‘Stand Up for Canada!’

From Halifax, on ‘Canada Day’:
A member of the ‘Proud Boys’ — proud of Canada – is told by an anti-Canadian protester that he can’t display the Red Ensign. He then asks why, since there is a Mi’kmaq flag being flown {talk about ‘Cultural Appropriation’!} and an upside-down Canadian flag, and is told that the Red Ensign is “a flag of ‘Genocide’” — a clearly aggressive and provocative insult on Canada Day. Here’s a partial transcript of the encounter — from the video in the linked article — followed by the ridiculous and embarrassing response by some Canadian military officials – people more concerned with Political Correctness than defending Canada…: 

Proud Boy with flag: “So why is she allowed the Mi’kmaq flag but I’m not allowed my flag?”

Anti-Canadian: “You’re not allowed… {?} This is a flag of genocide.” 

Proud Boy #2: “This is a country of genocide?”

Anti-Canadian: “Yes, it is.”

Proud Boy #2: “We’re living in a country of genocide?”

Anti-Canadian: “I’m glad you’re now aware of that.”

Proud Boy with flag: “All of that was done with the Union Jack…”

Anti-Canadian: “This is Mi’kmaq territory. This is not Canada.”

Proud Boy with flag: “This is Canada. It might’ve been Mi’kmaq territory.”

Proud Boy #2: “So you don’t have I.D.? You don’t pay your taxes? You don’t have a Medicare card?”

Anti-Canadian: “This is not an argument.”

Proud Boy #2: “Well, it is…”

The anti-Canadian then repeats the prompting from a woman in the background: “You need to have respect… So, please…”

Proud Boy #2: “I feel like we’re being respectful but you’re telling us our country doesn’t exist. We’re celebrating our country today.”

Male voice in background: “It’d be great if you left.”

Anti-Canadian: “You have two choices. You can stay {This is a PUBLIC space! On Canada Day!} but you can’t have your colonial genocide flag, or you can leave.”
{VIDEO edit at this point…}

Proud Boy with flag, speaking to male protester: “…and the founding of everything you see, and the house that you live in. Why don’t you give all that you own, back? Give your sweater, give your pants, give your shoes – give it all back.”

Male protester: “So, between very little and nothing?”

Proud Boy with flag, speaking to male protester: “Yeah, but it’s still not yours, if this is still Mi’kmaq land that everybody here should be handing over to them.”

Woman in background: “Yeah? Then show some pride and get the fuck out of here…” 

PHOTO: Anjuli Patil — CBC

A second phone video clip includes the following exchange:

Male protester: “You’ve been respectfully {?} asked to leave.”

Proud Boy #3: “…while you’re flipping my {Canadian} flag upside down…”

Female protester: “Is it yours? {Sarcastically} I just heard you say ‘mine’! Is it yours, pretty boy? I’m sorry if it bothers you…”

Proud Boy with flag: “You’ve defaced the flag of Canada.”

Female protester: “It says ‘Decolonize’. I’m sorry you weren’t taught to read… I don’t like you.”

Proud Boy #3: “Why? You don’t even know me.”

Female protester: “I don’t need to know you. I don’t like you… Go away… Go away… Supremacist…”

Proud Boy #3: “I’m actually Metis.”

Female protester: “No, you’re not.”

Proud Boy #3: “Yes, I am.”

Female protester: “Don’t pull that bullshit….”

Proud Boy #3: “100% true.”

Female protester: “Oh, yeah?”

Proud Boy #3: “Cree and French.”

Female protester: “Oh, yeah? Yeah? … Then show some pride and get the fuck out of here. Go…”

Proud Boy #4: “I have ancestors that died in WW1; then, WW11, and the Korean War that died for this country that you’re defacing here. So, you’re disrespecting MY ancestors.”

