‘Aboriginal Gangs Terrorize B.C. Community’

“At least three ‘First Nations’ gangs with roots in nearby reserves are at war in and around Williams Lake, B.C., a small ranching and lumber town in British Columbia’s Central Interior.

“…Williams Lake lies in a scenic valley surrounded by a sweeping landscape that features Tweedsmuir Provincial Park to the west and Wells Gray Provincial Park to the east. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA“It may look like paradise but some ugly social undercurrents are surfacing, as gangs known as the ‘712’, ‘Indian Outlaws’ and ‘Chilcotin Rebel Warriors’ clash over drugs, money and revenge. The violence has flared on reserves such as Soda Creek and Anaham, leaving native leaders in despair.

“In a joint statement issued on April 27, six chiefs from the ‘Tsilhqot’in National Government’ pleaded with the province to do something:

“Over the past few years, a number of Tsilhqot’in members and members of other ‘First Nations’ have lost their lives through the increased violence in the region”, they stated. “It is very clear that there are not enough resources devoted to ‘First Nation’ communities to handle this escalating situation.”

“The incident that sparked that statement occurred on April 25, and involved gunfire in the streets of Williams Lake.

“Schools were locked down and city buses stopped running for hours while police responded to gunfire aimed at a house where Indi Ron Johnny once lived.

“Mr. Johnny, whom the ‘Williams Lake Tribune’ described as “one of the city’s most prolific offenders”, was killed in a targeted shooting on March 30 that police said was “gang related”, though his affiliation wasn’t given. His death clearly didn’t end things.

“Chief Joe Alphonse, tribal chair of the ‘Tsilhqot’in National Government’, has been warning about gang violence in the region for years. He first pleaded with the province for help in 2010, after a violent incident in which members of the ‘712’ gang burst into a house, grabbed a young man and “took a machete to his head”, injuring him. 


“A few months after that, in an unrelated incident, Williams Lake was shocked by a violent carjacking, in which a woman was attacked and her car stolen when she stopped to help the driver of a pickup truck that had careened into a ditch. Jonathan Billyboy was arrested the next day and convicted in 2011 of robbery, flight from police and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. No gang affiliation was mentioned in his case, but the incident was a sign of escalating violence in the town.

“In 2014, Corey Huu Le was killed in what police called a targeted shooting, prompting his family to issue a statement saying he “was not part of any gang”, contrary to local media reports, and urging there be no retribution. “Enough is enough”, the family said of the violence.

“But it did not end. On Jan. 2, 2015, police found Jesse Frank’s body under a bridge near Soda Creek, in another targeted homicide, which police indicated was part of “ongoing violence between aboriginal gang members”.

“On June 6, 2015, people in two vehicles conducted a blazing gun battle as they raced through a residential area of Williams Lake, and police said it was a miracle that no innocent bystanders were hit.

“Last August, a police emergency response team was called to the small Anaham reserve after gunfire erupted around the local baseball diamond. And then, on Jan. 2, 2016, on the anniversary of Mr. Frank’s slaying, two men were shot in Williams Lake.

“Yeah, it’s been escalating”, Mr. Alphonse said in an interview. “In the past, we were having rumbles between the parties, fist fights, then machetes started coming out, and now we’re at the point where a couple of lives have been taken. We are concerned about the overall state we are in.”

“His generation did not have gangs, he said. Instead, they were “buried in sports”, but somehow native youth lost that connection.

“Everybody had a hockey stick and a pair of skates in those days … now I’d say one in 10 of our youths are involved in sports. … We need to get back to those ways”, he said.

“Mr. Alphonse said he knows many of the young men who have been shot or arrested for violent, gang-related crimes.

“They come from good families {?}, but we are also in a community where some of the families do not have the resources to go out and do things”, he said. Many are so poor they cannot afford gas to drive into the country to go camping or hunting.

{You LIVE in the country. Try riding a horse…}

“Young men, he said, turn to the gang life out of desperation.

“Mr. Alphonse said Premier Christy Clark has promised to address the gang problem in Williams Lake. But he said he thinks she also needs to deal with the issue of poverty.

“The ‘Tsilhqot’in National Government’, he said, would like the whole justice system examined. Maybe, he said, spending more money on police and jails is not the answer. Mr. Alphonse said he would like to see increased funding for social programs for youth – activities to reconnect them with their culture and give them hope.

“This [latest shooting], people think it will be the last incident”, he said. “But it keeps escalating, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s time to deal with this.”

–‘Williams Lake, B.C. struggles to cope as gang warfare intensifies’,
MARK HUME, Globe and Mail, May 01, 2016


Williams Lake BC Mounties probe a Jan. 2, 2016 shooting (Angie Mindus-Williams Lake Tribune)
Williams Lake BC Mounties probe a Jan. 2, 2016 shooting (Angie Mindus-Williams Lake Tribune)

“Civic leaders in Williams Lake blame a turf war between rival street gangs for gunfire Monday, which sparked a lockdown and kept thousands of kids home from school.

“Students are expected to return to class as schools re-open Tuesday morning.

“Obviously, the situation was dangerous enough we didn’t want kids on sidewalks,”

said ‘School District 27’ Superintendent Mark Thiessen, as a helicopter hovered overhead and armed officers took to the streets.

