HAPPY CANADA DAY! ERBLHappyCanadaDay2016800x800This is the most sensational realism in all of mankind’s history, and if you were with me on the skytrain in Vancouver, hearing the sweet sound of laughter and hope from people of every race, creed and colour on the globe, who COUNT ON our freedom, democracy and inclusion, you’d feel what I feel for the extraordinary ability we have to do this.

Everyone who comes here wants to share the dream of freedom, so let’s celebrate Canada Day by reminding our native friends we are all in this together, and to teach our new immigrants our contemporary way of life, and give them hope to dream of aspiring to our level of excellence in Canadian culture and society.

This is the place dreams are made of. 

I know people are scared, and I know people are worried. I am one of them, but I am here doing this because what far outweighs that, is the power of how good it feels to be free, and to get along, and to feel safe.

To make art & music, explore science, debate ideology, explore human nature, etc, this is what a great society is made of.

To all who came to build this nation, to all the aboriginals who wandered here first, and really DO seem to be part of the whispers in the woods here, and to all who come to help us keep growing….please help us spread the word of unity and togetherness.

We all keep learning from each other, we all benefit from each other, and we are obligated to keep pushing each other to make this happen, to make this work.

WE ARE BUILDING THIS FREE DEMOCRACY TOGETHER, this is OUR culture. It’s new, it’s exciting, and we have to set the bar high and keep setting the standard for everyone.


When you challenge others for unity, do it proudly. None of us should be ashamed for wanting to amalgamate, yet that is happening on all sides.

My mission is unity…this is what we are doing, so get used to it.

Practice the good in your own culture here, share it with everyone with a dash of love, and do not use any of it to control or hurt others. Straight across the board, no one…no reason.


Happy Canada Day!

Michele Tittler

Thank you from ERBL inc. Canada

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