‘The Big Lie Strikes Again’

Governments are now almost constantly holding ‘private’ meetings with aboriginal tribes, often resulting in the giveaway of public lands and finances. There is one Big Lie that governments are using to justify all the secrecy:

{B.C.} Energy Minister Bill Bennett…said Canada’s constitution requires negotiations between government and aboriginal groups be “Nation to nation”, meaning not subject to public consultation.”

{Of course, he didn’t quote the relevant section BECAUSE IT DOESN’T EXIST. How stupid do these people think we are? There is NO MENTION of ‘Nation-to-nation’ in the Constitution! Both Sections 25 and 35 refer to ‘aboriginal peoples’ — a sociological category — NOT ‘nations’. For more, see below…} B.C. regions“Peace Region {B.C.} MLAs Pat Pimm and Mike Bernier have created a committee to make sure backcountry users aren’t cut off from their favourite hunting, fishing and sledding grounds when future ‘land deals’ with ‘First Nations’ go through.

“Pimm, MLA for Peace River North, announced June 7 that he and Bernier are forming a committee for stakeholders to look at, comment on, and make recommendations on the land under consideration – roughly 30 parcels throughout the northeast.

{Note that this committee was formed by two MLAs. The federal and provincial governments provide NO OPPORTUNITY for taxpayers to participate, or have any input into, the Race Based giveaway of public lands…}

“The ‘Government of British Columbia’ is continuing to work with ‘First Nations’ across the province to identify lands through the treaty process or other potential avenues to try to foster long-term {one-way} reconciliation and ‘certainty’on the land base,” {There is NO certainty when irrational Race Based Law is in charge…}

Pimm said in a statement.

“In the northeastern part of British Columbia, we also have ‘Site C’ that is presently under construction and could also see some lands being transferred to ‘First Nations’ as an accommodation result for some of their {claimed, surrendered former} ‘traditional territory’.”

“The issue came to light earlier this year when the ‘North Peace Rod and Gun’ club raised concerns about potential land transfers to the Blueberry River ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 472 people…} in the Muskwa-Kechika wilderness area, which they feared could privatize access to popular backcountry destinations. 

{‘Pumping Gas Interfering With Picking Berries’ (Blueberry River ‘FN’) {July 18, 2016}:
https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/pumping-gas-interfering-with-picking-berries/ }

“Energy Minister Bill Bennett later told the ‘Alaska Highway News’ that there were “legitimate criticisms” of the way government informed citizens about the transfer of Crown lands to ‘First Nations’ impacted by ‘Site C’ {They didn’t…}. However, he said Canada’s constitution requires negotiations between government and aboriginal groups be “Nation to nation”, meaning not subject to public consultation.

“The committee will bring together regional provincial ministry managers, former provincial ministry managers, regional residents including ‘BC Wildlife Federation’ representatives, local trappers associations, local guide and outfitter representatives, local grain growers and others.

“We want to make sure … that stakeholder interests are going to be looked after, we want to make sure that trails are still going to be accessible to folks, we want to make sure that the backcountry roads are still going to be accessible,”

Pimm told the ‘Alaska Highway News’.

“If some of these deals are going to be made, and we think that’s … going to happen, so we just want to make sure … that there’s some transparency around it,” he said…

“Municipalities are not part of the committee, largely because local governments already have avenues have their voices heard, but stakeholders do not.

The meetings will be closed to the public, but updates will be provided regularly on Pimm’s MLA website, as well as through social media and press releases, Pimm said.

“The people right on the ground weren’t having that opportunity, that was the purpose of this committee being put together,” Pimm said.

–‘MLA promises new transparency in Site C ‘First Nations’ land transfers’,
Bronwyn Scott, Alaska Highway News, July 7, 2016


Ottawa-FirstNationsSign“There is a common thread stretching from the ‘Idle No More’ protests, to the Rexton anti-fracking riots, to the Indian occupation of Caledonia, to the blockades faced by resource companies across Canada. And it is the theory that all of Canada is still Indian territory.

