Ontario Human Rights Tribunal accommodates race bullying of lawyer

It doesn’t get any more hypocritical, ironic, and alarming than a native bringing a “whiteman” lawyer up on charges with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal for posting a disclaimer on his website to let people know he wrote essays about the ‘Indian Act’ in Canada. Lets be clear, this is not a legitimate discrimination charge, the native man filing the complaint was not discriminated against, or refused service — this is a blatant racist bullying abuse to silence a well-known author and critic of the “Indian Industry”, and to ruin his life. What else is new?

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“D. Peter Best has confirmed the H.R.T.O. is proceeding with a complaint made against him via a summary hearing to be conducted at a forthcoming date.”

“Mr. Best is quoted in the article boasting he disseminated the essay on his website “to ensure potential clients were aware of his views to avoid future awkwardness”. In Ontario it is a violation of human rights to refuse or dissuade the use of service based on race.””

Let’s have that again?….

“In Ontario it is a violation of human rights to refuse or dissuade the use of service based on race.”

OH REALLY? PROVE IT…below are all the links to Human Rights departments across Canada. We all have to start filing legitimate complaints about the REAL discrimination and racism going on in our country. Race laws & race agendas. PLEASE START MAKING THESE KANGAROO COURTS STEP UP TO THE PLATE. File Provincially and Federally, and file against any business and/or government organization, or program that discriminates based on race. Since every single department and agenda of “Aboriginal Affairs” is discriminatory, we should start a class action law suit against the government, but we have to start dismantling this massive racism problem, and we can do so starting with local race based businesses.

From gas prices, to special governmental services; to contract favouritism; to not being able to get gainful employment on any reserve or race based business if you are not the right race; to unregulated tobacco sales; tax free, you name it; race based health care programs and services; race based secondary education; to not being able to vote on any of these issues in any of their race based elections — it’s ALL DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RACE. If it’s a business or governmental agency, they can’t discriminate, BY LAW, so just the fact that we have a complete bias to allow this governmental racism and discrimination to go on means we, the people, have to challenge it.

The fact that this man can use being his race to so openly bully Peter Best, a lawyer who worked on land claims, and say his body of work “purports negative racist stereotypes”, yet begin the wire service message with the most defamatory, inflammatory, negative racist stereotype going — to call Peter an “advocate of cultural genocide” — is about as histrionic and unhinged as it gets in negative stereotyping, especially since it’s a lie that there was any “genocide” at all. If school was “genocide”, then we all experienced “genocide” because we all lost our traditional languages and cultures. But to accuse people using this sick, downright depraved and erroneous dialogue they have created, is the most perverse and potent racist stereotyping there is in Canada. Absolutely no one comes close to the negative racist stereotyping and downright lies the natives perpetuate against what they call “whiteman”, but they make all of Canada and her migrants pay the price and bear the burden of that non-stop, unrelenting negative stereotyping of people they blame, who always, always happen to not be their race.

And in the BEST (pun intended) irony of all….

THEY ARE ACTIVELY ADVOCATING & COMMITTING CULTURAL GENOCIDE AGAINST THEMSELVES BY ENGAGING IN COLONIALIST TRIBUNALS, TO ADVOCATE FOR COLONIALIST OUTCOMES, IN COLONIALIST DOLLARS & PUNISHMENTS. They can’t call school “genocide”, then take advantage of the same culture, education, system and values to abuse people who are not their race, and call one side “the genociders” for influencing them with things other than one-track ancient traditions, and not themselves for wanting to utilize those influences. Using all our culture’s advancements to make the false cry of cultural genocide, is crazy. It’s just crazy and no other word fits. Using Colonialist laws to abuse and bully “white” people, pretending someone else is forcing you into cultural genocide, as you use your Iphone to say so, is officially off the Richter scales crazy. If that’s not assimilating, what is? It’s plain old cultural genocide to make any more moves that advance colonialist activities for any native person, and that is what this case is doing, so the whole argument is bogus.

It’s also racism, and the activity, intention and motivation of a hate crime.

IF PETER BEST WERE ABORIGINAL, this case would take on a whole different spin — if it became a Human Rights case at all — but he is being singled out and abused and bullied, punished with the intent to ruin his reputation and livelihood, like so many have had done to them when they try to talk about this issue, SOLELY BECAUSE HE IS “WHITE”. This is equivalent to a hate crime, only they are ASSIMILATING to using our Human Rights Tribunals in order to carry it out. So, the Human Rights Tribunal is engaging in the facilitation of “cultural genocide” by enforcing this action AND carrying out a hate crime in its name. Let’s just tackle that bullshit race baiting dialogue for what it is…manipulative.

If Peter Best loses his reputation and business, like the race bullies have done to others who spoke out, it’s officially a hate crime based on his race, coming from people who are using their race to abuse and silence him. It would be far less damaging and obvious if he was beaten up for his essays on the Indian Act — over in minutes — but instead, they are using the kangaroo court, the closest we get to fascism in Canada, to perpetrate a hate crime against him that will ruin his life. That is their hope. There is no other reason for this hateful action. All based on the hatred of a native man who can’t stand facing the truth of his own culture’s issues. They want to bully us all into silence, while they carry on with their race agendas, discrimination, and racism at every turn, calling us all “genocidal murderers” as they cry victim of negative stereotyping.

Peter Best has done brilliant research and writing on this subject, and we have used a lot of his research in our posts. In fact, Gerry Gagnon has read everything there is to read on this failing apartheid system, and he thinks Peter’s work is excellent. (see links below of past posts & of Peter Best’s website and the essays in question.)

Peter Best’s website with essays on the Indian Act of Canada:

See also:
‘Silencing Opposition’ (Law Society and Peter Best) {January 18, 2016}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/716470631788506/?type=3

‘An Issue of Freedom of Speech’ (Peter Best) {March 30, 2015}:

‘Moving Beyond Race’ (Peter Best) {September 27, 2015}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/678000715635498/?type=3
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