‘$8.4 Billion — Only A Deposit?’

“To look at it, it seems like an impressive number but when you break it down to what the needs are, and also what is owed in terms of resources and the land that was taken from our people, it doesn’t really compare…” 

ERBL$8.4Billion--OnlyADeposit800x800“The Liberals’ plan to spend $8.4 billion over five years to improve the lives of ‘indigenous’ people is getting mixed reviews from aboriginal leaders…

“Sheila North Wilson, Grand Chief of the northern Manitoba ‘First Nations’ group, ‘MKO’, called the money only

“a deposit on a historic reset.”

“North Wilson {a former ‘CBC Manitoba’ reporter} told ‘CTV News Channel’ that, compared to “the amount that our communities need and, you know, dreamed about,” the $8.4 billion “is not enough.” 

{Photo: CBC)
{Photo: CBC)

“North Wilson said that the 30 ‘First Nations’ and roughly 65,000 people she claims to represent need AT LEAST $2 BILLION OF IMMEDIATE INVESTMENTS IN HOUSING ALONE, not to mention upgrades to schools, clean water and other infrastructure.

“The need is right now”, the chief said. “There’s no time for broken promises.”

“Cindy Blackstock, president of the ‘First Nations’ Child and Family Caring Society’, said she is disappointed by the government’s pledge on child and family services. Blackstock, a social worker who won a challenge at the ‘Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’ over funding for on-reserve child welfare services, said she was looking for $200-million per year.

“My feeling is, that bar falls far below what is required to meet the order that is required by the ‘Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’”, Blackstock said.

“It is $71 million in year one and then $99 million in year two”, she said. “If you look at the overall figure it is over $600 million, but that’s back-ended.”

David Chartrand, President of the ‘Manitoba Metis Federation’ (PHOTO: Sean Kilpatrick-Canadian Press)
David Chartrand, President of the ‘Manitoba Metis Federation’ (PHOTO: Sean Kilpatrick-Canadian Press)

“David Chartrand, President of the ‘Manitoba Metis Federation’, told ‘CTV News Channel’ that budgets “can’t please everyone”, adding

“I’m one of those that are not fully pleased. However, I still have faith, I have hope”, he said. “I have to place trust in this young prime minister.”

“The roadmap outlined in Tuesday’s budget includes:

–$1.8 billion over five years to improve water quality on reserves
–$2.6 billion over five years for primary and secondary education, including what’s left from funding announced by the Conservatives in 2014
–$635 million has been allocated to strengthen the First Nation Child and Family Services program over five years
–$554.3 million over two years to address poor housing conditions
–$270 million over five years for health care infrastructure, including repair of nursing stations
–$10.4 million over three years to for renovation and construction of shelters for victims of violence”

–‘Mixed reaction to $8.4B budgeted for ‘indigenous’ people’,
Josh Dehaas and Sonja Puzic, CTVNews.ca, March 22, 2016


Carolyn Bennett, Minister of ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs, in the House of Commons on Friday, March 11, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS-Fred Chartrand)
Carolyn Bennett, Minister of ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs, in the House of Commons on Friday, March 11, 2016. (THE CANADIAN PRESS-Fred Chartrand)

It seems that the Liberals are eager to turn over child welfare to unqualified and often dysfunctional aboriginal communities:

“The federal government is determined to overhaul the ‘First Nations’ child welfare system, ‘Indigenous Affairs’ Minister Carolyn Bennett says…

“It’s also necessary to increase capacity so child welfare services can be properly delivered and controlled by ‘First Nations’ themselves {despite the fact that many of these communities are small and poorly-educated}, Bennett said Wednesday in a post-budget interview with ‘The Canadian Press’.

“We think the $635 million (over five years for child and family services) that we are committing to in this budget is significant”, Bennett said.

“We are very interested in working together to have less children in foster care {Not possible without dealing with alcoholism on reserves}, get children back to their communities as we’ve heard time and time again in the pre-inquiry hearings on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.” {But that’s ridiculous – these missing girls and women are FLEEING the reserves…}

“Advocate Cindy Blackstock has a much different assessment of the government’s level of funding, which includes an initial outlay of $71 million in 2016-17.

“As president of ‘First Nations’ Child and Family Caring Society’, Blackstock spent nearly a decade fighting the federal government over what has long been characterized as the perpetual underfunding of reserve care.

“On Tuesday, despite a multibillion-dollar federal budget windfall for ‘Aboriginal Peoples’, including ‘First Nations’ education, infrastructure and social housing, Blackstock assailed the government for failing to spend the needed $200 million on ‘indigenous’ child welfare services this year. Cindy Blackstock money“During their lengthy legal battle, Blackstock’s society and the ‘Assembly of ‘First Nations’ argued the government failed to provide ‘First Nations’ children with the same level of welfare services that exist elsewhere, contrary to the ‘Canadian Human Rights Act’.

“At the end of January, the ‘Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’ ruled in their favour and the government opted not to appeal the judgment.

