EVERYONE…all of us.

We can’t stay here in an echo chamber telling endless stories of how broken down the Canadian ‘Indian Industry’ and reserve system is due to race laws and segregation, and not do anything about this situation.

We are all going to start getting the legal petition signed across this great nation. THE ONLY SOVEREIGN NATION we should all work towards improving, together.

Get the petition signed.
No amount of posts or comments here will change a thing if we don’t get active.


Lots! From ideas on how to organize PETITION signing; to forming coffee parties to have friends over to sign the PETITION; to showing up with the PETITION at festivals, trade shows, and political gatherings of all kinds, in all the corners of the country, in every ethnic group, every business, every union, every government organization; to helping get the PETITION printed out and also mailed in, because this is a legal petition, not an online one.

Online petitions carry no legal weight in the house of commons, but the PETITION Gerry Gagnon drafted up was passed by the Clerk of Petitions in Ottawa. We have to do it the old fashioned way and sign it, and send it back to me, so make the effort. We need doers in this.

Let’s share ideas and contacts, this is a team effort and we need all our friends on board, red, green, yellow, blue and all the blended shades between. This is about equal rights under the law, and a future we must all enter together, as fellow countrymen & women.

add yourself to the PETITION group here:

add yourself to the ‘NEWS FEED’ group here: (everyone can add information to this group)

I wanted this page and our websites to educate Canadians for a while before we got to petition signing, so they had some balance to the previously one sided conversation, and also to archive it all for generations to come. That was very important to Gerry Gagnon and I.

MANY THANKS for the extensive research done by Gerry Gagnon. We all now have a library of articles, facts, figures, laws and stories that back-up the blatant existence of tainted defamation coming from a negatively enhanced and even fabricated narrative that’s become the backbone of the race based blame game extortion industry. Your work has been impressive Gerry, and we are all grateful for your contributions. Now we need to get your PETITION signed, or it’s all for not.

I have all new t-shirts coming, so stay tuned!

Michele Tittler

same post on Facebook:



WE, the undersigned citizens of Canada,
draw the attention of the Government
of Canada to the following:

THAT whereas the Indian Act and Section 91(24)
of the Constitution Act, (1867)
have divided Canadians by race and heritage;
have perpetuated the unequal treatment of Canadian Indians,
providing the legal framework for segregation via the reserve system;
have prevented reserve Indians from equal provincial educational access;
have prevented reserve Indians from having the full legal, economic
and property rights and opportunities of other Canadian citizens;

AND whereas the inclusion of Sections 35
and 25 in the Constitution Act (1982) have divided
Canadians by race and heritage;
have disrupted legal commercial and exploration activities;
have introduced legal uncertainty into property ownership;
have left some Canadians without proper police protection,
as in Caledonia, Ont.;
and have left most Canadians with diminished rights
with every expansion of ‘indigenous rights’ based on Section 35;

AND whereas the inclusion of “with particular
attention to the circumstances of aboriginal offenders”
in Section 718.2(e) of the Criminal Code
(R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46)
has resulted in a two- tiered system of justice,
wherein Canadians receive different legal outcomes,
depending on their race/ethnic heritage;

AND whereas the United Nations
“Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”
contains provisions that are fundamentally
with Canada’s constitutional framework;

THEREFORE, your Petitioners call upon the
Government of Canada to take the following actions:

THE passage of the repeal of the Indian Act;

THE passage of the removal of “with particular
attention to the circumstances of aboriginal
offenders” in Section 718.2(e) of the
Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46);

THE removal of Canada’s signature from the
United Nations “Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples”;

THE calling of a Constitutional conference,
pursuant to Section 35.1 of the
Constitution Amendment Proclamation (1983),
leading to the repeal of Sections 35 and 25
of the Constitution Act (1982),
and Section 91(24) of the Constitution Act (1867);

THE active encouragement of the provincial
legislatures to do the same, or via provincial referenda;
and the calling of a federal/provincial Constitutional
conference to finalize these changes desired by
the people of Canada,
including setting a date for the
final termination of
Treaty and land claims submissions.

Petition Signed by the citizens of Canada
Name & Address (city, province, postal code)

Please note this part is for information purposes
only and does not form any part of the Official Petition.


*Note that the pages must be free of erasures and
contain only original signatures and addresses written
directly onto the front AND also the back of the petition page.

The request contained in the Petition to
END RACE BASED LAW has been reviewed
by Richard Bernier, Procedural Clerk and
Clerk of Petitions, House of Commons,
and found to meet the official requirements.

Names will not be used in any way other than
for the purposes of this Petition conforming to
the requirements of the Canadian Government,
it is to be presented to the House of Commons.

(we’ll give you an address to send the petition)

Thank you from ERBL inc. Canada

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