‘Chiefs Keep Pushing…’

“I’m not sure what science the ‘forces of No’ bring together up there, except that it’s not really about the science… It’s not really about the fish. It’s just about trying to say ‘No’. It’s about fear of change. It’s about a fear of the future.” –Premier Christy Clark

“Native leaders at a national energy forum say a new era of co-operation between ‘First Nations’, resource industries and government is in the making, but they also warned that conflicts over some projects will continue.

“Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the ‘Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs’ told a gathering of native leaders from across Canada on Wednesday that protest camps have been set up on Lelu Island, to oppose a proposed ‘Pacific NorthWest LNG’ project at the mouth of the Skeena River, and in the Peace River Valley, to object to BC Hydro’s ‘Site C’ dam, which will drown native hunting areas and burial sites. 

{‘Let The Games Begin’ (Site ‘C’ Dam) {January 9, 2016}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/712913965477506/?type=3 ERBLLetTheGamesBegin600x600“Phillip, who was arrested on Burnaby Mountain in 2014 while protesting the proposed ‘Trans Mountain Expansion Project’, chastised Premier Christy Clark for her recent verbal attacks on the groups, whom he said are expressing legitimate views of dissent and standing up for ‘First Nations’ ‘environmental values’.

“Our Premier has described us as ‘rag tag’ and the ‘forces of no’, but I’m proud to be part of that group,” he said. “I think she should dial down the rhetoric … it’s not helpful. We need to respect each other’s ‘world view’.” {Phillip’s “world view” is, of course, race based and segregationist…}

“Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde told the conference at the ‘Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’ {Can’t they ever teleconference?} that a national energy plan for Canada can only be developed if ‘First Nations’ are brought aboard as ‘partners’ with government and industry.

{This is the ‘co-governance’ that aboriginal leaders envision — and which they are trying to force — with Canada and aboriginals sharing equally the running of the country…}

“This is a very critical time in our history as ‘indigenous peoples’ and ‘non-indigenous peoples’ {That’s the Race Based ‘indigenous’ worldview — only 2 groups of humans, ‘indigenous’ and ‘non-indigenous’…}, especially as we talk about shaping our collective energy future,” he said. “If we listen and have respect, we might learn from each other … and we might grow and something new might come of it.” …

“Mr. Bellegarde urged government and industry to be more mindful of the ‘spiritual relationship’ that ‘First Nations’ have with the environment.

“We’re not just open for business no matter what the cost,” he said. “When we create [development] opportunities, we must do so while carrying out our responsibilities as ‘indigenous peoples’ towards the protection of the lands and waters.”

{More of the aboriginal pseudo-religious environmental poppycock — all of it designed to give them some kind of moral authority over democratically-elected Canadian governments…}

–‘First Nations’ chief to Christy Clark: ‘Dial down the rhetoric’,
Mark Hume, Toronto Globe and Mail, Feb. 10, 2016


Premier Clark and Chief Phillip (Darryl Dick--The Canadian Press)
Premier Clark and Chief Phillip (Darryl Dick–The Canadian Press)

‘Clark battles B.C.’s ‘forces of No,’ on LNG, trade deal; says she’s no quitter’

“Premier Christy Clark had sharp words Monday for what she calls the “forces of No” in British Columbia who mount resistance efforts to government initiatives purely out of a fear of change.

“’First Nations’ leaders quickly shot back at the premier, labelling her comments “paternalistic” and “mindless.”

“Clark made the statements during a news conference where she fielded questions about opposition to the ‘Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership’, environmental concerns over liquefied natural gas development and tax breaks for the mining industry.

“She said negotiating trade pacts and resource developments involves tough, but potentially rewarding benefits and she would rather be known as an achiever than a quitter.

“There are people who just say no to everything, and heaven knows there are plenty of those in British Columbia,” said Clark. “But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you give up. It doesn’t mean you should be a quitter.”

“She criticized a coalition of ‘First Nations’, environmentalists and Opposition New Democrats who signed a declaration demanding a protection zone near a proposed multibillion-dollar LNG project at Lelu Island near Prince Rupert.

“I’m not sure what science the ‘forces of No’ bring together up there, except that it’s not really about the science,” said Clark. “It’s not really about the fish. It’s just about trying to say ‘No’. It’s about fear of change. It’s about a fear of the future.”

“Pacific Northwest LNG, backed by Malaysian energy giant ‘Petronas’, has proposed to build an LNG export terminal at Lelu Island.

“The proposed project is billed as the largest private-sector investment in B.C.’s history, valued at $36 billion and estimated to create 4,500 construction jobs…

{‘Chiefs Facing Off Over Pipelines’ {January 10, 2015}:
https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/584788621623375/?type=1 ERBLChiefsFacingOffOverPipelines600x600“A coalition signed a declaration to protect the area at the end of a weekend summit in Prince Rupert, attended by more than 300 ‘hereditary’ {monarchical} and elected ‘First Nations’ leaders, scientists, politicians, fishermen and others.

“Once again, people from the entire length and breadth of the Skeena River and its estuaries have come together to let both levels of government and the industry know that they’ve made a mistake in siting this particular project,” said Gerald Amos, ‘Friends of Wild Salmon’ spokesman…

“He said ‘First Nations’ view Clark’s comments as insensitive to people who want to protect the Skeena salmon.

