‘B.C. Gov’t Betrays the Interests of Most Residents’

“As throne speech commitments go, not many over the years have been more fraught with consequences for B.C. than the one proclaimed by the John Horgan N‘D’P government.

B.C. will be the first province in Canada to introduce legislation to implement the United Nations Declaration on the ‘Rights’ of ‘Indigenous’ People”,
it read in part.

“The goal is

mandating government to bring provincial laws and policies into harmony with the declaration.”

{Even a former B.C. aboriginal activist learned reality:
UN ‘indigenous rights’ declaration is ‘unworkable’ as law{July 15, 2016}:
“Jody Wilson-Raybould, the justice minister, spoke at the A‘FN’s general assembly in Niagara Falls…where she dropped the bombshell that adopting the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ as Canadian law is “unworkable…”
https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2016/07/15/un-indigenous-rights-declaration-is-unworkable-as-law/ }

“The UN declaration runs to 46 articles, many with far-reaching implications for a province with 203 recognized ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal Bands} and next to no treaty settlements.

“The most frequently quoted article obliges B.C. to obtain
free, prior and informed consent
from ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people before approving
any project affecting their {ancestors’ former} lands or territories and other resources.”

“Another article requires the establishment of

a fair, independent, impartial, open and transparent process, giving due recognition to ‘indigenous’ peoples’ laws {?}, traditions, customs and land tenure systems, to recognize and adjudicate the rights of ‘indigenous’ peoples pertaining to their {ancestors’ former} lands, territories and resources.”

“Failing the foregoing, a third article grants ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} peoples the right of redress

for the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally {formerly} owned or otherwise occupied or used, and which have been confiscated, taken, occupied, used or damaged without their free, prior and informed consent.” 

{They have been paid by taxpayers OVER AND OVER AGAIN for these lands — which are Crown lands owned by the citizens of B.C. — and B.C. citizens have since BOUGHT their properties…}

Given the absence of treaties over most of B.C., the lands, territories and resources that have been confiscated, taken, occupied, used or damaged without free, prior and informed consent would constitute pretty much the entire province.

“Now here’s what the declaration has to say about remedies:

Compensation shall take the form of lands, territories and resources equal in quality, size and legal status or of monetary compensation or other appropriate redress.”

“You do the math.

“All of that and more (I’ve quoted only a handful of the 46 articles) is to be incorporated into hundreds of provincial statutes and regulations. Horgan declined to discuss the scope or timetable for the exercise Tuesday, saying the enabling bill was in the hands of legislative drafters.

Legislative counsel often times goes in directions that weren’t contemplated when the initial request for legislation goes forward”,
he told reporters in a post-throne-speech media conference.
So I can’t say definitely whether it will be a rewrite of many pieces of legislation.”

“Having said that, he maintained the resulting legislation “will be more than symbolic” and drafted in consultation with ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal Bands}

{But not with the citizens of British Columbia who will have to bear the burden of this foolishness…}

“The federal government, after endorsing UNDR‘I’P with similar enthusiasm, has since adopted a go-slow policy toward incorporating the declaration into its laws and regulations.

“But the Horgan government has no hesitation.

We’re proceeding, regardless”,
said the Premier.
We have within our jurisdiction a whole host of areas where we can take action. We’re going to do that.” …

“…Whatever else one might say about the Horgan government, it does not hold itself back from fear of overreach or lack of ambition.”

‘B.C. makes ambitious commitment to UNDRIP in throne speech’,
VAUGHN PALMER, Vancouver Sun, February 13, 2019

COMMENT: “Only the most sand-buried head could fail to see the disastrous outcome of this plan. It’s so far reaching and so potentially destructive that it shouldn’t even be possible without, at the very least, a referendum. He’s basically talking about handing B.C. over to several disparate groups without a single point of governance. The ‘indigenous’ are already stopping pipelines and he’s currently enjoying that frustration. Now, he wants to give any and all ‘indigenous’ people a veto over pretty much everything. That will expand to to include pipelines, exploration, mining, forestry, drilling, railroads, wind turbines, solar farms, dams, electrical lines and perhaps even airspace. Just think about that for a second!”
“It is a nightmare now, as every inch of land is claimed by multiple Indian Bands and to get any work done, you have to pay extortion money to many Bands. It will get exponentially worse with this ridiculous UN declaration giving them a veto over everything. B.C. will grind to a halt and go broke before you can say ‘give me more free stuff’.”
“These are non-taxpaying people. They contribute little and live off hard working Canadians. They are an infinitesimal % of the population who sit around and play the victim card as a way of life. As if that isn’t bad enough, they block and cause unnecessary interruptions to resource development — the very projects that produce the handouts they live off. The UN should not dictate law upon Canadians.”
“It seriously doesn’t matter what governments (of any stripe) do, the ‘FN’s will continue to criticise and complain that everything is failing them. Even the most Left-wing leaning government will not satisfy them. It’s like our government has forgotten about the other 95% of the population.”
“The UN is mostly made up of countries that want to be as prosperous as Canada. Now they are telling us how to run our country??”
“On UNDR‘I’P, look no further than beady eyed George Heyman, ex -Sierra Club President and eco-fundamentalist zealot now known as the Minister of the Environment to implement his deepest wishes. Clearly, this all rides on the definition of a “Project” in the legislation that follows. Since the Greens will be there to assist , I suggest it might be wise to resist in investing in B.C. for the time being. This is a high level attempt to use ‘First Nations’ to stymie any development. Watch out.”
“This is a government that figures that the tax dollars they spend come from the tax fairy; not from the citizens who work on many industrial/natural resource sites. At one time they championed the workers of the province, but now just ‘social justice.’ Once the investment dries up, and it will, who will they approach for the tax dollars?”

See also:
Who Owns British Columbia?’:
“We are the true owners of British Columbia. The Indians across the province own everything — the rivers, the trees, the bugs, the animals. You name it. Subsurface rights, the air, the rain, the whole shot. That’s what we mean when we say we have aboriginal title to the land.”
–James Gosnell, Chairman, Nisga’a Tribal Council, 1984
Quoted in “Our home OR Native Land?” Melvin H. Smith, Crown Western, Victoria (1995)



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