‘Racism Bites: Black Player Barred From Aboriginal Sports Event’

One aspect of aboriginal culture that has remained remarkably free from criticism is aboriginal racism. While Canadian governments at all levels have active ‘anti-racism’ programs, unfortunately, because of political correctness, in Canada there are no government programs to combat aboriginal racism, and it continues to rear its ugly head:

‘Status Indian player barred from All Native sports event — Committee says Josiah Wilson doesn’t have First Nation ‘bloodlines’

“I love basketball,” says Josiah Wilson. “To come after me and tell me I can’t play, that really hurt me. It’s probably the best feeling in the world to be up there at All Native with my cousins, my family, playing basketball with a lot of the different tribes.”

“Organizers of an all-‘First Nations’ sports event in B.C. are being accused of racism and discrimination for benching a status Indian player who is black.

“Organizers of the ‘All Native Basketball Tournament’ say Josiah Wilson can’t compete because he doesn’t have ‘First Nations’ ancestry or “bloodlines”. 

“Wilson, a point guard with the ‘Heiltsuk Wolf Pack’ team, is of Haitian descent. He was adopted as an infant in Haiti and raised by a Heiltsuk ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,600 people} family in Canada.

“Now, Wilson’s been barred from play. Instead of competing with his team and 400 other ‘indigenous’ athletes from B.C. and Alaska in Prince Rupert this week in front of thousands of fans, he is at home in Calgary.

“I was kinda shocked,” said Wilson, 20. “It hurts. It hurts. I’ve been part of the Heiltsuk tribe. I’ve lived up in Bella Bella, I’ve played basketball with the team, engaged with the community. Now this All Native committee is telling me I’m not native at all. I’m like, ‘What?’ I’d say [it’s] racist.” {ALL of it — ‘status’ included — is racist…}

“Peter Haugen, the president of the board for the ‘All Native Basketball Tournament’, declined to comment.

“A letter sent to Wilson by the tournament rules committee chairman and obtained by ‘CBC News’ states,

“All players must be of North American ‘indigenous’ ancestry/bloodlines i.e. 1/8th ‘First Nations’ ancestry.”

{Why not 1/4? Or 1/16th? On what basis does one create and maintain such a ridiculous, arbitrary line?}

“We saw it as extremely insulting,” Josiah’s father, Dr. Don Wilson, told ‘CBC News’. “It’s upholding that abhorrent notion that blood quantum or DNA or birth is what defines us as ‘indigenous’ people, and it absolutely is not.”

{But it is! Blacks are not ‘indigenous’ to North America, and suggesting otherwise is ludicrous. “Indigenous’ is an exclusionist, discriminatory construct of the international aboriginal power movement and is inherently racist. Blood tests are essential to maintaining the segregation and the occasional outside adoption doesn’t negate it. The question for Canadians is ‘Why are we still issuing aboriginal status cards, and when are we going to do away with this legacy of Apartheid???’}

“Wilson is a Calgary obstetrician and ‘status Indian’ from the Heiltsuk ‘First Nation’. He was working in Haiti in the 1990s when he adopted Josiah, then five months old.

“Wilson says the Heiltsuk ‘First Nation’ has a long-standing tradition of adoption that tournament organizers must acknowledge.

“We do not make a distinction between our children,” said Wilson. “They’re all ours. We as the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’ accept my son as one of us.”

“Wilson said Josiah is legally adopted, is registered with the Heiltsuk ‘First Nation’ and has a status Indian card. He said Josiah was allowed to compete at ‘All Native’ with his team for several years.

“A letter from ‘All Native’ organizers states concerns were raised this year, and that Wilson’s birthplace and adoptive status make him ineligible to play…

“Josiah acknowledges his situation is unique.

“When I was younger, visiting my grandparents, my sister and I would be the only two black kids on the reserve. People kinda question me and they’re like,’ For real?’ And I have to pull out my status card and show them, and they’re like, ‘Wow, that’s cool,” said Josiah. “I’m black, I’m from the Caribbean, but at the same time I’m part of the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’. I consider myself one of them.” {Never a mention of Canada…}

“Dr. Wilson says his push to have Josiah reinstated has drawn widespread support from the Heiltsuk ‘First Nation’ and on social media. Wilson hopes to change the ruling through discussion, but says he has consulted a lawyer and the ‘B.C. Human Rights Tribunal’.

“I want to shield my son,” he said, “and protect him from the impact of this discrimination.”

“Many {Most} ‘indigenous’ leaders support the right of ‘First Nations’ to define membership on their own terms. But the concept of blood quantum to include or exclude ‘First Nations’ people is controversial. ‘Indigenous’ ‘scholar’ Pam Palmater {That’s hilarious, referring to her as a “scholar”…} has written extensively about blood quantum. In a recent ‘scholarly’ article {The CBC REALLY wants you to believe that she has academic credibility — because she doesn’t…}, she calls it “part of colonial legislation” and a “racist criteria that only serve[s] state attempts to ‘assimilate’ {so-called} ‘indigenous peoples’.”

