‘Dysfunction at the Missing Women’s Inquiry’

We hate to say ‘I told you so’ but when this Inquiry was announced, we expressed our conviction that it would turn into a colossal waste of time and money, and end up helping no one…

“The executive director of the national inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ women and girls has left her post.

“The inquiry confirmed Debbie Reid’s departure in a statement on Thursday but said it could not discuss the details.

{!?! That makes over 20 directors and staffers that are gone. See below}

“Reid was hired in October but fell into controversy…

“The inquiry has been hit by a number of high-profile departures, including one commissioner and a previous executive director…

“Meanwhile, Arlen Dumas, grand chief of the ‘Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs’, repeated his calls for the removal of the existing commissioners, a complete reset of the inquiry and the appointment of a Manitoba-specific commissioner…

“Inquiry Chief Commissioner Marion Buller {a Cree jurist who sits on B.C.’s provincial court and member of the Mistawasis ‘First Nation’, a ‘nation’ of 2,800 people} has said she plans to ask the federal government for an extension {more money} to properly complete the inquiry’s work…”

–‘Executive director of MMIWG inquiry leaves post’,
Jorge Barrera, CBC News, Jan. 11, 2018

 Feature IMAGE: Marion Buller, Chief Commissioner of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ Women and Girls, July 6, 2017



Image: COPE

“There have been at least 8 resignations and firings in last 2 months.”

“Another lawyer for the ‘National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ Women and Girls’ has resigned. Iqaluit lawyer Joseph Murdoch-Flowers sent a short email to reporters on Tuesday morning, saying he was no longer with the inquiry.

“The departure of Murdoch-Flowers raised the number of people who have either resigned, quit or have been laid off to at least 22.

Joseph Murdoch-Flowers, centre, during hearings in Membertou ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,530 people}. (Nic Maloney–CBC )

“I have resigned from the inquiry,”
said Murdoch-Flowers.
“I will not comment further.”

“Murdoch-Flowers is the third lawyer to leave the inquiry in the last two months. Lawyer Karen Snowshoe tendered her resignation this month and it will take effect at the end of December. Former MM‘I’WG lead lawyer Susan Vella left in October…

“Murdoch-Flowers is also the eighth departure that has hit the inquiry following the appointment of Debbie Reid as executive director. Reid is a former adviser to former Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Phil Fontaine.

Debbie Reid. (Debbie Reid—LinkedIn)

“Reid’s appointment followed the resignations this summer of former inquiry commissioner Marilyn Poitras and former executive director Michèle Moreau…”

–‘Another lawyer quits MMIWG inquiry as resignations, firings mount’,
Jorge Barrera, CBC News, Nov. 21, 2017


Morene Gabriel was hired to work on the MMIWG inquiry in June and fired on Nov. 14. (Jeff Stapleton–CBC)

“A staff member and sister of a murdered ‘indigenous’ woman is speaking out after being fired from the ‘Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ Women and Girls Inquiry’ on Tuesday, after trying to recommend changes.

“Morene Gabriel is one of three staff members fired in the past week. The inquiry has also lost several high profile members, including commissioner Marilyn Poitras, who resigned in July,
and more recently, lead lawyer Susan Vella and director of research Aimee Craft, who both resigned in October…”

–‘Sick internal culture’ says fired staffer of MMIWG inquiry’,
Jillian Taylor, CBC News, Nov. 16, 2017


Here’s Maclean’s with a one-sided piece from two aboriginal ‘allies’ that, even while describing the dysfunctional commission, still unthinkingly accepts all of the racist assumptions of the aboriginal narrative that created the Inquiry:

“Maclean’s has spoken with more than a dozen well-placed sources, from family members of the murdered and lost who tried to engage with the inquiry, to the commissioners who have stayed on board and the people inside the inquiry who grew despondent and quit. Most got involved when optimism was running high, and a youthful, new prime minister got behind an idea they’d spent years fighting for. Some asked that they not be quoted, concerned they’d be painted as disloyal, or that their connections to such a dysfunctional process would harm their chances of future employment. But together, their accounts provide the first clear picture of why an inquiry born of such high hopes no sooner started than began to fall apart…

“…the inquiry has hit a boiling point. And everyone is feeling the heat as the team attempts to implement a sweeping—some say impossibly broad—mandate to

“examine the systemic causes of all forms of violence against Indigenous women, girls and members of the LGBTQ2S community in Canada.”

“The Trudeau government is also being criticized for perceived uniformity in its choice of commissioners. All the members but Audette have law degrees; they were educated at the country’s top five universities, and live in its biggest cities

“These are all privileged women”,
says one source.

Their salaries of $205,000 put them among the country’s top one per cent of earners (the chief commissioner’s salary is $270,000)

“Carolyn Bennett, minister of the newly renamed Crown-‘Indigenous’ Relations and Northern Affairs, did not respond when asked by Maclean’s whether she continues to have faith in the inquiry…”

–‘Lost and broken’,
Nancy Macdonald & Meagan Campbell, Maclean’s, September 13, 2017


‘A timeline of staff departures from the MMIWG inquiry’,
Chantelle Bellrichard and Tamara Baluja, CBC News, Dec. 01, 2017


See also:
Stop Blaming ALL Canadians{October 7, 2015}:
When aboriginal women are battered or murdered, the perpetrator is their male partner in the overwhelming majority of the cases. That partner is almost always aboriginal. Aboriginal women are also far more likely to be battered or murdered by their partners than are non-aboriginal women.”

“The problem is well known, but rather than concentrating on the massive problem of aboriginal male violence to women, aboriginal leaders insist on trying to focus on the tiny fraction of female victims of violence who are missing and may have been murdered by non-aboriginal men…”


Native violence starts at home, RCMP say{June 22, 2015}:
“All ‘indigenous’ women who were murdered over the past two years in the parts of Canada that are policed by the RCMP were acquainted with their killers, says a report released by the Mounties…”

Missing and murdered aboriginal inquiry a waste of money{February 13, 2016}:
“The organizer of Edmonton’s annual ‘Memorial March’ for missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ women…believes the money would be better spent on things like educational training to have a curriculum for youth, on issues like safe sex and drinking and driving, among others.”

Finally, The Truth…’ (Missing Women) {November 25, 2015}:
“Across Canada, in nearly one-third of all homicide cases in 2014, the accused person was of aboriginal descent, although indigenous people only make up five per cent of the Canadian population… The ‘Statistics Canada’ release Wednesday shows aboriginal men were three times more likely be victims of homicide than aboriginal women.”


NO GO’ Zones On B.C. Reserves {October 26, 2015}:
“B.C.’s representative for children and youth, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, said she estimates there are about 25 of B.C.’s 203 ‘First Nations’ who have so-called ‘no-go zones’ on their reserves, in attempts to prevent visits from social workers… Social workers told her investigators they had been threatened with hunting knives and guns in the past.”

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  1. This incredible politically distorted slant on reality must be brought to the attention of the people of Canada. Allowing a stone age people who the Europeans were eventually able to bring into the modern age, to abuse those who have given them everything they know and own, is the height of both ignorance and deception.
    Like those claiming traditional off-shore lobster fishing rights, we can easily see that there is no end to appeasing their outrageous and perpetual
    The only solution is to end the welfare handouts now and fully insist on and expect all Indians to engage in and support the further progress of Canada. Any other option is totally unworkable…


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