Imperial Metals bullied by race supremacists May 27 2016

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Imperial Metals shareholders were so bullied by race supremacists at their annual meeting on May 27th 2016 at the River Rock Casino in Richmond B.C., Canada, that it was honestly shocking. A company that’s been in operation for 50 years and owns their mine and have employed so many people, are being attacked. 
I couldn’t believe the way these thugs treated hard-working, taxpaying, job-creating elderly men & women as they tried to leave their meeting. They harassed each group as they were escorted out by heavy RCMP and River Rock security personnel, until the last group of CEOs came out, and these terrible ‘Idle No More’ land/race supremacists surrounded them with their wide banners, completely encircling them and would not let them move, as they SCREAMED into their ears with megaphones, and banged drums at them, and created a situation where the police had no choice but to push through and help these men and women to safety. It took a long time to travel a short distance, and they were as aggressive as it gets — playing the game of encircling them and harassing them, threatening, intimidating them, as they took pictures of themselves doing it. It was the most disgusting thing I have personally witnessed in Canada, and they were actually proud of their overt, race based bullying and thuggery, and very cocky about running the show all day….
Until I photobombed their group photo at the very end, after the police had escorted everyone to safety and were leaving, and I flicked my END RACE BASED LAW business cards at them as they went ballistic. It was so humungously funny, I laughed for the entire day.
The last words I heard as I slipped off into the sunset on the Skytrain were…
I wish I could do that once a week.
All day long, they held court and cost taxpayers lots of money with their delusions about saving the land, giving speeches about how ALL mining must stop on their land. All day long, security had to remain polite and in proper protocol and let them get away with harassing good people, and they did indeed get away with shocking harassment, although I will say the RCMP and River Rock Casino security were superb, and it was tense all day long as the bullies owned the floor and made everyone listen to their race supremacist b.s., as they literally egged the police on. Once it was all over, they felt so triumphant and unchallenged…until I showed up.
There they are, all lined up for their group shot, with their banners held side-by-side, when I come whipping around the corner of the building, and say “Wait for me, wait for me”, and I am smiling, so they think I am with them and want to be in the picture, so they wait, and I run in, and stand in front of everyone, and flash my END RACE BASED LAW cards to all the cameras. Once I turn and start flicking them on the ground at their feet, like my older brother taught me in grade 4, they fall to pieces and start to scream, and they sound this alarm, as if the police were actually going to come back and help them. They came right at me in extreme aggression and wanted to assault me but instantly tried to mob me and surround me, but I just kept laughing, and flicking my business cards in the air, walking backwards to where the last of the police were on their bikes.
It all happened fast, but the screams were of course “racist”, and “I’m white” from a really crazy looking old hippie lady, and “take pictures of the racist”, which they did by shoving cameras in my face, as I held my business card up to them and laughed. One comment that was incredible in light of the shameful act they just perpetrated on innocent people, old people too — one woman screamed at me like a wild banshee that I should be ashamed of myself. I wasn’t, it was one of my finest moments, I could not have choreographed it better if I had rehearsed it all week. It was like a classic movie line when that guy said “Ok, does anyone want to talk about what just happened here?” They probably need a ‘safe space’ to discuss how offended they were by someone who might oppose them.
We need to all stand up to these race based agendas which threaten our economy and way of life. It’s race bullying, and lies about how they are the “defenders of the land”, but they are the “PRETENDERS OF THE LAND”.
Imperial Metals own their mine, and there are 5 tribes who all claim it’s their ‘traditional territory’ and that only the ‘indigenous’ people can own the land, save the land, and stop all industry on the land, which they think is the best for everyone — 32 million people be damned.
They take taxpayer dollars and have the audacity to tell others, who are not their race, they can’t make money.
They want the profits from the resources, then they say the land is not for profit.
They say we (who are not their race) are rich because we (who are not their race) stole their resources.
Of course, they were totally into mining before the Europeans got here, right? So, having the tradition of mining, and of defending the land, it only makes sense that they would shut down “WHITE” man’s mines, and save the land by taking all the resources for themselves?
These industries help pay for the multi-billion dollar industry of race agendas, and the “Idle No More” activists want to stop all mining because they think it’s bad; yet, they use everything that mining brings. They use all the things they protest against but they won’t stop using them, they just want to harass the good people who do the work to make the stuff they use. They are not into saving the land, they are into race bullying our country and industries, trying to strong arm to show they (their race) own the land.
They are not prepared to go from reserve to reserve cleaning things up, fixing, building, helping teach water treatment and sewage treatment to the locals — they just want to abuse “white” people, and Canadian industry.
It’s “cultural genocide” against our way of life. It’s racist hate speech, bullying and abuse to attack these men for being “white”, working on this land. It’s hate crimes, and these thugs were deplorable yesterday. Sickening. They have nothing to be proud of. They are not ‘saving’ anything. They are a disgrace, and everyone inside the Casino who gathered thought so.
These activists need to stop using all the materials they are protesting. The only way to truly prove their protest is to stop using all metals, oil, pipes, wood — you know, all the stuff they are now trying to stop 32 million others from being able to use. They’re just some Idle No More thugs who have nothing else to do in life but to create self importance by bullying hard-working Canadians, taking pictures of themselves as they scream at the police.
Show your support for Imperial Metals and all our resource industries who are being badly bullied like this all across Canada — the ‘Ring of Fire’ in Ontario being one of the worst hit so far — but this is happening without the CBC covering it, all across Canada.
Please, people, wake up. This is thuggery by any standards, and we all have a right to go about our business without this kind of Brown Shirt thuggery harassing and intimidating us.
What if one of those old people had a heart attack? They never did a thing to these activists; yet, the activists showed such unhinged hatred and contempt, they clearly need therapy, and to be reminded that they are not the experts on mining.
These lunatic fringe eco-terrorists cannot be in charge of running our industries, province, country or psyche. They are using their race to bully us all, and it can’t be accepted as being remotely about caring for the environment, when it’s all about the politics of land claims and extortion from everyone else, for one race only.
Let’s see these same activists start a campaign to clean up all the abandoned vehicles in northern B.C., in exactly their ‘traditional territory’ area.
burned out cars
Michele Tittler

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