Female protester: “If you were here for the beginning of this, you would have heard arguments against all of that. It’s time for you to go, you’re interrupting…”

SUMMARY: The ‘Proud Boys’ couldn’t have been more polite and respectful, particularly in the face of racist, anti-Canadian provocation. Yet, the soldiers are now going to be persecuted. From the always anti-Canadian ‘CBC’…:

“The members of the Canadian Armed Forces who ‘disrupted’ a protest organized by ‘indigenous’ {‘descendants of Siberian settlers’} activists in Halifax on Canada Day will be removed from training and duties as the military investigates and reviews the circumstances, says the country’s top general.

“On Saturday, a gathering of ‘indigenous’ people and activists held a protest at the Edward Cornwallis statue in downtown Halifax. The protest was ‘disrupted’ by five off-duty military members wearing black polo shirts who referred to themselves as ‘Proud Boys’.
{NO mention of the fact that it was an ANTI-Canada protest by aboriginal racists and Leftist anti-Canadians…} 

Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance (Adrian Wyld — Canadian Press)

“We are the nation’s protectors, and any member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is not prepared to be the defender we need them to be will face severe consequences, including release from the forces,”

Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of defence staff, said in a statement Tuesday night.

{They WERE defending Canada, you twit!}

“What happened in Halifax over the weekend is deplorable, and Canadians should rest assured my senior leadership is seized of the matter,” said Vance. “The members involved will be removed from training and duties while we conduct an investigation and review the circumstances. Their future in the military is certainly in doubt.”

Vance apologized to Canada’s ‘indigenous’ people for the

“behaviour of a few.”

“Canada’s defence minister condemned the actions of the Armed Forces members who disrupted the protest and said there will be consequences for military personnel who

“express intolerance {?} while in — or out — of uniform.”

{It was the Aboriginal racists and Leftists who were expressing intolerance!} 

“I want to give you my personal assurance that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated within the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence,” Harjit Sajjan wrote in a ‘Facebook’ post Tuesday evening.

“Sajjan said an investigation by the ‘Canadian Forces National Investigation Service’ is underway into the actions of the men who call themselves ‘Proud Boys’

Chief Grizzly Mamma shaved her head as a symbol of mourning during the Edward Cornwallis protest on Canada Day in Halifax. (Anjuli Patil — CBC)

“As one of the {aboriginal race} activists, Chief Grizzly Mamma {who is from B.C.}, was shaving her head in protest, the gathering was ‘interrupted’ by five off-duty military members wearing black polo shirts with yellow trim, one of whom carried a Red Ensign flag.

“The two groups exchanged words. The man who was carrying the flag said,

“You’re disrespecting General Cornwallis.”

“A ‘Facebook’ message that appears to be from Dave Eldridge, one of the men who approached the activists and ‘indigenous’ protesters, told ‘CBC News’ he is part of group called the ‘Proud Boys’, a

“multi-racial fraternal organization.” 

“The ‘Facebook’ page of the ‘Proud Boys Canadian Chapters’ says they are

“a fraternal organization of Western Chauvinists who will no longer apologize for creating the modern world,”

and do not discriminate on the basis of race or sexuality.

“Eldridge said in his ‘Facebook’ message that the group had thought the event was an anti-Canada protest and left after learning that wasn’t the case {? The video clearly indicates the anti-Canadian core of their phony ‘ceremony’…}.

“The entire exchange between the two groups lasted about 10 minutes.

“Organizers of the protest said they held the July 1 event there because they felt the statue is a symbol of the systematic persecution of ‘indigenous’ people, past and present.
{See – it WAS an anti-Canada protest, one of a series held across the country…}

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan (Adrian Wyld — CP)

“Sajjan {pathetically and unnecessarily} apologized to the Halifax Mi’kmaq community and Chief Grizzly Mamma in his ‘Facebook’ post.

“I know my words cannot undo the ‘disrespect’ that was shown to you and your community {What about THEIR diserspect to Canada? You work for CANADA, fool…}. I know our government has much more work to do with respect to reconciliation with {so-called} ‘Indigenous’ Peoples.”