–‘Status Indian player barred from All Native sports event’,
Betsy Trumpener, CBC News, Feb 10, 2016
(With files from George Baker)


https://www.facebook.com/amendrulesant/?fref=ts anbt_gymNow, this cloud would have a silver lining if aboriginals recognized that it was time to confront their own tribal racism, but the following letter seems to be typical of a blinkered worldview that always blames others:

“February 7th, 2016

“To: All-Native Basketball Committee

“This letter is in response to the ‘All-Native Basketball Tournaments Executive Committee’s decision to exclude, Josiah Wilson, from the 2016 basketball tournament. The committee’s decision does not reflect our values as {so-called} ‘indigenous people’ (actually, it does}, but rather reflects an oppressive ideology that has been forced upon us by ‘colonists’. For this reasons, the exclusion of Josiah Wilson from the tournament needs to be overturned immediately.

“Blood quantum is a genocidal and racist ideology and practice that is meant to remove and exclude ‘indigenous peoples’ from their homelands and to extinguish their distinctive identities as the original peoples of {mythological} Turtle Island.

{If that were the case, no ‘status cards’ would ever have been issued and ‘Indians’ would simply have been classified as citizens of Canada. Instead, an elaborate system was set up to try and preserve a prehistoric culture…}

“There is a common misconception that the lethal practice of blood quantum theory is meant to define who is an “Indian”, but the reality is much more deadly.

“The early mercenaries that stole our lands, killed our people and imprisoned the survivors both physically and mentally used this destructive practice to exercise their colonial control in defining the identities of ‘indigenous peoples’. The recipients of this ‘new colonial construct’ {You learned that Communist rhetoric in a Canadian university, didn’t you?}…were entitled to live in the open-air prisons called reserves and to receive the meager monetary allowances that we often have to beg for from Canada.

“In short, if you follow the logic of the genocidal and racist practices of blood quantum, then there is a potential that we would cease to exist as “Indians”, which is a phenomena that we are seeing unfold today {Without ‘blood quantum’, your ‘race’ would be unprovable and irrelevant, and your ‘race rights’ would disappear}. Ultimately, this is one of the long-term goals of the mercenaries that continue to exercise control over ‘indigenous lands and identities’. Why?

“By limiting and reducing the number of “authentic Indians”, the colonists minimize their expenses and continue to work to erase ‘indigenous peoples’ from our landscape, which ensures there will be no “Indians” alive to claim ‘their inheritance’ of land and culture {Again, i repeat: If that were the case, no ‘status cards’ would ever have been issued and ‘Indians’ would simply have been classified as citizens of Canada. Instead, an elaborate system was set up to try and preserve a prehistoric culture…}.

“Why, then, do ‘indigenous people’ continue to adopt and use an ideology that is meant to contribute to their extinguishment {Because that is how corrupt aboriginal leadership maintains its power…}? That is a difficult question to answer with any certainty. However, a theme we see in the use of blood quantum arguments being employed by ‘colonists’ is when they want to exploit another group to ensure their success, which is not ‘indigenous’ in any sense of the meaning. Is that what we are seeing here? Or, is this a demonstration of how deeply colonized we are in uncritically using the ideas and practices of colonists?

“The stories of our old people tell us that we were always a caring and loving people {Yeah, right…}.

‘Before the white man came? War’ {June 4, 2014}:

“In pre-colonial and during the contact era it was not uncommon for ‘indigenous’ to absorb survivors of war, orphans, Africans, and Europeans into their cultures in ways that brought honor and integrity to everyone involved. As a reflection of how we have retained our cultural strength, this is a practice that many ‘indigenous’ families and communities continue to do so to this day. More specifically, these values and practices are demonstrated in how we welcomed Josiah Wilson into our family, community, and tribe.

“Finally, to have these genocidal and racist practices being instilled into the All-Native tournament is disturbing to say the least and needs to be questioned. This recent situation speaks to the ‘colonial mindset’ {Any problems are NEVER an ‘aboriginal mindset’ — a denial which leads to a culture of unaccountability…} that has infected and saturated some members within our communities.

“In the international arena of politics, people who engage in such practices are tried for crimes against humanity. Why, then, are we sitting by and watching this crime unfold? Rather than appealing to the ‘colonial oppressive ideologies’ to justify our oppressive practices, we have to move beyond this and govern ourselves as Heiltsuk people. We have to ‘decolonize’ our thinking {More university rhetoric} and behaviors and live the values and practices of our ancestors in a way that demonstrates the beauty of who we are as Heiltsuk.”

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