“She’s on the wrong side of this equation”, he said. “Labelling the ‘forces of No’ is paternalistic {No… if anything, it’s actually ‘maternalistic’…}. It’s downright insulting.”

“Lax Kw’alaams hereditary Chief Yahaan said the project is a threat to a centuries-old salmon-fishing culture. He said Clark doesn’t understand the ties his people have to the river and the salmon.

“Her mentality, the mindless phrases that come out of her mouth,” said Yahaan. “Saying that we’re the ‘people of No’. We’re the {so-called} ‘indigenous people’ of this land. We live here. We know about the environment. She doesn’t.”

“But Gitga’at ‘First Nation’ Chief Arnold Clifton said declaring Lelu Island and Flora Bank off limits to industrial development may be premature.

Clifton and four other elected area chiefs representing the northwest’s Tsimshian ‘Nation’ said many ‘First Nations’ are awaiting the results of two independent scientific reviews, before deciding whether to support the LNG project.

“He downplayed the comments of Yahaan and other hereditary chiefs, but pointed at area New Democrats who signed the declaration.

“They stepped in a little too quickly,” said Clifton, of nearby Hartley Bay. “They should have spoken to the chiefs first.”

“New Democrat members of the legislature Jennifer Rice, Robin Austin and Doug Donaldson and the North Coast’s federal member of Parliament Nathan Cullen signed the declaration.

“Provincial New Democrat LNG critic Bruce Ralston said his party opposes the Lelu Island project because it does not meet the party’s conditions of approval, including ‘First Nations’ consent.

“He said the NDP remains committed to supporting the LNG industry, providing it meets the Opposition’s four conditions.”

–‘Clark battles B.C.’s ‘forces of No,’ on LNG, trade deal; says she’s no quitter’,
Dirk Meissner, Vancouver Sun/Canadian Press, January 26, 2016



From Sept., 2015:
‘B.C. chiefs call reconciliation talks ‘strike two’

“Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip responded that when it comes to reconciliation, B.C. is at “strike two.”

“We have one strike left,”

said Phillip, who pointed to growing anger at the slow pace of change and called for an end to what he termed an antiquated, constipated mindset.

“Phillip says all involved must have the courage to move forward, build consensus and silence those who predict Armageddon if ‘First Nations’ are given AN EQUAL VOICE IN building and sharing B.C.’s ECONOMIC FUTURE.

“Very little progress has been made in the last year. We met on June first and second. That was pretty much the first time we engaged the issue in any significant way. Then, there was a wavering on the part of the province,” said Phillip. 


“We’re hopeful that this time out, that all of the parties will acknowledge the gravity of the situation and within the space of the next several months, show significant progress on developing a path forward.” 


“In the event that that does not happen, there is little doubt that ‘First Nations’ are going to completely lose patience {At some point, this fellow — with his constant implied threats — will have to be charged with incitement to violence…}, which they are teetering on the brink of at the moment. They made that abundantly clear yesterday. They cannot afford to wait any longer for some long drawn out processes, and talk about talking.”

–‘B.C. chiefs call reconciliation talks ‘strike two’,
Dirk Meissner, CBC News, Sept..09, 2015 {CAPS added}

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-chiefs-reconciliation-talks-strike-two-1.3220600 Fort Nelson 'First Nation' logoAnd:
‘B.C. aboriginal leaders decry government relationship in open letter’
“…The signatories say concerns about massive developments in their territories are not being addressed.

“The group, composed of leaders from the B.C. coast to the Alberta boundary, announced its formation on Tuesday with the release of an open letter to Premier Christy Clark…

“It would be as if the government came and took out someone’s backyard pool without asking, Liz Logan, chief of the Fort Nelson ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 813 people…}, said.

“Chiefs of 10 northern B.C. ‘First Nations’ have signed the letter, which says the province has ignored significant legal victories by aboriginals and is blocking them from MANAGING THEIR OWN TERRITORIES {which, they are trying to claim, is all of northern B.C.}

“… vice-president Bob Chamberlin of the ‘Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs’…said ‘First Nations’ have ‘given up enough benefits for British Columbians’.

“When will their rights finally be first and foremost?” he asked…

“Clark said Tuesday she would refrain from addressing the issues until after this week’s talks.

“It is always our goal to make sure we are consulting and accommodating ‘First Nations’ fairly, in a way that even goes above and beyond the law of the country” {Why would you cheat the rest of the citizens in such a discriminatory fashion???}, she said at an unrelated news conference.”

–‘B.C. aboriginal leaders decry government relationship in open letter’,
Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press, Sept. 08, 2015 {CAPS added}

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/first-nations-aboriginal-land-talks-1.3220188 ERBLScaringOffInvestment600x600See also:
‘Scaring Off Investment’ (B.C.) {January 15, 2016}: https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/715289091906660/?type=3



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  1. Bellegarde, Chiefs & their sheeple are killing Canada and not to their advantage. Bellegarde said he was going to “bring Canada to its knees”!! Well, they are trying very hard to do just that and it can only result in their own demise!!! They are gaining no points or popularity! If anything they are more disliked, not trusted than ever!!!


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