“On Monday, he advised schools to shut down and told residents to stay inside.Thiessen himself stayed home, working from his kitchen telephone to close the city’s schools and alert parents…

“Daycares and the satellite campus of Thompson Rivers University were also closed and city buses cancelled for several hours…

“People are obviously quite scared”, said city councillor Scott Nelson. “It’s a turf war between these two gangs and our community. They’ve gone from the fisticuffs to carrying guns. Now, they’re shooting each other, they’re killing each other…”

“Local trucker Jess Bennett said he’s scared for his children.

“Awhile back now, my brother had bullets going past his daughter’s bedroom window when he was putting her to bed.”

“…RCMP say the home hit by gunshots Monday was occupied by an innocent family with no criminal connections…”

–‘Gang war blamed for gunshots, lockdown in Williams Lake, B.C.’,
Betsy Trumpener, CBC News, Apr 25, 2016





From January, 2016:

‘A small town’s cry for help: Williams Lake leaders struggle to deal with deadly street gang war’

“The chief of an Interior reserve has put out a call for help after a shooting Saturday that allegedly involved two aboriginal gangs waging a deadly street war.

“Two men were hurt Jan. 2 in a targeted shooting in Williams Lake, according to local RCMP. Mounties arrived at the scene to find one man possibly suffering life-threatening injuries and another with minor injuries. No arrests have been made.

“RCMP said the shooting appears to be related to the street-level drug trade and a longtime dispute between two groups.

“Chief Joe Alphonse of the Anaham Reserve in Alexis Creek said the men involved were from Anaham and the Soda Creek ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 415 people}.

“Talking about gangs in general, I think there’s a couple of communities that should be targeted and need help in dealing with this”, Alphonse said. “But … it seems whenever you try to deal with the government it falls on deaf ears. Whenever there’s an incident, for a week or two there’s a big outpouring of concern and then it all dies down until the next incident.”

“Alphonse said he gives Williams Lake Mayor Walter Cobb and council credit for working with other governments, but said the violence won’t be solved by “intimidating” the groups involved.

“ … The current court systems are not working and failing us, failing our people, and we have to come up with a different system”, Alphonse said. “ … You have to go to the communities and talk to the individuals that have to deal with these issues on a regular basis.”

“Chief Donna Dixon of Soda Creek was unavailable Wednesday.

“Locals have said the dispute involves rival gangs ‘712’ and the ‘Indian Outlaws’. Cobb said Saturday’s shooting appears to have been in retaliation for the slaying one year ago of 22-year-old Jesse (Delmer) Frank, who grew up at the Anaham Reserve. He called the situation “very, very frustrating”, particularly because those involved aren’t co-operating with police…

“Cobb believes the threat of violence is limited to the dispute between the poorly-organized gangs. Insp. Milo MacDonald of the Williams Lake RCMP said he believes fewer than 20 people are behind the vast majority of crime in the community.

“Police are working to make it difficult for them to commit crimes through enforcement and connecting them with services, he said…

“MacDonald said an overall drop in crime in the city last year was related to the incarceration of many of these offenders…”

–‘A small town’s cry for help: Williams Lake leaders struggle to deal with deadly street gang war’
Nick Eagland, National Post/Postmedia News, Jan. 7, 2016


http://www.24news.ca/the-news/canada-news/191392-a-small-towns-cry-for-help-williams-lake-leaders-struggle-to-deal-with-deadly-street-gang-warChilcotinLandsMap500This is the same ‘Tsilhqot’in National Government’ {representing a ‘nation’ of 3,000 people} that said last December,

“Canada has quietly “declared war” on the ‘sovereign’ Tsilhqot’in people by imprisoning their Tsilhqot’in Attorney General for 21 days in a Kamloops Corrections facility…”

The ‘Tsilhqot’in Attorney General’ turns out to be a fellow who has been convicted on more than one occasion of contempt of court, for falsely representing himself as a lawyer {!}. He was previously fined and never paid the fines. The courts finally got fed up and sentenced him to 21 days in jail.

The ‘Universal Supreme Court of the Ts’ilhqot’in’ responded by ORDERING the B.C. government to release their newly-appointed ‘Attorney General’:

“To the Honourable Associate Justice Cullen:

“Re: Breach of USCT orders and disregard for the Sovereign Ts’ilhqot’in Nation’s laws

“Please find attached today’s Universal Supreme Court orders overturning and nullifying your order against the Tsilhqot’in Attorney General who represented and spoke for the sovereign Tsilhqot’in people at all times…

“Therefore, it behooves your lower court, in the name of peaceful co-existance {sic} between nations, for your court to uphold our international USCT court orders and in writing immediately notify all parties and Corrections BC that AG Bryfogle invokes DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY and will not be required to spend any time in jail as per the ‘1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Article 29 & 31’. Anything short of this will be deemed by the native people as a declaration of war on your part and will be publicized as such.” {CAPS added}  Chilcotin 'Territory' MapSee also:
‘Supreme Court Kicks Canada in the Teeth — Again’ (Tsilhqot’in) {June 26, 2014}:

‘Aboriginal Gangs Appropriating Black American Culture’ {April 14, 2016}:



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    1. This group was formed to get rid of Race Based Law in Canada — those segregationist laws and Constitutional clauses that pertain specifically to aboriginals. Canada has always treated aboriginals as ‘apart’, only now, instead of demonizing them in culture and law, Canadians foolishly romanticize them in both. It’s still racism and denies aboriginals their existence as unique individuals, by consigning them to a racial collective. We defend their right to legal and Constitutional equality, and we point out the reality of their existence. If it tends to be negative, it’s simply the result of providing a counterpoint to the foolish contemporary narrative that portrays them as innocent and saintly — a ridiculous and racist stereotype…


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