‘Shooting Themselves In The Foot’

“Clearly, ‘indigenous’ communities stand to lose a great deal if ‘Trans Mountain’ dies on the vine. According to company sources, 51 ‘First Nation’ communities have signed comprehensive ‘mutual benefit agreements’ (MBAs) with the pipeline project {forced on companies by our courts}, worth more than $400 million.

“Broken down, that’s 41 agreements in B.C. and 10 in Alberta — including every ‘First Nation’ on land where the pipeline crosses and 80% of ‘First Nation’ communities in proximity to the pipeline’s right-of-way…

“If the pipeline expansion does not proceed, these agreements with ‘First Nations’ also die, depriving these communities of mutually agreed-upon benefits including much-needed jobs, training, education, skills enhancement and improved community services and infrastructure. The MBAs also include procurement deals with affected ‘First Nations’ so they can participate in the economic benefits from the development.

“…the reality on the ground, where the project is planned, counters the environmentalist propaganda that ‘First Nations’ oppose resource development…”

–‘Many First Nations quietly support pipelines contrary to media narrative’,
Joseph Quesnel and Kenneth Green, Edmonton Journal, April 10, 2018

“Ellis Ross is filled with gut-wrenching dread as several major proposed energy projects unravel in British Columbia.

“The former chief counsellor of the Haisla ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,917 people} near Kitimat has laboured for more than 13 years to improve ‘indigenous’ lives through economic self-sufficiency — it’s how he says he measures success — and now it could all come crashing down because of what he believes are misguided government actions that burden those projects with unnecessary costs.

We were right on the cusp of ‘First Nations’ {communities of Siberian settler immigrants} in my region being able to look after themselves”,

said Ross, who ran and won a ‘Liberal’ seat in the provincial legislature last May to help get the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry off the ground.

We were just starting to turn the tide on that opposition to everything. For the first time, since ‘white’ {European} contact, we were ready to take our place in B.C. and Canada. Instead, B.C. is not going to exist pretty soon in terms of investment. That is how worried I am.”

“Opponents of energy projects may get attention and results by organizing protests, launching lawsuits, discrediting regulators and influencing governments, but Ross said scores of pro-energy development ‘First Nations’ groups are worried about losing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

“Those groups have signed benefits agreements involving cash, jobs and business prospects with projects such as ‘Pacific NorthWest LNG’, ‘Trans Mountain’s pipeline expansion, ‘Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings Ltd.’s upgraded oil pipeline, as well as others that have been spiked or delayed by various governments.

“Ross said governments in Victoria and Ottawa in particular are “competing to get rid of industry” rather than competing to attract industry, like the United States aggressively does, echoing the experiences of Indigenous leaders in other regions, where environmental activism has crushed the fur trade, seal hunt and natural resource extraction and left behind poverty, isolation and resentment.

The more sickening thing for me is that these people who oppose development in Canada truly believe they win when they defeat a project”,
Ross said.
Actually, you don’t win. It’s just that the United States buys the Canadian product at a discount and sells it on the international market.”

“Calvin Helin, a lawyer, author, ‘indigenous’ thought leader with 1.7 million ‘Twitter’ followers, and the chairman of the ‘Eagle Spirit’ project that is fighting Ottawa’s proposed tanker moratorium, said there is rising disillusionment with ‘Green’ activists among ‘indigenous’ communities…

These environmentalists are happy to make a park in somebody else’s backyard”,
Helin said.
Well, screw that. You are talking about people where there is 90% unemployment.” …

“Helin said a minority of Band members were against the {now-cancelled} ‘Pacific NorthWest LNG’ and aligned themselves with ‘SkeenaWild’, which receives funding from U.S. interests such as the ‘Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’. ‘SkeenaWild’ was also one of the major opponents of the ‘Northern Gateway’ pipeline.

“It started

dividing people with bad information or the wrong information and then if you don’t get your side of the story out, they run with it and they are noisy and that is what governments listen to”,
Helin said.

“The ‘Lax Kw’alaams’ are now looking for another LNG project to set up on its {claimed} ‘traditional lands’, but nothing is on the horizon, he said. The ‘Aurora’ LNG project near Prince Rupert, led by ‘CNOOC Ltd.’, was also cancelled this summer.

“Karen Ogen-Toews, past chief of the Wet’suwet’en ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 255 people}, said the collapse of ‘Pacific NorthWest’ LNG was a wake-up call for the ‘First Nations’ LNG Alliance’, which she leads and which represents six groups, primarily in northern B.C., that signed benefits agreements.

“She said up to 50 ‘First Nations’ in the province’s north could benefit if the LNG industry moves ahead and most are supportive…

“Ogen-Toews said governments that are supposed to create the right conditions are “dilly dallying”, while U.S. competitors are already shipping LNG overseas.

“The loss of so many energy projects has soured First Nations’ views of environmentalists, who are creating the impression that there is more Aboriginal opposition than there actually is, she said…

“There’s also no love lost between the ‘Eagle Spirit’ pipeline project, backed by 30 ‘First Nations’ and the ‘Aquilini Investment Group’ based in Vancouver, and the environmentalists and governments opposed to Alberta oil being piped through northern B.C. so that it can be shipped by tanker to Asian markets…

“Helin said the ‘Great Bear Rainforest ‘is “total fiction” invented by Tzeporah Berman, the former co-director of ‘Greenpeace International’s ‘Global Climate and Energy Program’ and co-founder of {U.S.-funded} ‘ForestEthics’, who describes herself in her biography as one of the creators and lead negotiators of the ‘Great Bear Rainforest’ agreement and the ‘Canadian Boreal Forest Initiative’.

“Helin said chiefs…had never heard of such a forest and bitterly oppose the idea.

Who the heck are these people from big cities coming into their {claimed} ‘traditional territory’ telling them what they can and can’t do…?”
Helin said.

What these trust fund babies are basically doing is parachuting into ‘traditional territories’ whose people have looked after the environment for thousands of years.”

{They haven’t “looked after” anything. Their population has always been small due to the rough climate and so their environmental impact has been minimal…}

— ‘’Sickening’: First Nations left empty-handed as environmentalist pressure kills B.C. energy projects’,
Claudia Cattaneo, Financial Post, November 16, 2017



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  1. Sometimes I don’t think the Siberian settlers “think”. So if they lose, it is their own fault — have no sympathy for protestors or stupidity!! As the saying goes, “you snooze, you lose”. But then they have been doing that since they immigrated here.


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