‘This is Ridiculous!’

“Ron Swain, vice-chief with the ‘Congress of Aboriginal Peoples’, told Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan during consultations with ‘indigenous’ groups Wednesday that aboriginal communities deserve the same rights as provincial governments {!?!}, which have the authority under the ‘National Defence Act’ to call in the military to fight civil unrest and during other crises. 

“We believe, in protecting our ‘sovereign territory’ and our issues around environmental concerns, we should be able to trigger the same response and have ‘our Armed Forces’ defending our treaties and ‘our territories’ {otherwise known as ‘Canada’},”

Swain said during a break in the closed-door meeting in Winnipeg that included about a dozen aboriginal leaders and {race advocacy} ‘academics’.

“The meeting, which focused on ‘indigenous’ issues, was one of several discussions Sajjan is holding around the country as part of a broad review of Canada’s defence policies.

“Swain, whose group represents ‘First Nations’ and Métis who do not live on reserve, pointed to the Oka crisis of 1990, when the Quebec government called in the military to try to restore order after repeated clashes between police and Mohawk {illegal} protesters.

“He said ‘indigenous’ communities should be able to call in the military to come to their defence in such cases, or in the event that development that could pose a risk to the environment is taking place without ‘First Nations’ ‘consent’ {!?!}.

Ron Swain, national vice-chief with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.(Photo: CBC)
Ron Swain, national vice-chief with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.(Photo: CBC)

“Swain cited the current standoff involving the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota over construction of an oil pipeline. {We’re Canadians…and so are you.}

“‘Our people’ {You were just a bunch of warring tribes. What you have in common is skin colour and working the race game to your advantage…} and our communities are very concerned about water and this whole issue about pipelines.”

{We can just envision it: The tribal chieftain calls in the Canadian military to prevent the construction of a pipeline…a pipeline authorized by the Canadian government! THIS is but one future scenario due to the incredible stupidity displayed by the Supreme Court of Canada in their irresponsible rulings…}

“Even municipalities appear to have an easier time getting military intervention, said Swain, who pointed to the 1999 snowstorm in Toronto {Canada’s largest city, during a REAL crisis} that had then-mayor Mel Lastman pleading successfully for army aid.

“A spokesman for Sajjan was noncommittal on the idea.

“We thank ‘vice-chief’ Swain … for bringing this idea to our attention; it is certainly something we will consider as we move forward in the policy review process,” Jordan Owens, Sajjan’s press secretary, wrote in an email.

“Earlier in the day, Sajjan said the meeting would look at a wide variety of topics — everything from the ‘Canadian Rangers’, a largely ‘indigenous’ group of army reserves that helps patrol the North, to job opportunities for ‘indigenous’ youth in the military.

“There are countless stories out there within the military that we do need to share, that we can inspire the younger generation to be able to look at, potentially, the military as a career, but also to look at it as an opportunity for learning and apply it to other careers as well,” Sajjan said.

“Canada’s revamped defence policy is expected early next year and is expected to address everything from overseas military missions to cyber terrorism.”

–‘Indigenous’ communities should have power to call in the military, says chief’,
Steve Lambert, Canadian Press, Sept. 14, 2016

Feature PHOTO: Mohawk ‘Warrior’ in a golf cart watches approaching Canadian Army armoured vehicles, 1990 Oka crisis. (Tom Hanson, CANADIAN PRESS)



Image: APTN
Image: APTN

COMMENT: “One of the signs of being a sovereign nation is having your own military. The notion of ‘nation’ came from the Royal Proclamation of 1763. In it, King George briefly mentioned Indian nations. The English version of nation meant race or tribes at the time. It did not confer statehood… Nor does one sovereign state fund another sovereign state.”
“With constant demands that we recognize them as individual nations to the point that some bands call band offices ‘consulates’ and ‘embassies’. They have no right to call on our nation’s military. Furthermore it should be reversed, and the military should be called in to break up illegal blockades and protests they hold on our highways and roadways.”
“Time to end the treaties, Indian act, and make the reserves nothing more than small towns, with funding to match any other small Canadian town . If this isn’t good enough for the aboriginals, then fence off the reserves and install border points . No aboriginals with criminal records get on Canadian soil.”
“The arrogance and entitlement is unbelievable.
Either be part of Canada or don’t, along with all the financial and social benefits. But decide, and stop holding us hostage.”
“We need a government with the courage to end this stupid voluntary apartheid that the aboriginals pretend to suffer under but refuse to allow to be eliminated. Someone is going to have to just say “enough”, despite the inevitable bleating, and stop government support of these futile make-believe “nations”.”
“The military is called to defend Canadian interests. You are Canadians but you are NOT ABOVE Canadians. If the military is to be called, it’s to destroy blockades that ‘FN’ put up in protest.”
“They are either sovereign or not. If they are sovereign, they need to do their own heavy lifting. If not, then rip up the treaties and integrate into Canada.”

IMAGE: Mac Baren

In the philosophical sense, sovereignty has a certain existential nature, in that the assertion of it is the demonstration of its existence — Sovereignty is the ability to assert and actualize sovereignty. It does not just ‘exist’.

Let’s take Quebec as our example. The State of Quebec constantly vocalizes its sovereignty, but the majority of Quebecers remain unconvinced that full sovereignty — independence — would be desirable. Their reluctance could be due to the risk involved in being “maitres chez nous” {much like the teenager who wants ‘sovereignty’, but doesn’t want to leave the family home}.

But one other ‘existential’ factor would be the ability to enforce one’s ‘sovereignty’, should one try and exercise it. It’s not just the reality of paying one’s own bills, but the fact that one’s sovereignty may clash with another’s — in this case, the exercise of full Quebec sovereignty conflicts not only with the Cree in northern Quebec, but also — and more importantly — with Canada’s.

So, in this case, who exactly is sovereign?
Well, where does the ability to actually exercise sovereignty lie?

Both the Cree and the Province of Quebec take their sovereignty disputes and conflicts to…CANADIAN courts… {And, of course, that is where they both turn for financial help…}

Sovereignty, within the borders of Canada, belongs to the nation of Canada…and it’s past time to start exercising it within our own borders. The ‘First Nation’ of Canada…


And, here’s why tribes don’t have a ‘sovereign’ government:

“A sovereign state is a political organization with a centralized government that has supreme independent authority over a geographic area. It has a permanent population, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states. It is also normally understood to be a state which is neither dependent on nor subject to any other power or state.” {And that’s not even mentioning military capacity…}

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