‘Yet Another Freebie?’

Well, here’s a big surprise! This A‘FN’ ruling chief is willing to take a $4.5 billion pipeline (whose expansion, aboriginals have successfully blocked to the point where they’ve driven away the owners) off of our hands if it’s given to them for free, as a ‘gift’ — but only if ALL 630-plus extended families {‘first nations’} get to benefit.

So, here’s our suggestion:
All 630-plus aboriginal Bands get a representative on the pipeline governing board, with all decisions made by ‘traditional’ consensus.

This way, both the government and the environmental activist corporations get what they wanted:
the proposed pipeline expansion will never get off the ground.

In addition, the Province of British Columbia will receive its cherished West Coast ‘Karma’ when aboriginals stop the flow in the existing pipeline the first time one of the 630-plus ‘nations’ takes umbrage at some perceived past ‘injustice’… 

–‘Bellegarde open to Ottawa gifting Trans Mountain if all First Nations benefit’,
Nicole Gibillini, BNN Bloomberg, Oct. 4, 2018


Patricia Kelly, of the Sto:lo ‘First Nation’, during protest outside National Energy Board hearings on Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Burnaby, B.C., Jan. 19, 2016.
(Darryl Dyck — CANADIAN PRESS)

The federal government is actively considering gifting the Trans Mountain pipeline to ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} groups, Postmedia has heard from multiple sources.

The possibility of giving the pipeline to ‘First Nations’ (or at least a share of Trans Mountain) has come up at Cabinet level”, 

a senior ‘Liberal’ government source told Postmedia on Tuesday.

“How the deal would unfold is that a part or all of the pipeline would be placed in a trust that would then use the proceeds to fund ‘First Nations’ projects.
{Which would indicate that they are not planning in investing in the pipeline expansion, but simply milking the existing pipeline of its profits…}

“The source added that the deal will be fraught with problems because of how some communities have embraced the project and others actively opposed it.

So what do you do, ignore the agreements with those who live along the line while rewarding the Bands that aren’t on the route and who have been the most active in stopping the pipeline?
the source added.

PHOTO: Cornelia Naylor, Burnaby Now

“On Tuesday, Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi {another Cabinet minister not born in Canada} announced the government was not appealing the Federal Court of Appeals ruling that nixed the pipeline and that they would instead re-launch consultations with 117 ‘First Nations’ in British Columbia.
The idea to gift the pipeline, which the government purchased for $4.5 billion from Kinder Morgan in May, apparently did not originate from the Prime Minister’s Office, but from ‘First Nations’ groups themselves.

That’s one of the things that we laid out for them early on”,
said Whispering Pines Chief Michael LeBourdais in a phone interview with Postmedia.
We put that forward very early but we never developed that model, how that would work,”
he adds.

“Whispering Pines is one of the B.C. communities that signed a mutual benefit agreement with Kinder Morgan. They’ve also been actively scouting financiers to assist them in purchasing some or all of the pipeline from the government.

I won’t say no to the pipeline, whether it’s a gift or purchasing some of it”,
says LeBourdais.

“While offering Trans Mountain up as a gift in the form of a trust is a different deal than a purchase, LeBourdais believes it would still give them a say in the environmental provisions of the pipeline.

That’s the one thing that all ‘First Nations’ are wanting a say in”,
LeBourdais says.
Environmental oversights are key to us.”

“The Prime Minister’s Office did not immediately respond to questions.”

–‘Liberals’ considering ‘giving’ Trans Mountain to ‘First Nations’,
Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun, October 4, 2018 


COMMENT: “This was the plan for all of the those specific First Nations from the beginning, Fck over the pipeline at every point until they can get it for free.
The idea to gift the pipeline, which the government purchased for $4.5 billion from Kinder Morgan in May, apparently did not originate from the Prime Minister’s Office, but from ‘First Nations’ groups themselves.”
Surprise Surprise!”

“Ha ha. The sound of money. Once the Indians are handed that 4.5 billion by Sox Boy, all the environmental concerns will disappear. It’s always about the money. The Indians don’t give a s**t about the environment. Anyone who has bothered to watch their total disregard for the environment in virtually any endeavour they have been involved with would know this. It will be funny to watch Fat Lizzy and Suzuki run off the protest line by the Indians they once stood shoulder-to-shoulder with. Well, I will have to settle for Lizzie. Suzuki doesn’t sully himself with protests. He’s too busy jet-setting around the world, staying in 5-star hotels, telling the rest of us how to live. A plague on all their houses.”
“Typical that the Liberals would consider this absurdity. We didn’t want to buy it in the first place and now they want to make a gift of it. So we’re still on the hook for the $4.5B plus we still have to pay benefits to the natives who receive the gift? I don’t think so.
No thought at all in this proposal but then that is true with everything else that Trudeau has done. Canadians should have a say in this before he just gives away all that money without any thought.”
“Dealing with 117 ‘first nations’ on a project in BC alone is an unworkable model…
The ‘first nation’ people should be made to organize their concerns because it is unworkable to deal with individual bands on big projects.”
“Just when I thought the present government couldn’t possibly be any dumber, this hair-brained idea pops up?? How long would it take for pipeline-owning natives to close it & disrupt Canadian economy every time they demand more cash? Never, ever, underestimate the stupidity of a Liberal.”
“This would be a great idea IF the quid pro quo is the repeal of the Indian Act and halting all further funding.”
See also:
Throwing Their Weight Around{May 9, 2018}:
The race-based bullies are back at it again:
Kinder Morgan does not have the required consent of ‘indigenous’ ‘nations’ {mostly extended families} along the pipeline and tanker route, and it never will.”

Quebec Tribes Trying To Sabotage Pipeline Deal{April 16, 2018}:
“Why are these Quebec tribes interfering in an Alberta/B.C. issue? The arrogance of some of these two-bit Chiefs is just astounding…”
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  1. This is bogus and Bellegarde is what is the problem with the many Aboriginals in Canada and their thinking that they are “owed” and deserving of “free” stuff!!! How can we reconcile, be friends with, trust even unite with people who call themselves “first” and hate us while having no intentions of reconciling unless it is to their advantage only?


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