‘Ungrateful Chief Snubs Monarchy’

“A ceremony involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, meant to symbolize the {one-sided} reconciliation of British Columbia’s ‘aboriginal peoples’, has been rebuffed by a ‘First Nations’ group. {Which perfectly symbolizes the one-way nature of this so-called ‘reconciliation’…} 

“Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, the leader of the ‘Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs’, said Monday he won’t be taking part or supporting the ‘Black Rod Ceremony’…involving Prince William and Kate. 

“Prince William is scheduled to add a final ring, symbolizing aboriginal ‘reconciliation’, to the Black Rod, a ceremonial staff used on formal occasions when the Queen or lieutenant-governor are present in the legislative assembly.

The current three rings on the staff represent the Crown, Canada and British Columbia {and aboriginals are already ‘Subjects of the Crown’ and citizens of British Columbia and Canada, and are therefore already represented…}, but the provincial government says there have been requests for a fourth {racial} ring to signify the link with ‘indigenous’ peoples, since the staff was created in 2012 to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Black Rod used in the B.C. Legislature. (PHOTO: B.C. Legislature)
The Black Rod used in the B.C. Legislature. (PHOTO: B.C. Legislature)

“But Phillip said after an intense three-day debate at the group’s annual general meeting, the chiefs decided it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to participate in a ‘reconciliation ceremony {They’re right – It wouldn’t be appropriate for an angry bigot with no sense of ‘reconciliation’ in his heart to participate…}. The union represents more than half of the 203 ‘First Nations’ {Chiefs} in the province.

“He said the federal government has made little progress improving the lives of ‘First Nations’ {who, by and large – with some obvious exceptions – have done little to improve themselves, partly because of attitude and partly because of their Chiefs’ corruption and RACE BASED LAW…}, while the provincial government pushes ahead with projects opposed by aboriginal groups, such as liquefied natural gas developments and the ‘Site C’ hydroelectric dam… {Much of this opposition is simply extortion…}

“Phillip said he can’t in good conscience attend when he remembers the deepening poverty in ‘First Nation’ communities, the missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ women and girls {raped and killed largely by ‘indigenous’ males, about which tribal leadership has done nothing but blame others…}, and the ongoing negligence of ‘indigenous’ child welfare policies. {What about “the ongoing negligence” of ‘indigenous’ communities, where their own children are concerned?}

“Certainly our people on the ground that are in the midst of dealing with these tragedies on a daily basis will appreciate us standing up and acknowledging their plight and not blindly participating in yet another grandiose pomp and ceremony that would create the illusion that things in our communities are progressing forward,” he said in an interview Monday. {And yet, YOU still do NOTHING in YOUR communities…}

“Stephen Point, the first ‘indigenous’ lieutenant-governor in B.C., is expected to be at the ceremony.

“Prince William and Kate tour the ‘First Nations’ community of Bella Bella on B.C.’s central coast Monday before giving official recognition of the Great Bear Rainforest as part of the Queen’s ‘Commonwealth Canopy’.”

–‘B.C. Indian Chiefs won’t take part in reconciliation event with royals’,
Canadian Press, Sept. 26, 2016


The Duke of Cambridge places a Ring of Reconciliation upon the Black Rod, Sept 26, 2016 (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)
The Duke of Cambridge places a Ring of Reconciliation upon the Black Rod, Sept 26, 2016 (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

“When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meet with ‘indigenous’ peoples in British Columbia and the Yukon this week, it will be the latest interaction in a long, complicated relationship between ‘indigenous’ peoples and the Crown.

“The Royal Family landed in Victoria on Saturday, the first stop on a tour to Vancouver, Haida Gwaii and Kelowna, B.C. They will also be stopping in Whitehorse and Carcross, Yukon.

“Continuing a long tradition, Will, Kate and their children will meet with ‘indigenous’ peoples, including the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,267 people} in Bella Bella, who are excited to welcome their royal guests.

“We really view this visit as an opportunity to move closer to reconciliation with Canada … We hope this will gain a better understanding of one another,”

said Heiltsuk chief councilor Marilyn Slett.

“For many, the relationship between ‘indigenous’ peoples and the Royal Family began when the British arrived in what is now North America, and was first formalized with the issuing of the ‘Royal Proclamation of 1763’ — long seen as a ‘bill of rights’ for ‘First Nations’ — and further cemented with treaties signed in the late 1800s…

As such, royal visits have long been seen by ‘First Nations’ leaders as an opportunity to strengthen and renew that relationship.

“As expressions or walking manifestations of the honour of the Crown, the Royal Family is expected to obtain or build relationships with people that are under treaty, including ‘indigenous’ peoples,”

said Manitoba Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, who met Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, when they visited the province in 2014.

“Technically {‘Actually’}, those treaties are now between ‘First Nations’ and Canada….

“Responsibility for treaties signed between ‘First Nations’ and the British Crown was transferred by Britain to Canada in 1860. In 1982, Canada recognized existing treaty rights in its patriated constitution, but

“only after vigorous protests by ‘indigenous’ leaders in Canada and in London, including petitioning the Queen,” said Eyford. {Because virtually all Canadian political leadership knew it was a mistake, but didn’t have the courage of their convictions…}

“Still, travel to many ‘First Nation’ communities today and you’ll still see the British flag on buildings or carried into powwows during grand entry.

“While the relationship might be symbolic, there’s no denying that royal visits can draw a lot of attention — and ‘First Nations’ leaders are often quick to make use of that spotlight.

