‘The Witch Hunt Is On’

Some Mounties have vented on a supposedly-secret Facebook page, expressing what are widespread frustrations and concerns with aspects of aboriginal culture. Now, the witch hunt is on…

“APTN has discovered another series of racist comments about ‘indigenous’ people in a different secret Facebook group for RCMP members only. News stories on ‘indigenous’ issues shared in the group from the summer and fall of 2017, drew a range of comments calling ‘indigenous’ people “racists”, “lazy”, with a “sense of entitlement”.

“When a Squamish Chief in B.C. suggested tearing down a historic RCMP building to make way for {one-way} ‘reconciliation’, a Mountie wrote,

There comes a time when someone needs to stand up to these spoiled children and tell them to just f— off.”

“In response to a story posted about a ‘First Nation’ {‘Siberian settler community’} in British Columbia that refused to evacuate during the wildfires, a member posted, 

what an ignorant bunch of clowns”.
{Yup. That was dumb…}

“Another commented,
You can’t fix stupid,”
followed by,
You can . . . just let the fire do its thing.” …


There’s a review of it and a process initiated. That’s just the standard of the approach to it”, {“It”?}
said Brenda Butterworth-Carr, Commanding Officer for RCMP ‘E’ Division in British Columbia in an interview with APTN.
There’s no tolerance to it. There’s zero tolerance.” …
{For what? Where do you draw the line? Please elaborate…}

“The secret Facebook group is not administrated by the RCMP, but it has close to 10,000 members. And some of those members identify as ‘indigenous’ officers in their responses to some of the racist posts.

“In the thread about the Squamish chief wanting {one-way} reconciliation, the officer who called ‘indigenous’ people “spoiled children” later comments:

There comes a time when we have apologized more than enough and compensated enough.”
{That’s for sure!}

“A woman who identifies herself as a ‘First Nation’ member responds, saying,

I’m proud of my career as an RCMP officer and the incredible non-‘FN’ members I have met that have done great work in our communities.”
But she adds,
For anyone who says ‘get over it, it was 100 years ago’ . . . I went to residential school!!!
{Without which, you wouldn’t have your job…}

“And the response to that from another officer:

Does an end date exist? Or are my great-grandchildren expected to continue to reconcile?
{Exactly! These are things that most Canadians wonder…}

“Sources who spoke to APTN, ‘indigenous’ Mounties who didn’t want to be identified, said the exchange was disheartening.

“A sentiment reflected in a comment in the Facebook thread that reads,

As a ‘First Nation’ member…every time I hear comments such as above, the sting never gets easier. It hurts twice as bad coming from co-workers that I would protect with my own life. Ignorance {?} is a shameful thing {So is arrogance}. Awful.”

“Last February, APTN reported on a racist post by a Mountie in a different, closed Facebook group. In the wake of the Gerald Stanley acquittal in the shooting death of Colten Boushie, the female officer wrote,

Too bad the kid died but he got what he deserved” …

“That story was shared in the closed Facebook group called ‘News Stories that May Matter to or Impact RCMP’, showing a photo of Boushie’s family in Ottawa.

“The reaction from a member of the group:

So much concern now, where was that concern when Colten was growing up” …

“RCMP Assistant Commissioner, Shirley Cuillierrier, who is a Mohawk woman from Kanesatake, a mother of two kids and a 36-year veteran on the force, said these comments on social media are hurtful to everyone.

There are many ‘indigenous’ employees and police officers in the RCMP. And I’m not sure when comments are made like that that people recognize that, in fact, it could be hurting their own colleagues”,
said Cuillierrier.
Let alone ‘indigenous’ peoples.”

Close to 1,900 people who work for the RCMP self-identify as ‘indigenous’. And of that number, 1,500 are police officers

“Sources have told APTN that an internal complaint was filed about the posts in the secret Facebook group back in October, but that there’s been no word on any investigation… Under the RCMP code of conduct, these kinds of racist comments would fall under ‘section 2.1’, which is about respect and courtesy…

“Larry Hay, former police chief on the {surrendered, former} Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, says the Facebook posts by an officer about ‘indigenous’ people that refer to “substance abuse”, a “culture of victimhood”, reflect more than a lack of respect.

It’s a reflection of total ignorance”,
{Utter nonsense! It’s at the core of failing reserves. Put aside your false racial pride and look at it squarely…}
said Hay.
A lack of understanding of history, not just of ‘indigenous’ people, but of Canada.”

“Hay says it’s also a concern that these are police officers who are or may be policing ‘indigenous’ people, in their community or on the front lines when ‘indigenous’ people assert rights and ‘defend their land’.

{The REAL worry here is RCMP officers who won’t enforce the law against aboriginals who are illegally protesting and ‘defending land’ that is no longer their territory…}

That negative stereotyping makes it easier to perpetrate harm on those individuals”,
said Hay.
Once you dehumanize someone or something, it becomes easier to be abusive and to not expect consequences.”
{Tell that to aboriginal race activists and abusive protesters…}

“The RCMP emphasized to APTN that it incorporates mandatory cultural awareness and bias-free policing programs into its training for cadets and new officers. Similar programs are offered for senior officers. There are ‘Indigenous Policing Branches’ in each division across the country…{At what cost?}

–‘Indigenous’ people described as ‘lazy’, ‘racists’ in another private RCMP Facebook site’,
Trina Roache, APTN, April 30, 2018


See also:
Systemic Racism’ In Canadian Military?’:
“The CAF have revised policies to ensure Aboriginal members are able to practise their specific Aboriginal customs and traditions, such as the wearing of the Métis sash or the wearing of long, braided hair. The CAF also offers Aboriginal members the opportunity to participate in various cultural ceremonies (such as the sweat lodge) on CAF bases and DND property…”


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