‘Manitoba Liberals Pushing for Segregated Legislature’

‘Liberals would set aside at least 10% of Manitoba seats for {so-called} ‘indigenous’ MLAs’

“If Manitoba voters elect a Liberal government, the voting system will be changed and at least 10% of MLAs would be ‘indigenous’.

“Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari announced Thursday at the Manitoba Legislature that the number of seats under proportional representation may increase from the current 57 but whatever the number, 10% would be set aside for ‘indigenous people’, BUT FOR NO OTHER PARTICULAR GROUP. 

“Obviously, as a woman do I want gender parity. Absolutely. Absolutely I do, but I also recognize how hard it is to get females and women to run in political seats”, Bokhari said. “Today, it’s about ‘partnership’ with our ‘indigenous’ communities {?} and that’s why as they make 15% of our population, they will receive those seats.” 

“A party spokesperson said 10% is “a good starting point”, adding that New Zealand saw an increase in the number of ‘indigenous’ members in government by mandating a baseline, which increased ‘indigenous’ participation in the political process itself.

{Yes, and it has institutionalized Race Based voting in New Zealand, where the Maori minority party has been able to hold the balance of power and force New Zealand to becaome an institutionally-segregated nation.}

“Bokhari said the exact formula for how Manitobans would elect MLAs would change from the current first-past-the-post system where elections are won and lost on a constituency basis…

“The Liberal Leader will follow the federal government’s lead on changing to a proportional representation system and would consult with ‘indigenous’ leaders, academics and citizens.

“I wouldn’t say [there is] any model [of proportional representation] that I like specifically. I won’t even decide what it is, because I want to leave that to the ‘experts'”, she said. “The federal government has taken a step towards moving towards that direction so we will also look to what they are doing.”


“Taking a lead from [the federal government] and taking direction from them is not off the table, I think it’s important.”

“If elected premier, Bokhari would not make a specific promise as to how many ‘indigenous’ MLAs would sit in her cabinet.”

“At this moment, I’m building on it”, Bokhari said.

“In 2007, an overwhelming majority of voters in Ontario voted against electoral reform away from first-past-the-post voting in a province-wide referendum.

“Bokhari said A REFERENDUM WOULD NOT BE HELD IN MANITOBA. She said she has no specific plans or programs to ensure more ‘indigenous’ candidates, but said if elected she will communicate with ‘indigenous’ leaders and with ‘first nations’ communities.”

–‘Liberals would set aside at least 10% of Manitoba seats for {so-called} ‘indigenous’ MLAs’,
Chris Glover, CBC News, Mar 24, 2016 {CAPS added}

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/liberals-would-set-aside-at-least-10-of-manitoba-seats-for-indigenous-mlas-1.3506141 ERBLLettersFromNewZealand600x600from New Zealand — Coming soon to Canada?
Some recent ‘Letters To The Editor’ demonstrate New Zealanders grappling with Race Based Law — in this case, a Maori-only municipal electoral ward, in addition to already-existing Maori-only federal Parliamentary seats.


“With the decision of the New Plymouth Council to introduce a Maori ward, Maori alone will decide who will represent them on council by whatever criteria they see fit.

“This is a violation of any concept of real democracy, which is about one citizen with one vote under one governance under one law. The councillors were all elected on this democratic principle.

“Now many consider they have a mandate to ‘‘share’’ this democratic governance responsibility with an ethnic group not so bound. They don’t have such a mandate. It is racist separatism and is a major issue with ramifications wider than just New Plymouth’s.

“The council’s muddle-headed arrogance is the antithesis of democracy as most would understand it.

“Race, culture, gender or status should never be qualifiers at the ballot box.”

–Letter to the Editor, Wellington Dominion Post, 29/9/2014

“To give the Maori view a status superior to anyone else’s view doesn’t “broaden democracy” as mayor Judd claims, but is a denial of the democratic principle of democracy as a form of government in which all eligible citizens are able to participate equally.

“Equality used to be just that. Equality. Treating everyone equally, alike.

“These days, it is not that. Equality now means discrimination disguised as ideals; preferential treatment for special interest groups, including Maori. Mayor Judd and promoters of these ideas are not interested in equality, but rather recognition of inequality. No person should be disadvantaged for having a different coloured skin, nor should any person be advantaged for the same reason.”


“With the National Party back in power, they will be giving a group of people called Maori control over our foreshore and seabed, where Maori will be able to put a ‘wahi tapu’ in place where anyone fishing there can be fined $5,000 — with no right of appeal.

“Also, a new constitution in their agreement with the Maori Party, where they want to put in the false English draft of the treaty, which takes all non-Maori rights away. This new constitution will be based on the one that was put in place in Bolivia, where if you own your house and car, you could be paying rent on them. This rent will be split 50/50 between Crown and Maori.

“Also, the unitary plan by which ‘iwi’ {‘Band’} approval is required if anyone wants to put up a garden shed, cut down a tree, pull out a plant; you will have to pay all ‘iwi’ in your area for a cultural impact assessment, which can cost you several thousand dollars.”