{And how about one more ridiculous apology}:

“Earlier Tuesday, the commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Navy on the East Coast apologized for the actions of the members of the Canadian Forces who were involved in the confrontation. 

Rear Admiral John Newton (Photo: CBC)

“Rear Admiral John Newton said that members represent their institution even when they’re off duty and out of uniform in their personal lives.

“I’ll stand here in front of you and apologize to the Aboriginal community, to the whole public community that feels offended by the actions of fellow Canadians who wear the uniform,” he told a group of reporters.

{We’re offended by YOU!}

{See also: ‘Mea Maxima Culpa: The Ruse of Political Apologies’ {February 5, 2016}:

“Newton said he followed social media response to the incident {Aboriginal race activists are all over ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’, the hypocrites…} and sat down with the group to explain that their actions didn’t represent the military…

“The perception I took is exactly what the people at the Cornwallis monument took {Anti-Canadian… YOU should be investigated.}. It didn’t allow them to have the space to have their own views and to express them. It tried to counter them.

“It’s just the wrong place for our soldiers, sailors and our men and women to be, and they certainly shouldn’t be congregating even outside of that, representing those kinds of {pro-Canadian} views.”

{In other words, soldiers can NEVER express their objections to traitors who would bring down Canada. Political correctness is costing these people their sanity!}

“Rebecca Moore, a Mi’kmaq {anti-Canada} activist who was at the Cornwallis protest on Canada Day, said she was happy to hear the rear admiral apologize on behalf of the offending Forces members {I’ll bet!}

“Newton said the ‘indigenous’ community would be consulted about the ‘Proud Boys’ incident. He said he has good communications with local ‘indigenous’ leaders and would speak to advisers in the community to get guidance {??? You get your ‘guidance’ from your superior officers, not from outsiders with an axe to grind. What in the hell is wrong with you?}.

“Cornwallis, a governor of Nova Scotia, was a military officer credited by the British for founding Halifax in 1749. Later that year, he issued a bounty on the scalps of Mi’kmaq people. There’s been considerable {aboriginal} debate over the use of Cornwallis’s name on public parks, buildings and street signs.”

–‘Armed Forces members who disrupted Indigenous rally could get the boot’,
Elizabeth McMillan and Anjuli Patil, CBC News, July 04, 2017

Feature PHOTO: Anjuli Patil — CBC

Link includes VIDEO…

“Save The Five’ PETITION:


“‘Indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} activists in Halifax were confronted on Canada Day by a ‘group of men’ {‘Canadian activists’} who claimed to be members of a “Western chauvinist” organization called the ‘Proud Boys’.

“Chief Grizzly Mamma led a ‘ceremony’ {shaving her head} on Saturday near the statue of Edward Cornwallis, Halifax’s founder, who established the ‘policy of genocide’ against the Mi’kmaq people.
{That’s another outright lie from the ‘CBC’. See our next post: ‘Demonizing The Past — Cornwallis’.}

“She was briefly interrupted by five men decked in black polo shirts and carrying a Red Ensign flag, Canada’s predecessor to the Maple Leaf.

“The men — who have since been identified as members of the Canadian Armed Forces — said Grizzly Mama was “disrespecting” Cornwallis. 

“The ‘Facebook’ page of the ‘Proud Boys Canadian Chapters’ says it is

“a fraternal organization of Western Chauvinists who will no longer apologize for creating the modern world.”

“And according to Will Sommer, a {Left-wing} Washington-based political reporter for the ‘Hill’, the group was actually started last year by Gavin McInnes, the Canadian co-founder of the media outlet ‘Vice’ turned…commentator. In the past, McInnes has admitted he is

“becoming anti-Semitic”.

{Another deliberate CBC distortion. McInnes is also funny and that comment was a sarcastic aside when he was complaining about Israelis overdoing their self-promotion while he was visiting Israel…}

“Sommer says they generally tout “traditionalist” views.