“However, $71 million in the first year does not meet the legal obligation outlined by the tribunal, Blackstock said…

“We sometimes don’t acknowledge that these poor little kids are still being treated that they are worth less … I don’t think that’s okay … I can’t be grateful for a child receiving less because of their race under any circumstance.”

{And WE can’t be grateful for a child being categorized according to race under any circumstance. Unfortunately, people like Blackstock are still playing the race game. She just wants more for her race. She just doesn’t seem to get what the fundamental problem really is…}

“The tribunal could end up ordering the government to provide additional funding, she added.

“A’FN’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde also urged the government to ensure the money flows for child welfare… 


“The system itself needs to be redesigned, he acknowledged.

“It is not just about the resources”, Bellegarde said. “That’s one piece, a very key piece. ‘First Nations’-controlled jurisdiction over child and family services, we say — not only on-reserve, but off-reserve, as well.” {Yes, let’s make our inner cities even more dysfunctional…}

“Funding for ‘First Nations’ issues was a central theme of the Liberal’s government’s first budget, featuring $8.4 billion in spending commitments over multiple years for education, water, housing and other services.

“Sheila North Wilson, grand chief of ‘Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak’, said that money should be considered a deposit on the actual amount owed. MKO is an organization representing ‘First Nations’ in northern Manitoba.

“To look at it, it seems like an impressive number but when you break it down to what the needs are and also what is owed {?} in terms of resources and the {mostly-vacant} land that was taken from ‘our people’, it doesn’t really compare”, North Wilson said. “It’s a good start.”

“Canadians need to be mindful of a history of underfunding, she added, citing the two per cent funding cap that was put in place in the late 1990s for reserve programs and services.

“The Liberals have committed to removing that cap as part of their effort to establish a new ‘fiscal relationship’ with {so-called} ‘First Nations’…”

–‘Liberals criticized for underfunding of ‘First Nations’ child welfare’,
The Canadian Press, March 23, 2016

http://www.timescolonist.com/liberals-criticized-for-underfunding-of-first-nations-child-welfare-1.2215195 Canadian Federation of Students logo“Bilan Arte, national chairman of the ‘Canadian Federation of Students’, said members of her group are disappointed that the Liberals promised ‘indigenous’ post-secondary students additional {race-based} funding, then failed to provide it.

“We’re very taken aback and very disappointed”, she said. “I think this government really had an opportunity to distinguish itself from previous governments with post-secondary education for ‘indigenous’ students and it failed to do that with this budget.”

“Coty Zachariah, an ‘indigenous’ student at Trent University, said he has been personally denied funding twice from the ‘PSSSP’ and has had to take on a student loan.

{Quelle horreur! Imagine that – having to take out a student loan, like every other Canadian student…}

“It’s chronically underfunded every year, so many students get denied”, said Zachariah, who also works with the ‘Canadian Federation of Students’. “Now we have to take on debt to go. I didn’t want to not go because I couldn’t afford it. It’s pretty frustrating as a student.”

{Yeah… well, now you know how it feels for MOST students who, because of their race, do not have access to subsidized support…}

“Anna McKenzie, a recent graduate from the ‘University of British Columbia’ who works with youth in care, said her education has impacted not only her, but her entire family.

“She said she voted for the Liberal Party and is disappointed that they didn’t follow through on their promise to increase funds for ‘indigenous’ post-secondary students.

“Post-secondary has created a ripple effect in my community”, she said in an email to ‘APTN National News’. “With the fastest growing population in Canada, our government has a responsibility to support ‘indigenous’ youth and adults who aspire to attend post-secondary. This is an enormous setback and disappointment for a government who has promised to forge a new ‘Nation-to-nation’ relationship.”

“Arte said funding for post-secondary students is a ‘treaty right’.

{Then she is either a fiction writer or simply an uneducated fool – which possibly explains her university position as student spokesperson:

‘Here’s another staple of the ‘Aboriginal Narrative’ (Education and the Numbered Treaties) {August 21, 2014}:
https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/525646067537631/?type=1 }

“She also pointed out the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s final report, which included a ‘demand’ for the federal government to provide adequate funding for ‘First Nations’ students seeking post-secondary education.

“During his campaign, Trudeau also {foolishly} promised to take immediate action on all of the TRC’s 94 recommendations.

“Arte said there is not a shortage of qualified ‘indigenous’ students, but it’s a lack of funding keeping them out of post-secondary institutions.

“Supporting post-secondary ‘indigenous’ learners {They’re called ‘students’…} is not only economically smart for Canada, but ‘morally required’ as part of our commitment to truth and reconciliation”, she said in a separate statement.

“The federal government can still right this wrong, opening access to post-secondary education for tens of thousands of ‘indigenous’ students at a small cost.” {Students who haven’t had to earn a living think that everything comes “at a small cost”…}

–‘Liberals break $200 million promise to post-secondary ‘First Nation’ students’,
Cara McKenna, APTN National News, March 22, 2016

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