‘Silencing Dissent’

All across Canada, government employees are being forced to attend what amount to little more than one-sided, guilt-tripping, brainwashing sessions presented by the Aboriginal Industry. In Thunder Bay, police officers interrupted one such session to question some of the assertions being made. This resulted in the offended aboriginal ‘trainer’ {What an appropriate title!} packing up and leaving in a huff. The force is once again being accused of ‘racism’. A Thunder Bay officer subsequently commented on a Facebook post and – of course – is now the subject of an investigation that threatens his career: 

“A Thunder Bay, Ont., police officer who posted on Facebook that “Natives are killing Natives” is the subject of an internal investigation launched Thursday by the city’s police service.

“The comments were posted by Const. Rob Steudle, a director with the police association and a recipient of the ‘Diamond Jubilee’ medal in 2012.

“Steudle was responding to a post on the local paper’s Facebook page on Sept. 17. Steudle does not identify himself as a police officer on his Facebook profile. ‘CBC News’ has verified Steudle’s identity… 


“These types of comments are not acceptable,” Thunder Bay police spokesman Chris Adams said. “They do not reflect the values of the Thunder Bay Police Service. We would like to apologize to our ‘indigenous’ community for the hurt these comments may cause.”

“Here is a timeline leading to the launch of the internal police investigation:

Sept. 13: ‘CBC News’ reports allegations that a ‘race-relations trainer’ was ‘verbally assaulted’ {‘challenged’…See below} by Thunder Bay police officers while delivering a session on ‘indigenous’ issues.

Sept. 14-15: The local paper, the ‘Chronicle Journal’, writes an article and an editorial downplaying the concerns raised by the trainer. {See below…}

Sept. 16: Nishnawbe Aski ‘Nation’ Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler writes a letter to the editor of the ‘Chronicle Journal’ about the response by the police and the newspaper to the concerns about the race relations training. The letter is posted on Facebook.
{The Chief’s lame response, in its entirety:
“Regarding The Chronicle-Journal editorial from Sept. 15, ‘Racism Claim Not Backed Up’:
The only thing worse than the conduct of Thunder Bay Police officers as reported by the CBC is the attempt by the police, and this newspaper, to justify it.” }

Sept. 17-18: Rob Steudle posts several comments on the Facebook posting.

Sept. 29: Thunder Bay police respond to an APTN reporter’s request for comment on the Facebook post.

“We would like to thank the reporter from ‘APTN News’ for bringing these comments forward to police,” the force said in the news release issued on Thursday.

“The professional standards investigation comes as the Thunder Bay police are facing a systemic review by the province’s Office of the Independent Police Review Director for the way the service handles investigations into the deaths of ‘indigenous’ people.

“Earlier this week, Ottawa police launched an investigation into a complaint that an Ottawa police officer made “troubling” comments on social media related to the death of Inuk artist Annie Pootoogook.”

–‘Thunder Bay police officer’s Facebook post prompts professional standards investigation’,
Jody Porter, CBC News, Sept. 30, 2016



“The incident is now the subject of a ‘Police Services Act’ investigation by the force’s ‘Professional Standards Unit’. A police spokesperson told ‘CBC News’ he could not comment further due to the active investigation…

“The statement added that the investigation is a top priority for Thunder Bay police…”



EDITORIAL: ‘Racism claim not backed up’

“…A free and unfettered news media is an essential component of democracy. In English and French historical terms, the press was referred to as the fourth estate of government, with the clergy, the nobility and the commoners. In Canada, the House of Commons governs, with the media obliged to hold it — and all levels of government — to account. It is in this context that the CBC — the public broadcaster — alleged in a news story this week that Thunder Bay police officers verbally abused a woman conducting a cross-cultural training {brainwashing} session on ‘indigenous’ issues.

“Thunder Bay city clerk John Hannam, whose office produced the film used in the program, insists the woman misunderstood the behaviour of officers when they questioned statistics she presented on murdered and missing aboriginal women, and asked her to verify her claim that they treat ‘indigenous’ people differently than other people.

City police chief J.P. Levesque called the CBC story biased and inaccurate while police spokesman Chris Adams explained that it is easy to misread people in situations like this. CBC stands by its story.

