‘Making Up Their Own Rules’

After 3 years of hearings, the National Energy Board (NEB) has approved the twinning of the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline. Despite the creation of a separate aboriginal panel earlier this week, there was an immediate response:

“It’s pretty clear to me that we have veto power over this company.”





‘First Nations’ vow to kill Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion with lawsuits’

“Despite a recommendation of federal approval from the National Energy Board (NEB), opponents of the Kinder Morgan ‘Trans Mountain’ expansion remain steadfast in their belief that the pipeline project will never break Canadian soil…

“Those same adversaries however, were not shaken by the board’s ruling, convinced that an onslaught of court cases will stop Trans Mountain in its tracks, if issued federal approval in December.

“We’re still steadfast against it, we have a work plan and we’re going to implement it”, Rueben George, spokesperson for the local Tsleil-Waututh ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 472 people}, told ‘National Observer’. “We’re cleaning up ‘our’ inlet and rivers {They are claiming ownership of waterways}. We still are ‘educating’ the community and public…”


“This is not a good investment”, he explained. “‘First Nations’ have won 170 legal cases around resource extraction, that’s a 97% victory rate. It’s pretty clear to me that we have veto power over this company.”

{The Supreme Court has specifically ruled that you DON’T have a ‘veto’ over resource issues…}

Tsleil-Waututh spokesperson and hypocrite Rueben George in his petroleum-product windbreaker. (Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey-National Observer)
Tsleil-Waututh spokesperson and hypocrite Rueben George in his petroleum-product windbreaker. (Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey-National Observer)

“If cabinet approves it, I expect you will see court case layering on top of court case”{So much for democracy. We now have Race Based Law…} ‘Ecojustice’ lawyer Karen Campbell explained, having represented ‘Living Oceans Society’ and the ‘Raincoast Conservation Foundation’ during the hearings earlier this year. “There are certainly court cases that could turn this around.”

{All of these organizations — many of them U.S.-based — receive special tax status, and use their funds to interfere with lawful governmental decisions, and legal economic activity…}

–‘First Nations’ vow to kill Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion with lawsuits’,
Elizabeth McSheffrey, National Observer, May 19th 2016

http://www.nationalobserver.com/2016/05/19/news/first-nations-vow-kill-kinder-morgan-pipeline-expansion-lawsuits kindermorgan-TransMountain“The National Energy Board (NEB or the Board) has issued a 533-page report recommending Governor in Council approve the ‘Trans Mountain Expansion Project’, subject to 157 conditions.

“The Board recommendation follows a public hearing process that included a thorough scientific and technical examination of all the evidence…

“Taking into account all the evidence, considering all relevant factors, and given that there are considerable benefits nationally, regionally and to some degree locally, the Board found that the benefits of the Project would outweigh the residual burdens…”

https://www.neb-one.gc.ca/bts/nws/nr/2016/nr31-gc-ca-eng.html nopipeline-aA one-sided response — masquerading as a ‘news report’ — from those who only respect legal process when it suits them:

‘NEB sides with Texas-based pipeline company against B.C. citizens, ‘First Nations’

“Canada’s ‘National Energy Board’ (NEB) has sided with Texas-based ‘Kinder Morgan’ over the concerns of British Columbians and ‘First Nations’. The Board defied broad opposition from mayors and chiefs opposed to a surge of tanker traffic and oil spills when it approved an oil sands pipeline from Alberta into Metro Vancouver…

“The pipeline expansion has incited fierce opposition, largely because it would bring 400 oil tankers per year through Vancouver’s beautiful harbour, near Stanley Park, into a marine area inhabited by endangered Orca whales. Critics say the review process was flawed and undemocratic…

“Twenty-one municipalities, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, and Victoria vehemently oppose the expansion project, along with 17 ‘First Nations’, from the Squamish in B.C. to the Lummi ‘Nation’ in northern Washington. In 2014, over 120 civilians {mostly students, professors and aboriginal agitators} were arrested on Burnaby Mountain protesting {interfering with} the project…

“The NEB process is now a sham”, said Lynne Quarmby, former ‘chair’ of SFU’s molecular biology and biochemistry department, before her arrest. “We have a process that does not allow consideration of climate change… at a time that climate change is the biggest problem facing humanity. It’s unethical.”

“Burnaby {NDP} Mayor Derek Corrigan and Vancouver {Left-wing} Mayor Gregor Robertson vehemently oppose the project, with Corrigan saying he will lie down in front of a bulldozer to stop the pipeline.

“I’m prepared to fight this out to the bitter end. I’m incensed with how we’ve been treated”, Corrigan told ‘National Observer’ in March, 2014.

“In the weeks leading up to the NEB’s announcement on Thursday, ‘First Nations’ and environmental groups did everything they could to push for a ruling against the project. At a Kinder Morgan meeting in Texas on May 10, Tsleil-Waututh spokesperson Rueben George beseeched shareholders not to support the ‘Trans Mountain’ expansion, hand-in-hand with representatives from ‘West Coast Environmental Law’ and the ‘global consumer watchdog’, ‘SumofUs’.