–Letter to the Editor, Northland Age, 25/9/2014

“Twenty-six of the 121 members of our newly-elected Parliament are Maori, according to ‘Maori TV’ on Monday night…”

–Letter to the Editor, New Zealand Herald, 24/9/2014
“…the Labour Party plan to re-visit the Constitutional Advisory Panel’s failed attempt to entrench the Treaty of Waitangi into New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements. This would elevate the treaty as superior law and give huge power to corporate ‘iwi’. I am very concerned by the rising separatism of the the radical Maori Sovereignty Movement.

“Why are there so many separate and divisive systems — why are we not all just New Zealanders but each with pride in our own culture?

“My husband worked for the IHC {working with the mentally disabled} for over 20 years and completed a compulsory ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ course. However, it seems there is also a separate intellectual disability system for Maori. Their aims are exactly the same as IHC — who also cater for Maori needs.

“This is tautology personified!

“The ultimate in absurdity is the ‘Maori Gout Action Group’. Gout is gout, whether you are brown, white, or brindle.

“There are hundreds of these separate systems which divide us. When will we ever become one people?

“To vote Labour will enhance the divisive aims of the Maori Sovereignty Movement, which will lead us down  the slippery slope to certain apartheid!”

–Letter to the Editor, Bay of Plenty Times, 16/9/2014
“The problem is that in our PC mad world no one employed by the council, or any state employee, or for that matter any employee anywhere, and no one running a business, dares question anything Maori…

“The mayor often justifies council actions on the basis that the make-work aspect will generate employment.

“The very flawed ‘Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan’ has certainly achieved this for council staff, for lawyers, and for the well-paid members of the Independent Hearing Panel who have to sort it all out. It is not only Maori who are exploiting the opportunity.”

–Letter to the Editor, New Zealand Herald, 22/9/2014

“I have a query in relation to the proposed authoritarian stance by the New Plymouth District Council to introduce a Maori ward.

“New Zealand, proudly, was the first country to give the vote to women because it was the right thing to do; we have also given equal rights to gay people, including the right to marry.

“These are rights about inclusivity, not making special arrangements for one group of people which disenfranchises others…

“I know that some people will view this as being anti-Maori, but it is precisely the opposite…

“We cannot progress as one nation without respecting all our diverse cultures, but we must operate on a level playing field.”

–Letter to the Editor, Taranaki Daily News, 22/9/2014

“In 2008 and 2011, the National Party took on the Maori Party as their coalition partner. ‘Clause 8’ in the agreement with National was to give Maori more power in running our country with a rewritten constitution.

“Before they could do this they needed the Government to accept Maori as the ‘indigenous people’ of New Zealand. In 2012 John Key, Chris Finlayson and Pita Sharples were asked for the definition of the ‘indigenous people’ of New Zealand, and their reply was “No document exists containing this information”.

“Despite this, John Key sent Pita to the United Nations in secret to agree to the declaration on the rights of ‘indigenous people’. Since Mr. Sharples misled the United Nations, Maori are now recognised as the ‘indigenous people’ of New Zealand, so now they have the support from the United Nations and the ‘indigenous people’ of the world to gain supreme power in New Zealand.

“A panel with Maori organisations pushed for a constitution based on the Bolivian constitution where the ‘indigenous people’ have rights not shared with the rest of the people. Why would New Zealand want to adopt the constitution of Bolivia, a Third World country where home and car owners have to pay rent on their own property, and the ‘indigenous people’ and the Government receive 50% each?”

–Letter to the Editor, Wanganui Chronicle, 17/9/2014
“Would someone please tell the uninformed Mr. Coogee that the “oppressed indigenous people” are all the better for being colonised. I have many old books which tell the tale of early life in NZ. Prior to the arrival of the ‘white man’. Maori were simply disparate tribes constantly at war with each other. Maori slaughter of Maori was catastrophic. Life was short and brutal. They only had property until a stronger tribe with bigger weapons came along. Cannibalism was rife, as was infanticide and slavery.

“All this ended with the much-maligned ‘colonisation’.

“Maori fathers were very happy for their daughters to marry a ‘white man’. In fact, they were so happy that there are now no full-blooded Maori in existence. Every single Maori in NZ is a blend of some other race, mostly European.

“Would any Maori alive today really want to return to the harshness of pre-colonisation life? I very much doubt it!”

–Letter to the Editor, New Zealand Herald, 3/9/2014
“When voting for Andrew Judd for mayor, I never considered that we would be facing a process that would not only breach the main principles of the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ by reversing the democratic ‘‘one people, one law, one governance, same rights, equality for all’’ which was what the Treaty was intended to give us, but would take us to a system of apartheid, with separatism, exclusiveness, divisiveness, and racialism. We cannot be classed as equals if one race has special privileges…

“Voting in favour of this Maori Ward proposal could be construed as dumbing down Maori as an inferior race who need help in all aspects of life and existence, including politics. From my experience and long associations with Maori from my generation, and family, this is an insult. Maori have the same, or better, educational, social, professional and business opportunities as all New Zealanders, and this can be seen by professional, government, and Parliament representation, as well as those who have been recognised by knighthood.

“Let’s recognise this and let them be as ‘‘one people’’ and apply for the place they want in the community by working for it, and then speak as it was once done on the marae. Thank you, and let our nation be for one and all.”

–Letter to the Editor, Taranaki Daily News, 19/9/14

IMAGE: Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari (CBC)



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