‘Aboriginal Supremacy Rebounds On The Media’

So, back in the swing of things with a racist rant from aboriginal women engaged in an illegal protest on Parliament Hill. The only redeeming aspect of this is that the unprovoked verbal assault was directed at an aboriginal-sympathetic ‘CBC’ reporter. Irony abounds. The CBC reporter wanted them to say that Trudeau was an improvement on Harper. Instead, she – and the male reporter who tried to civilly ask a similar question, were arrogantly lectured about how they were “guests here” — the ridiculous racist claim that the descendants of Siberian settlers own all of Canada. Of course, the CBC didn’t set them straight on this foolishness, much less call them out on their blatant racism. And the Prime Minister? Well, he avoided the issue, like always {See below}.
Welcome to Canada – 150 years in…

“A group of ‘indigenous’ {descendants of Siberian settlers} demonstrators who have been protesting on Parliament Hill held a press conference today that quickly descended into racist rants directed at reporters

“When the topic turned to the issue of missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ women, ‘CBC’ reporter Julie Van Dusen asked whether Justin Trudeau was to blame for ‘indigenous’ teens who have gone missing in Ontario. Van Dusen also asked if the protesters saw a difference between Trudeau and Harper on the issue.

“Van Dusen was clearly looking for a pro-Trudeau answer. She even prefaced her question by saying

“most Canadians think Justin Trudeau is making an effort.” …

“…That being said, she absolutely did not deserve the racist rant…

“First of all, while much of the establishment media won’t call the comments by Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail and Sophie McKeown ‘racist’, that is the only word that accurately describes it.

“Bringing up Van Dusen’s race, and referring to her as “white lady”, and then attacking another reporter as a “white man”, is a dehumanizing and disrespectful act, and needs to be called out as such. Racism is racism, regardless of the race or background of the perpetrator.

“Just imagine the gigantic firestorm if the roles were reversed.

“The over-the-top and extreme rhetoric won’t win anybody over. In fact, it will push people away. Neither Stephen Harper nor Justin Trudeau are guilty of a “genocide” and it is insane to think the ‘United Nations’ should, would, or can, “arrest” our leaders.

“…Canadians are united in wanting to see more prosperity and opportunity in our country, and wanting all ‘indigenous’ people to share in the potential of our great country. At the same time, the reality is that there is no ‘genocide’ taking place today and to say otherwise is simply factually incorrect.

“No nation is perfect, and Canada is no exception to that. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that Canada is the greatest nation in the world, and we have much to celebrate. Feeling ashamed about the past, and demonizing people based on their race will only serve to tear our country apart. For Canada’s sake, we must move forward.”

{And, of course, the way forward is to END RACE BASED LAW…
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/petition-canada/ }

–‘WATCH: Parliament Hill Protesters Launch Racist Rant At Reporters’,

Feature IMAGE: Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail (CBC)


Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail (left) and Sophie McKeown. (Photo: CBC)

“The Charles Lynch press theatre is a modest-sized affair located in Centre Block on Parliament Hill. Windowless and drably lit, with space for exactly 27 chairs, it is nonetheless one of the better public expressions of democracy in this country.

“Anyone with a cause even tangentially related to federal politics can book the room and have the event promoted to the ‘Parliamentary Press Gallery’. If the cause is compelling or newsworthy, the speaker or speakers will have an audience of journalists. It is a surefire way of getting one’s cause known.

“On June 29, Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail and her group, ‘Wabi’s Village: A Community of Hearts’, did exactly this. An activist from Attawapiskat ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,585 people} Reserve in northern Ontario {One of the most dysfunctional reserves in Canada – See Links below…}, Wabano-Iahtail had booked the room to speak about her group’s frustration over the ‘Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls National Inquiry’.

“Slow, disorganized and beset by departures of key staff, the MMIW inquiry is a worthy target — particularly because it served as one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s main wedge issues in the election campaign against Stephen Harper. Wabano-Iahtail could have made a compelling case that, for all his talk, Trudeau’s devotion to the cause was like the Haida tattoo on his left bicep — barely skin deep.

“Instead, Wabano-Iahtail resorted to sexist and racist comments to get her point across.

Julie Van Dusen (Twitter)

“When ‘CBC’ reporter Julie Van Dusen, one of about 10 journalists in the room, suggested Trudeau was “making an effort” on ‘First Nations’ {‘Siberian settler’} issues, speaker Candace Day Neveau demurred.

“Have you seen how many teenagers are going missing in Thunder Bay?” Day Neveau said. “And there’s ‘white supremacy’. That’s what’s going on.”

“Van Dusen:

“How can he be blamed for that?”

“This is where things went sideways.

“Excuse me? did I just hear you correctly? How can he be blamed for that? Excuse me, don’t speak to us that way,” said Wabano-Iahtail. “Step out. I don’t want to hear from you.”

This marked the first time in recent history, according to Press Gallery officials, that an invited speaker had asked an accredited journalist to leave a press conference in the theatre.
{Wabano-Iahtail’s racial arrogance is astounding…}

“To be clear, there was absolutely nothing in Van Dusen’s tone, or in the substance of her preamble or question, to suggest disrespect. It was a simple request for comment on the current Prime Minister’s lack of action on an issue he claims is close to his heart.