“What Levesque and Adams did not — could not — say was that police are feeling besieged in Thunder Bay on the issue of relations with the aboriginal community. Whereas there once was a distinct difference in how some officers treated aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, the force and city itself have gone to considerable lengths to change that. Both have established aboriginal departments and the training session was one of 12 conducted for the police, 11 of them without incident.

City police were accused of similar behaviour in the recent inquest into aboriginal student deaths but the coroner’s report did not support the claim. There is disagreement over numbers of murdered and missing aboriginal women between Canadian police agencies and those who have successfully pushed for the inquiry.

“Those realities are part of what lay behind how police officers responded to the facilitator’s claims and numbers. How they expressed that disagreement is at the heart of the CBC story and the reaction to it. But police and the city are trying hard to improve relations with Thunder Bay’s aboriginal community. Surely that is the more important story.”

–‘Racism claim not backed up’,
Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal Editorial, Sept.30, 2016


COMMENT: “The problem is this is a one-way conversation, with a state-sponsored truth, sometimes devoid of fact. I find it telling that when asked to provide evidence of claims that are likely anecdotal at best, the facilitator packs up and leaves while claiming she was “verbally assaulted”. Is the Indian industry’s narrative that flimsy, that it cannot back up the material in its own indoctrination/propaganda material? These presentations are offensive to many who must endure them. No employee, whether working in the private or public sector, should be forced through a social engineering initiative.”
“The issue is that argument from the aboriginal Industry and the SJW’s — who like to think of themselves as colonial settlers — believe that racism only flows in one direction in this town and to say otherwise is heresy. The Industry et al have also been trying to change the meaning of the word racism to suit their agenda… As long as it is US vs THEM, which is how the argument is always framed by the Industry, this problem will persist and only get worse.”
“So Indians demand to be treated differently by the law (Gladue, anyone?) and then when the law treats them differently because they are Indians, they complain and cry racism?
“Pro tip for the Indians…. if you identify by race, you will be treated by race…”
“Because I don’t by into white guilt or refuse to be referred to as a settler or colonial settler, I am now racist? Because I believe the treaties are a relic of another time and are causing more trouble then they are worth, I am now racist? Because I believe that the native leadership is complicit and corrupt as anyone else, I am now racist?”
More COMMENTS: “I had the ‘Walk a Mile’ training forced on me in my workplace, did not go over well. My biggest beef was they opened the thing with a prayer to the creator that we were told to participate in. A big no no. Bunch of us walked right out. Can’t force religion in the workplace.”
“I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people who have attended an aboriginal awareness training program have had the experience of a massive guilt trip dumped on them. Ironically, the aboriginal facilitator shows no respect for his/her audience. If he/she is challenged on any point, that often doesn’t go over well, and indeed can get angry. That has been my experience.”
“According to Chris Adams, Thunder Bay Police Service spokesperson, who was interviewed on the ‘CBC Thunder Bay Superior Morning’ program this morning, he disagreed with it news reporter’s “narrative” of the event. He was very credible in his statements about it.

“But this is nothing new for CBC Thunder Bay and especially for its social justice warrior reporter. Write a biased news story against the Thunder Bay Police Service regarding an aboriginal issue, then having it spread across the country to smear it and the city, and doing nothing to retract it when the facts come out. The damage done, of course, can’t be repaired.

“It’s unacceptable conduct by CBC Thunder Bay, but it fits the agenda of CBC to be the supreme apologist for Canadian aboriginal people, and so their propaganda campaign in this respect will continue indefinitely.”
“So, they asked for proof and then the session was shut down and the facilitator feels that she was verbally assaulted for being asked to provide proof. This is beyond ridiculous, as are these sessions to sell white guilt to the masses.”
“Stop trying to make us responsible for the aboriginals in this city. If they want respect, they need to earn it, it does not flow from a treaty right.”
“Lets also not forget that these people are not ‘indigenous’ to this area, they are settlers themselves. It’s time to start understanding the real truth and stop being abused by false claims of “we were here first”, so you should pay us money for eternity.

“And another point… ok, there is racism. So what? When a group of people wants to identify themselves and collectively represent themselves by using race , then OF COURSE there will be racism. They have framed the issues solely by race

“Can government or “anti racism committees” change that? not a chance. In fact as long as they categorize everything by race, all they are doing is expanding it.”



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  1. Canadians have to physically band together in a protest to stop this bullying by the offenders!! I am offended that the Aboriginals can say or do whatever they want and are ruining our country.


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