“We are opposed to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project, which terminates in the heart of our {ancestors’ former} territory, because of the unacceptable risk that a spill poses to our culture, identity and spirituality”, said George. “WE WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP IT.”

“Four days later, nearly 1,000 protesters swarmed the company’s terminal in Burnaby, B.C. to protest the new pipeline and push Canada’s transition away from fossil fuels. Barely four days after that, activists in kayaks went back for more, and paddled out into cold B.C. waters to block a tanker from docking at the terminal…

“We can’t trust our coast to Texas billionaires with a history of putting the bottom line ahead of people and communities”, said Sven Biggs, a pipeline campaigner for Stand’… “LET’S BE CLEAR — THIS PIPELINE WILL NEVER BE BUILT.”

–‘NEB sides with Texas-based pipeline company against B.C. citizens, ‘First Nations’,
Elizabeth McSheffrey & Jenny Uechi, National Observer, May 19th 2016 {CAPS added}



‘Kinder Morgan Vancouver terminal surrounded by activists shouting ‘Keep it in the ground!’

“They came from all over North America and their chants echoed over the waters on Saturday as they gathered around a major oil tanker terminal near Vancouver B.C.

“All of them had a message to the energy industry and the terminal’s owner, Texas-based pipeline operator, ‘Kinder Morgan’, the continent’s largest energy infrastructure company: {a minority of} the population wants energy companies to move away from oil and “keep it in the ground.”

Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey-National Observer
Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey-National Observer

“There were dozens on kayaks and hundreds more marching on foot, encroaching {trespassing} on the terminal’s private property in a collective act of civil disobedience.

“The age of oil is over”, shouted Grand Chief Serge Simon of the Kanesatake Mohawks, who travelled from the Montreal region to attend the demonstration. “With your help, if we all pull together, this thing is only going to be a sorry memory in our history.”

“The weekend protest was organized by multiple Canadian environmental groups and ‘indigenous’ leaders to coincide with global action to “break free” from fossil fuels in Germany, Nigeria, Brazil, New Zealand, and other countries.

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, Manitoba Assembly of Chiefs, Kinder Morgan Terminal, Burnaby, May 14, 2016. (Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey-National Observer)
Grand Chief Derek Nepinak, Manitoba Assembly of Chiefs, Kinder Morgan Terminal, Burnaby, May 14, 2016. (Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey-National Observer)

“For the Canadian protesters, their primary target was Kinder Morgan’s proposed ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline expansion. The company said it respects the right of people to protest peacefully…
{But why would you ‘respect’ their non-right to trespass?}

“Our scientists are telling us very clearly that we need to dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and these pipelines send us in the exact opposite direction”, said Mike Hudema, ‘Greenpeace’ energy and climate campaigner.


“Here today, we’re seeing hundreds of people willing to risk arrest to send that message to the prime minister, and if he goes against his own commitments and pushes this pipeline through you’re going to see a much stronger opposition rise up to meet him.”

(Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey - National Observer)
(Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey – National Observer)

“I’m here to make sure my sacred obligation to protect my territory from harm and damage is present and accounted for”,

said protester Khelsilem of the Squamish ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 4,000 people}, carrying his drum and paddle. He delivered a speech to protesters in his ancestral language before taking to the water to {illegally} cross into Kinder Morgan’s private property.

“What really pisses me off about this pipeline is that our global community is facing an existential crisis and these projects are a way of the past {?}, but they’re a last-ditch attempt by very greedy groups to try and run roughshod over the ‘rights’ of my people and other ‘indigenous’ people to get at what is essentially, wealth for themselves as opposed to taking care of all the people of ‘our territory’.”

“Only two police boats were present during the peaceful protest for the safety of its participants, but Kinder Morgan hired {and had to pay for} private security to monitor the action from the terminal…”

–‘Kinder Morgan Vancouver terminal surrounded by activists shouting ‘Keep it in the ground!’,
Elizabeth McSheffrey, Vancouver Observer, May 16th 2016


Kinder Morgan Burnaby Terminal (THE CANADIAN PRESS - Jonathan Hayward)
Kinder Morgan Burnaby Terminal (THE CANADIAN PRESS – Jonathan Hayward)

“Municipal leaders across Vancouver, Burnaby, Victoria and more will rally together over the coming months to lobby the federal government to reject the project at the end of the year. If approved, they say the expansion would run straight through six or seven communities in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, disrupting operations and generating extra infrastructure and utility costs {more than made up for by new tax revenue}, while putting more than 200,000 people at risk from a catastrophic failure {?} in pipeline operations…

“The ‘City of Vancouver’ stated in a previous announcement that the city’s brand as a “green, clean and sustainable” city was worth $31 billion, and that an oil spill could damage the brand value by up to $3 billion.

“The risks far outweigh the benefits, he explained, which in this case, include increased access to diverse markets for Canadian oil, thousands of construction jobs, billions of dollars in provincial and federal tax revenue and royalties, and — as the NEB argues — improved capacity for local ‘indigenous’ groups, communities, and businesses…”

–‘Local governments “deeply disappointed” by NEB ruling on Kinder Morgan expansion’,
Elizabeth McSheffrey, National Observer, May 19th 2016




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