“Yet, when CTV journalist Glen McGregor essentially repeated Van Dusen’s question —

“I’m asking how Justin Trudeau’s record compares to Stephen Harper’s record. Do you think he’s improved the situation?”

— Wabano-Iahtail doubled down.
{That’s what racists do…}

“You know what, ‘white people’? You’ve had your voice here for 524 years. [For] 524 years we’ve been invisible, ‘white lady’! Invisible for 524 years. Look how fast your ‘white man’ comes and steps up for you. Where is everyone else to come and step up for us?”

“Racism is, in part, the belief that someone’s skin colour dictates their thoughts and actions. Sexism is, in part, the assumption that women are intellectually or otherwise inferior to men, and therefore need ‘rescuing’. 

Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail (CBC)

What Wabano-Iahtail said was both racist and sexist — and I don’t use either term lightly.

“Julie Van Dusen is a veteran reporter with 35 years experience covering Ottawa and Parliament Hill. She started on the Hill in the days when politics was much more of a boys’ club — a locker room with nicer seats. And in the course of asking a question in a media conference last week — in 2017 — she was reduced to her skin colour and gender. She was pointed at, shouted down and asked to leave her place of work — by another woman, no less.

“Standing at a podium, with journalists hanging on her every word, Wabano-Iahtail had a golden opportunity to state what she and her group clearly believe — that the Trudeau government isn’t a true ally of {so-called} ‘indigenous’ people…

“Wabano-Iahtail could have highlighted it all to a national audience, practically within spitting distance of the PM himself. Her behaviour did absolutely nothing for her cause. In fact, by turning a press conference into a sideshow, she has cheapened it.”

–‘Racism, sexism — and a press conference gone horribly wrong’,
Martin Patriquin, iPolitics, July 4th, 2017


Trudeaus Enter The Protest Tipi (Canada150)

“After an ‘indigenous’ {descendants of Siberian settlers} “reoccupation” of Parliament Hill led to a standoff with police into the early hours of Thursday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he understands the message being sent by activists and urged that they be treated with respect…
{No mention of aboriginals treating Canada with respect and no mention of the Rule of Law from the Prime Minister of Canada. The clueless twit went on to compound his incompetence…:}

“He suggested there are good reasons ‘indigenous’ people may not want to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday {Thereby encouraging more protest and disruption for Canada’s birthday and beyond…}.

“A group of ‘indigenous’ people and supporters had tried to erect a teepee on Parliament Hill Wednesday night, but were blocked by police well into the night before being allowed to {illegally} put it up just inside Parliament Hill gates.
{Just another example of Canada’s refusal to defend itself…} 

Protesters erect a teepee on Parliament Hill. (PHOTO: Lauren Malyk)

“On Thursday morning, tempers flared during a news conference held by the ‘indigenous’ demonstrators after they {irrationally} took offence to a question posed by a ‘CBC’ reporter; they demanded she leave, then ended the conference…

“Their anger escalated quickly after the reporter asked them to answer her question.

“We don’t want you here. Can you please leave?”

said ‘elder’ {‘old person’} Sophie McKeown from Moose Cree ‘First Nation’ {‘Siberian settler community’, a ‘nation’ of 4,680 people}.

“After the reporter refused to leave and another reporter from ‘CTV’ asked a similar question, Wabano-Iahtail accused the reporters in the room of showing their “‘white’ privilege” and “‘white’ fragility”, and eventually ended the news conference.

“You can’t take our {racist} ‘truth’,” she said. “Look how many people came to bat for you, ‘white’ lady. And you’re a guest here. Without us, you’d be homeless {This, from a culture that can’t seem to care for their own homes, much less build them}. This is over.”

“The exchange occurred after a tense night during which nine people were detained and then released {Once again, Canadian law was not enforced for political reasons} for trying to erect a teepee on Parliament Hill without a permit.

“Eventually, in the early hours of Thursday morning, the demonstrators were permitted to put up the teepee just inside the Parliament Hill gates, near the East Block.

“During the news conference Thursday morning, the speakers {who had already committed a criminal act} said they were not satisfied with the ‘compromise’.

“That teepee needs to be moved into the centre of this Parliament,” said John Fox. “That teepee should not be in a little corner by itself.”

“On Thursday evening, organizers said they’d been given permission by the RCMP to move the teepee right onto Parliament Hill, though the exact location was still being worked out. The group was feeling “cautiously optimistic”, said Freddy Stoneypoint…

“Our group is here to educate people,” said Candace Day Neveau, with the {self-styled} ‘Bawating Water Protectors’. “We’re here to say that celebrating ‘Canada 150’ is difficult for our people because of what we’ve been through. It’s celebrating ‘our pain’.”

“Asked what the group was told by the RCMP when they were blocked last night, Day Neveau told reporters that police said they should have applied six months ago for permission to erect a teepee on Parliament Hill.

