets to expand. Writing in ‘Geophysical Research Letters’, they say this would have kept the Earth cool for centuries.

“The exact definition of the Little Ice Age is disputed. While many studies suggest temperatures fell globally in the 1500s, others suggest the Arctic and sub-Arctic began cooling several centuries previously. The global dip in temperatures was less than 1ºC., but parts of Europe cooled more, particularly in winter, with the River Thames in London iced thickly enough to be traversable on foot.

“What caused it had been uncertain. The new study, led by Gifford Miller at the University of Colorado at Boulder, U.S., links back to a series of four explosive volcanic eruptions between about 1250 and 1300 in the tropics, which would have blasted huge clouds of sulphate particles into the upper atmosphere.

“These tiny aerosol particles are known to cool the globe by reflecting solar energy back into space… Putting these records together showed that cooling began fairly abruptly at some point between 1250 and 1300. Temperatures fell another notch between 1430 and 1455.

“The first of these periods saw four large volcanic eruptions beginning in 1256, probably from the tropics sources, although the exact locations have not been determined. The later period incorporated the major Kuwae eruption in Vanuatu.

“Aerosols from volcanic eruptions usually cool the climate for just a few years. When the researchers plugged in the sequence of eruptions into a computer model of climate, they found that the short but intense burst of cooling was enough to initiate growth of summer ice sheets around the Arctic Ocean, as well as glaciers.

“The extra ice in turn reflected more solar radiation back into space, and weakened the Atlantic ocean circulation commonly known as the Gulf Stream.

It’s easy to calculate how much colder you could get with volcanoes; but that has no permanence, the skies soon clear“,
Dr Miller told BBC News.
And it was climate modelling that showed how sea ice exports into the North Atlantic set up this self-sustaining feedback process, and that’s how a perturbation of decades can result in a climate shift of centuries.”

“Analysis of the later phase of the Little Ice Age also suggests that changes in the Sun’s output, particularly in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, would also have contributed cooling.”

–‘Volcanic origin for Little Ice Age’,
Richard Black, BBC News, 30 January 2012


Causation and Correlation (© xkcd, 2014)

“Every time we see a link between an event or action with another, what comes to mind is that the event or action has caused the other. This is not always so — linking one thing with another does not always prove that the result has been caused by the other…

“Causation is an action or occurrence that can cause another. The result of an action is always predictable, providing a clear relation between them which can be established with certainty… The fact that an event or action causes another must be obvious and should be done with a controlled study…”

–‘Difference Between Causation and Correlation’,


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  1. I have become indifferent and insensitive to their whining, crying victimization and hate for Whites!! They are bullies and self absorbed.


  2. Ah, I see your true face … I did not expect that …
    Whatever you say will not change the fact that Canada is one of the most polluting countries in the world. And yes, if there was no colonization this country would not be in this state …

    FYI: considering that you completely minimize the genocides (knowing that C. colomb turned the man tainos into work slaves and the female tainos into sex slaves which led to the disappearance of this people = I guess you did not know it no?)
    You also did not know that Canada kidnapped millions of indigenous children to lock them into genocidal schools, in which many were raped by priests, abused, bad food and murdered … more than 3500 children have died in these schools … And we do not count the newborns burned, new born from rape of priests (or not) …. Most of the rapists and murderers have NEVER been in prison for these horrors and a doctor sterilize children “you are a pagan and I only sterilize pagans”. There is a price in Canada that bears the name of this doctor, it’s shameful!

    It’s your country so it’s up to you to know who he is and to educate people about this, not me !!

    China is one of the most destructive countries and as luck would have it, this country the United States …


    1. Yes, you certainly COULD use an education. About 150,000 aboriginal children attended residential schools (NOT millions) according to the TRC. That means less than 1/3 of all aboriginal children attended (again, from the aboriginal TRC report). The schools were demanded by tribal leadership and the majority of aboriginals sent their children voluntarily, as they wanted their children to attend so they could function in the modern world. The 3,500 estimated dead students corresponds to the death rate for ALL Canadian children during that period. Many more aboriginal children died back at home, where there were no medical facilities. P.S. Christopher Columbus never visited Canada. And P.P.S. Aboriginals are not ‘indigenous’ to Canada. Their ancestors migrated from Mongolia and Siberia. And Canada is NOT “one of the most polluting countries in the world”. You need to travel more. Now, it’s not that you criticize us that angers us. It’s that you could be so arrogant while being so wrong, and that you are spreading such hateful misinformation. How could you get EVERYTHING wrong???

      Liked by 1 person

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