“The Royal Family still has a tremendous amount of influence whenever they step out into the public eye,”

said Nepinak, who used his 2014 meeting with Prince Charles to discuss the environment, government relations and, of course, {one-sided} treaty rights.

“Previous heads of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’ — Canada’s largest political ‘indigenous’ organization — have also raised similar issues on royal visits, hoping the added attention can sway the federal government.

“For the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’, the royal visit could bring more attention to their efforts to protect their {ancestors former} territory, specifically a recent agreement that protects the surrounding Great Bear rainforest, which sees an area bigger than Vancouver Island now under complete ‘protection’ from industrial logging…”

–‘The long, complicated relationship between ‘indigenous’ peoples and the Royals’,
Tim Fontaine, CBC News, Sept. 26, 2016


Prince Charles meets with native leaders in Toronto (2012) to mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. (PHOTO: Paul Chiasson-Canadian Press)
Prince Charles meets with native leaders in Toronto (2012) to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. (PHOTO: Paul Chiasson-Canadian Press)

From 2013:
–‘Aboriginal leaders press Prince Charles on treaty issues’,
CBC News, May 21, 2014


Ovide Mercredi
Ovide Mercredi

From 2012:
‘First Nation’ leaders seek meeting with Queen’

“First Nation leaders who met with Prince Charles on Tuesday say they want to meet with the Queen next year to discuss Canada’s treaties.

“Ovide Mercredi, former national chief of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’, was one of several representatives who met with Charles at Toronto’s ‘Royal York Hotel’. Mercredi said they discussed the relationship between Canada’s aboriginal peoples and the Crown, which has been based on treaties.

“We made a request today to have the Queen receive us, all the chiefs of Canada, to deal with treaties with the Crown…”

“Mercredi said chiefs want to discuss why Canada has not honoured those treaties… {Canada is the only side that HAS honoured the Treaties. The aboriginal tribes are refusing more and more to abide by them and are constantly trying to revise them to their advantage – clearly an approach that is NOT honourable…}

“Charles has agreed to pass on the message to the Queen, Mercredi said.

“We were quite impressed with Prince Charles in terms of his understanding of the issues that we face here in this country,” Mercredi said of the prince. “He clearly understood the importance of having the treaties upheld by Canada.”

–‘First Nation’ leaders seek meeting with Queen’
CBC News, May 22, 2012

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  1. This is completely our fault (non-Indians). We have permitted, even promoted, the self-centered, totally dependent on the white man attitude which has become so prevalent. We’ve given the Indians a say in things which are not their business and we’ve empowered a group of people who have no idea how to handle self control, power or responsibility. It wasn’t rocket science to know that this thing would come back and bite us big time, square in the ass.
    To further aggravate the situation, we’ve permitted the Indians to confuse consultation with veto. They are entirely two different things but our useless leaders(?) have failed to make any of this clear.
    We continue to allow Indians to break the law whenever they wish and thanks to cretin/Cretien, even when charged and found guilty, they don’t have to take responsibility (Gladue act) for their actions or suffer any significant consequences.
    A sorry state we are in and it’s all of our own making.


    1. , I must also say that these kind of disrespectful, hateful, superior actions of the Indigenous only cause them to be disrespected and thought of as lowlifes/non Canadian and acting like spoiled children who must be treated as such and disciplined by making them take responsibility, be accountable and transparent!! And, they should NOT Have to be consulted on anything any more than any other Canadian should. This is Not their land as they are just as much an immigrant as anyone else — only difference? Any of our ancestors came here to build a country (not destroy it as the Indigenous claim) as many of the descendants, like you and me, continue to do. While some Indigenous do work and pay taxes, even contribute to Canada, many don’t and just bleed the country and are combatative, racist and hateful!! And it is because of what they have been taught from the cradle — NOTHING to do with present day people who are not Aboriginal!! Many of them live in the past and LOVE it there!! Most Aboriginals have a mix in their blood (Whites, blacks, Asians, etc – so are not true Aboriginal. They are confused but not because of other Canadians but because of their own thinking and influence from their own people!! The Indigenous have NOT invented anything but enjoy those things that have been invented by others, yet many still protest against oil, water, dams etc., yet do not grow food, clean up or fix anything — and, like children, EXPECT the government (us taxpayers even their own working taxpaying people) to take care of everything!! I call them BRATS!! And not worthy of my consideration and I am sick and tired of seeing them being catered to on my dollar!!! Many of them make their own crap!!! The “special treatment” only causes more division, dislike and dissension!!! Enough with the crap!!!!!


  2. They have just made things worse for themselves!! if they thought they had it bad before?? Wait ———— His apology and statement of “meaning no disrespect” is a lie and holds no credence with Canadian taxpayers!! Phillip just showed the world how disrespectful and combatant many Natives are!!! No good can come of this show of disrespect for the Royals and Canada!! And yes the Natives (and they don’t want to be Canadians but want to bleed Canada from the benefits) have lost points continually the last few years or so and have really lost even more so now, not to mention that repect is GONE!!! That had to be earned and they (Bellegarde, Nepinak, Sheila North – Wilson, Nelson, Phillips & their sheeple) have just caused a considerable amount more of dissension, mistrust, and disrespect. Natives (and I will NOT call them anything else as I have no respect for many of them now AT ALL) do not want to be known as Canadians but carry a Canadian passport and get Canadian benefits that other Canadians do not get. They are not interested in Reconciliation because Truth is? They are combatant and thrive on the past and rewritten history!! No good can come of their behavior and can only result in a civil war — shame on the Natives!!!! To snub the Royals is to snub Canadians and they should be careful about biting the hand that feeds them!!!!!


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