“Those aren’t our ways,” she said. “We don’t have to honour the bureaucracy.”
{“We don’t have to follow the rules because of our race. But we hypocritically ‘honour the bureaucracy’ by using our status and medical cards…”}

“The police only allowed them to erect their teepee near East Block after the demonstrators stood their ground and insisted they weren’t going to leave, she said.
{Proving once again – to the detriment of Canada – that the law is not applied fairly or equally where race is concerned…}

“In Charlottetown Thursday, Trudeau said he ‘understands’ the issues that ‘indigenous’ groups are raising {He is so full of ‘understanding’…}.

“We just have to make sure that we deal with both what are going to be historic crowds on ‘Canada Day’ on the Hill, but also deal with people in a respectful and a responsible way,” he said. “That’s what I expect of our security services.”
{That would mean respecting the majority of Canadians while cracking down on those who cause disruption!}

“Heightened security measures will be in place around the capital this weekend, including armed police officers and surveillance cameras. About 500,000 people are expected to join in ‘Canada Day’ celebrations around Parliament Hill…”

–‘Trudeau calls for understanding after tempers flare during indigenous ‘reoccupation’ of Parliament Hill’,
Maura Forrest, National Post, June 29, 2017
{Includes more VIDEO of the racist aboriginal women}:

Trudeau exits Parliament Hill protest teepee (Canada150)

“Many ‘indigenous’ people won’t be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, and with good reason, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested Thursday as he called for the so-called “reoccupiers{?} to be treated with respect and understanding.

“While Canadians across the country fly flags from porches and don red and white face paint, ‘indigenous’ groups are planning {disrespectful} protests and ceremonial events to drive home the point that for them, there is nothing to celebrate…

“Canadians need to understand not everyone will be celebrating ‘Canada 150’ the same way, Trudeau said.

“We recognize that over the past decades, generations, indeed centuries Canada has failed ‘Indigenous’ Peoples.” …

“Senator Sandra Lovelace Nicholas said in a statement Thursday as an indigenous woman from the Tobique ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,422 people} in New Brunswick, she is not celebrating this weekend.

“Our history predates colonization yet we are still being treated like third class citizens even though treaties were signed in good faith on our part,” she said.


“We are of the opinion that we will celebrate when all treaties are settled, all ‘First Nations’ children enjoy equality in education, health care, safe drinking water, quality housing and governance in our {ancestors’} own land.”

{The Treaties that she wants ‘honoured’ document the ceding of all rights to the land. For a member of the Canadian Senate to talk such ahistorical, hypocritical, racist nonsense is appalling. She should show some integrity and resign…}

“Social media hashtags like #UNsettleCanada150 and #Resistance150 are all over ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’, as people post their reasons for not celebrating.

“Flyers posted on telephone poles in some cities described the ‘Canada 150’ festivities as

“a celebration of ‘indigenous’ {non-existent} ‘genocide’.”

“In May, the ‘indigenous’ group ‘Idle No More’ called upon ‘indigenous’ people to rise up on July 1 with a

“National Day of Action — Unsettling Canada 150.”

“Among the plans are a protest event at ‘Indigenous’ Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett’s ‘Canada Day’ picnic in her Toronto riding, and an event in Winnipeg to draw attention to the disparities between the city and life on ‘Shoal Lake 40 ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 640 people}…”

–‘Respect Indigenous Peoples who don’t want to celebrate Canada 150, Trudeau urges’,
Canadian Press, June 29, 2017


‘PM, wife visit {illegal} ceremonial teepee on Parliament Hill’:

VIDEO of aboriginals ‘respecting’ Canada for ‘Canada 150’:

“Organizers said ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ have little reason to celebrate colonization as Canada marks its sesquicentennial.

“Jessica Bolduc, who was with the Sault Ste. Marie group, said they wanted to build a teepee on what is ‘unceded’ {‘claimed’ former} Algonquin territory.

“Bolduc said it is also about recognizing there is much work to do before anyone can say Canada had achieved ‘reconciliation’.

“I think Canada has one sort of view and way in which they engage with the world around them and then there is the ‘indigenous’ experience {Because they’re ‘different’ from everyone else…},” said Bolduc. 


“We talk about this smart and caring nation, but don’t acknowledge that those ‘privileges’ aren’t afforded to ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ in the same way that they are to folks who have settled here, whether that was 200 years ago or to people who we are welcoming here today in a ceremony of becoming Canadian,” she said.

“The demonstration was held across from the former Langevin Block, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had renamed as the Office of the Prime Minister and the Privy Council on June 21.

“He said the change reflected what he called the “deep pain” felt by ‘indigenous’ communities over having the building named after Hector-Louis Langevin, a Father of Confederation and an architect of the residential school system {Where aboriginals learned to read and write}.

“Elsa Hoover, an ‘indigenous’ activist who came from the United States to take part in the protest, said the group planned to gather people together there to discuss how different human rights

“are staged differently.”

–‘Indigenous protesters in Ottawa erect teepee on Parliament Hill to counter Canada 150 celebrations’,
Lauren Malyk, National Post, June 29, 2017


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