‘Tribal Disagreement Over Salmon Farms’

Although the aboriginal narrative would have us believe that everyone of aboriginal heritage is part of the same non-existent {and never existed} overarching ‘nation’, the reality is that disagreement and conflict between tribes is more the norm. Because aboriginals claim ownership of all of British Columbia, tribal disagreements are becoming more frequent:

“An operation involving the ‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’ — targeting fish farms on the BC coast — has the backing of a number of coastal ‘First Nations’, but it’s by no means unanimous support.

“At least two ‘First Nations’ on B.C.’s coast have let the campaigners behind ‘Operation Virus Hunter’ know that they are not welcome in ‘their territories’ {Those are CANADIAN territories!}

“On Monday, biologist and anti-fish farm campaigner Alexandra Morton was joined on board the ‘Sea Shepherd’s ‘RV/Martin Sheen’ by actress Pamela Anderson, David Suzuki and two ‘First Nations’ spokesmen, to announce plans to conduct sampling in an attempt to establish whether a virus found in farmed fish is also present in wild fish.

“Morton will be collecting samples looking for the ‘piscine reovirus’, which has been associated with a condition called heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) in salmon, although no definitive causal link between the virus and the disease has yet been established.

“She will try to establish whether there are “hot spots” where the virus is present in the vicinity of fish farms. 

fishfarm(Maclean's)Salmon farming in BC has created a divide among ‘First Nations’, like those in the Fraser Valley watershed, who rely on wild salmon both for food and income, and those in coastal communities that rely on fish farms for year-round jobs.

“Ernie Crey, a former fisheries adviser for Sto:lo ‘First Nations’ {‘nations’ totalling around 3,000 people}, was among the ‘First Nations’ representatives who joined Morton in support of her campaign earlier this week.

“Over the years, he said, a number of possible causes for a decline in wild salmon stocks, especially Fraser River sockeye, have been identified – including habitat loss and over-fishing. But Crey said he is now convinced that Morton’s thesis – that disease from fish farms spreading to wild salmon – is the most compelling one…

“Chief Robert Chamberlain of the ‘Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis’ {206 people} on Gilford Island on the North Coast of BC echoed Crey’s sentiments and said Morton and the Sea Shepherd were “very much welcome” into ‘his people’s territory’.

“But it’s not welcome in Tlowitsis ‘territory’. The Tlowitsis ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 400 people} in Campbell River has a partnership with ‘Grieg Seafood’, one of the Norwegian fish farming companies operating in B.C.

“This partnership is vital to the Tlowitsis being able to be economically sustainable,”

Tlowitsis Chief John Smith says.

Smith said any visitors coming to its ‘traditional territory’ in Clio Channel need permission.
{This is the traitorous foolishness that crosses the line! This is CANADIAN territory and no Canadian needs to ask ‘permission’ to travel through! The waterways are NOT part of your reserve…}

“The ‘Sea Shepherd Operation Virus Hunter’ group are not welcome in ‘our territory’.” 

“The Ahousaht ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,000 people}, which has a partnership with another Norwegian company, ‘Cermaq’, likewise has made it clear it doesn’t want the Sea Shepherd in ‘its waters’, {!!!} either. Cermaq has a fish farm operation in Clayoquot Sound. Ahousaht ‘First Nation’flag“According to the ‘Ha-Shilth-Sa’, a Vancouver Island ‘First Nation’ newspaper, Cermaq is an important employer for Ahousaht people.

“Morton says that there is division among the Ahousaht, and that many of its members do want her to do the sampling.

“There are binding contracts with part of the leadership of the Ahousaht with this company,” she said. “But the elders and ‘warrior societies’ and many hereditary chiefs feel differently.”

{This, of course, highlights a major problem in dealing with many tribes – the lack of any effective governing structure  – and this from people who wish to be ‘self-governing’! Even where an elaborate tribal government has been established, there are often rogue clans or so-called ‘warrior societies’ or hereditary monarchical claimants to power who insist on being ‘consulted’. The result is costly confusion…}

“It appears unlikely that fish farm operators will be cooperating with Morton and the Sea Shepherd. But at this week’s press conference, Morton said that some ‘First Nations’ have offered to provide farm fish samples for testing.

“But the main aim of the research will be sampling other marine species to look for piscine reovirus in the wild. It’s not clear what Morton hopes to find that a C$9 million (US$6.9 million) scientific study led by ‘Fisheries and Oceans Canada’ might miss.

“Kristi Miller, a lead scientist on the ‘Strategic Salmon Health Initiative’, said the piscine reovirus is just one of 45 pathogens she and her team will be studying in a comprehensive study of both farmed and wild salmon. The study does not include sea lice, which Morton’s studies have concluded can be transmitted from fish farms to wild salmon.

“Morton acknowledged the federal study involves some “phenomenal scientists”, including Miller, but questioned federal Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc’s recent decision to grant six-year licences to fish farm operators while the jury is still out the impact of fish farms on wild stocks…”

–‘Two ‘First Nations’ in Canada say Sea Shepherd ‘not welcome’,
Business in Vancouver, 22 July, 2016

FEATURE Image: BILL KEAY – Vancouver Sun


Suzuki_pamela_anderson_alexandra_morton-2016-07-19(BusinessInVancouver)(600)“Pamela Anderson, the British Columbia-born former actress of ‘Baywatch’ fame, is lending her name to the maritime activist group, the ‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’, and anti-fish-farm campaigner Alexandra Morton, in a new campaign targeting BC fish farms.

“Anderson joined Morton, along with David Suzuki and two BC ‘First Nations’ spokesmen, aboard the Sea Shepherd’s ‘R/V Martin Sheen’, where they explained their plans to “audit” fish farms along the BC coast…

“The bottom line is that fish farms in the oceans are polluting the oceans, spreading sea lice and killing the wild populations of salmon,” Anderson says.

“A number of fisheries biologists disagree, saying there is little evidence that sea lice transmitted from farmed salmon to wild stocks are responsible for high mortality rates in wild salmon.

“A study published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ in 2010,
for example, concluded there is little if any evidence that sea lice were responsible for high mortality in pink salmon, and that

“all published field and laboratory data support the conclusion that something other than sea lice caused the population decline in 2002”.

“Gary Marty, senior fisheries pathologist for the BC Ministry of Agriculture, co-authored the 2010 study. If sea lice from fish farms were to blame for wild stock mortality, he questions why the 2001 returns were so robust.

“In 2000, the fish farms probably hosted, we think, the second highest level of sea lice they ever had in the last decade, and in 2001 the odd-year (pink salmon) run returned at the highest ever recorded,” he said.

“Morton has lately switched her focus from sea lice to piscine reovirus – a virus that can be transmitted from farmed to wild salmon. She and others have suggested federal scientists are not doing their jobs doing the research that’s needed.

“David Suzuki said Morton has being doing science that

“should be our government’s responsibility.”

“In fact, ‘Fisheries and Oceans Canada’ in May launched a new study of fish diseases in wild, hatchery and farmed salmon on the BC coast. The ‘Strategic Salmon Health Initiative’ is an eight-year-long, C$9 million (US$6.9 million) study that’s being funded by Fisheries and Oceans, the ‘Pacific Salmon Foundation’ and ‘Geoscience B.C.’. It will be looking at a wide range of pathogens in fish.”

–‘Pamela Anderson joins Sea Shepherd in anti-fish-farm campaign’,
Business in Vancouver, 22 July, 2016


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