“Their mottos include:

“West is best,” “Glorify the entrepreneur,” “Venerate the housewife” and “I won’t apologize for creating the modern world.” …

“Down here in the U.S., they’re…very big fans of [U.S. President] Donald Trump, for example,” Sommer said.

{The hysterical CBC — with no regard for McInnes’ legendary humour — then accepts this at face value}:

“According to Sommer, who has sifted through ‘Proud Boys’ social media pages, there are four steps, or “degrees”, to becoming a Proud Boy.

–Declare yourself a ‘Proud Boy’.
–Take a beating from other ‘Proud Boys’ while naming five breakfast cereals.

“This seems bizarre, but the theory behind it sort of prepares you to think on your feet and think when your adrenalin is pumping,” Sommer said.

–Get a ‘Proud Boys’ tattoo.
–Get into a physical fight with a Left-wing protester.

“They also take something of a vow of self-celibacy.

“You have to subscribe to McInnis’s philosophy of #NoWanks, which means you can only masturbate once a month,” Sommer said.

“He believes that too-frequent masturbation or pornography has sort of sapped the will of the modern man.”

“Sommer says the ‘Proud Boys’ are part of a movement called “the alt-light” — a less extreme version of the so-called “alt-right”, whose self-billed leader Richard Spencer espouses blatant white supremacism and anti-Semitism.

“They are, in fact, the foes of those people. They are what is called civic nationalists. There is growingly, at least in the United States, a divide between these two groups,” Sommer said.

“That said, the ‘Proud Boys’ Canadian ‘Facebook’ page contains posts that are critical of Islam, mock people who use “they/them” pronouns, and boast about white men’s contributions to technological advancements.
{Sounds fine!}

“Sommer said women are not allowed in the group, although there is a sister organization. The ‘Proud Boys’ do, however, accept gay and non-white members…”

–‘Who are the Proud Boys who disrupted an Indigenous event on Canada Day?’,
As It Happens, CBC, July 04, 2017


PHOTO: Anjuli Patil — CBC

“On ‘Canada Day’, five servicemen heard there was an anti-Canada rally going on in a local park in Halifax.

“They went to check it out and were immediately swarmed by Left-wingers who told them they may not enter the park carrying the Canadian flag because it’s a flag of ‘genocide’.

“The protesters were carrying an upside-down Canadian flag with the word “Decolonize” written on it. The servicemen peacefully asked the mob a few questions and then quietly left.

“Since then, the far Left and the media have turned this innocuous story into a case of “Nazis” disrupting an ‘indigenous’ religious ceremony.

“The servicemen are part of a multiracial men’s club called ‘The Proud Boys’ which is anti-Nazi, not to mention that two of the five servicemen are Metis and another is gay.

“Top military officials in Canada have run with this narrative, apologized to the mob and said the servicemen are facing

“severe consequences”.

This is a witch hunt.

“It’s despicable and we should be embarrassed that we treat our soldiers and sailors this way. We ask these men to die for our country and fight under our flag and then ruin them for daring to ask a few questions at a protest.

“When this petition reaches 10,000 signatures, I will fly to Halifax and personally deliver it to Rear Admiral John Newton of the Canadian Navy.

“Help save these five servicemen by signing the petition:

‘The Petition’:
The five servicemen who peacefully protested an anti-Canada demonstration must be exonerated by Rear Admiral John Newton of the Royal Canadian Navy.



Ezra Levant: https://youtu.be/wSfVO9YoBTg

CBC again saying Cornwallis established ‘Genocide’:
The CBC later apologized for this interview, saying they forgot to slander Gavin McInnes about (tongue-in-cheek) ‘anti-Jewish’  remarks he previously made. They also apologized for being too journalistic, and not confrontational enough. And, of course, the racist CBC apologized for not having an “indigenous voice” on the broadcast. They then introduce an Aboriginal Industry lawyer and gave her more time than McInnes got:

See also: 
Systemic Racism’ In Canadian Military?{December 18, 2016}:

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