“Part of it comes from the politically-engineered phrase “First Nations”, which is the favoured alternative to the term “Indian band”. Calling 600 little towns across Canada
— that’s really what an Indian band is, a race-based municipal government —
“nations” blurs reality. Under the ‘Indian Act’, reserves are racial homelands, not sovereign nation-states.

“But ideas have consequences. You can’t tell someone they live in a “nation” without them one day believing you.

“Rising in parallel is a new ‘ethnic supremacy’.

“Again, look to the words: Indian extremists use the phrase “settler” to describe non-aboriginals, as if Canadians who immigrated here are illegitimate. But the term refers even to Canadians whose ancestors immigrated here generations ago. ‘Settler’ isn’t just an insult; it’s designed to undermine the legal status of non-aboriginals

“If an ‘Indian Act’ that treats Indians as legal inferiors — no property rights, fewer democratic rights — is legitimate, why can’t the opposite be acceptable? If ‘liberal’ politicians can rationalize the ‘Indian Act’, why can’t Indian reactionaries rationalize a ‘Settler Act’, by which non-aboriginals are denied rights to land?

“This isn’t just the conversation of fringe elements. This is the standard vocabulary of many Indian chiefs, especially the noisiest… Radical professor Pam Palmater, whose standard attire is camouflage fatigues; Manitoba’s Grand Chief, Derek Nepinak, who threatened to bring Canada’s economy to a halt; Attawapiskat’s Theresa Spence, whose band regularly blockades the nearby diamond mine. All use the language of militancy and a claim to an ‘unextinguished sovereignty’ {and a denial of their own Canadian citizenship…}.

“A typical demand now is to negotiate “nation to nation” with Canada — or even directly with Queen Elizabeth herself. Imagine that — 600 ‘First Nations’, some with as few as 30 Band members.

“Even some ‘settler’ politicians are now parroting the ‘Nation-to-nation’ framework. 

treaty7image“But it’s false. Here is an excerpt from ‘Treaty No. 7’, typical of Canadian treaties:

“The Blackfeet, Blood, Piegan, Sarcee, Stony and other Indians … do hereby cede, release, surrender, and yield up to the Government of Canada for Her Majesty the Queen and her successors for ever, all their rights, titles, and privileges whatsoever to the lands.”

“That is standard wording.

“Some treaties are even more abject. The 1760 ‘Peace and Friendship Treaties’ {Maritimes & Gaspe} required Indians to send prisoners to “reside as Hostages” with the British, to ensure their submission. {No, it actually was to ensure that they kept their word. The British were frustrated with tribes switching sides during battle, depending on who was winning…}

It must be difficult for proud, young Indians to accept their ancestors surrendered to Britain. But they did. Just as French Canada did, too.

Indian supremacists who prefer to talk about a fantasy future, where all “settlers” are thrown off the land, are just as utopian as Quebec separatists who think they can undo 250 years of history, too.

“Except Quebec separatists know they have to obey the Constitution. ‘Idle No More’ pretends they don’t.

“But daydreaming is easy. Easier to blame “settlers” than, say, to fix the 65% unemployment rate in ‘Treaty No. 7’ Bands.”

–‘Ideas have consequences: You can’t tell someone they live in a “nation” without them one day believing you’,
Ezra Levant, Toronto Sun, Nov. 4, 2013


Royal-Proclamation-of-1763The Indian ‘nation’ terminology goes back to at least 1763, when the ‘Royal Proclamation’ refers to

“…the several Nations or Tribes of Indians…”;

however, Canadian law made no use of the term, referring to Indian Bands, until the last 20 years or so. Now, Bands are re-registering as ‘First Nations’ and the government is acquiescing in this.

In the Proclamation, the use of both ‘Nation’ and ‘Tribe’ would indicate that the British were just differentiating by size —  between, say, the ‘Iroquois Confederacy’ on the one hand, and an Indian extended-family village of 40 people…
‘Band’: “a group of people with a common purpose or sharing a common feature.”

‘Tribe’: “a social division in a traditional society consisting of linked families or communities with a common culture and dialect.”
–Oxford Dictionary definitions 

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‘The Myth of ‘Nation-to-Nation’ Dealings’ (Peter Best) {February 3, 2015}:

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