‘CBC Keeps Pushing Phony Land Acknowledgements’

“City councillors in Richmond Hill, Ont., rejected a motion to begin their meetings with an acknowledgement of the area’s ‘indigenous’ {they misname ‘aboriginal’} community and history. The decision was made after a lengthy Monday night council meeting that featured dozens of impassioned speeches and letters from {some} citizens in favour of the proposal. 

It was a blatant, strategic, political quashing of a legitimate {political} motion“,
said resident Joel Clements, who spoke at the meeting.

“Following the decision, some attendees shouted “shame” at councillors who did not support the proposal. Marj Andre, who implored council to adopt the land acknowledgement, said she left the meeting in anger and disbelief.

Richmond Hill has been shamed“,
she told CBC News.
The message it sends to the community — I’m embarrassed.”

“The original motion, proposed by Coun. David West, would have seen city council open its meetings with an acknowledgment that Richmond Hill, a suburban city north of Toronto, stands on the ‘traditional lands’ of the Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Anishinaabe peoples.

{And that is historical nonsense. The land changed hands several times due to constant aboriginal vs. Aboriginal warfare: 

Pan Am Games Perpetuate Fraud’ (‘The Toronto Purchase’):
“This foolishness {“our traditional lands”} went by with virtually no comment from Canadian historians or our governments; indeed, our governments were complicit in spreading what amounts to an historical lie. This has become commonplace, with Canadian officials constantly thanking the ‘traditional’ landowners, even when — as in this case — their claim is ridiculous…”
What Happened To The ‘Neutrals’?‘:
“This is the tribe that occupied southwestern Ontario until the 1650s, when fellow Iroquois tribes from what is now the U.S. rendered them extinct. In modern terminology, they were ‘victims of genocide’…”
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/what-happened-to-the-neutrals/ }

“Land acknowledgements have been ‘widely’ {‘occasionally’} adopted in Canada following the release of the {Partial} Truth and {One-Way} Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations in 2015, which were aimed at repairing the harm caused by residential schools and to help the country move forward with ‘reconciliation’.
{Actually, this one-sided commission aimed at blame-shaming and extorting money from the Canadian people for something those alive today had nothing to do with. They also deliberately downplayed the positive effect of the schools for thousands of aboriginals…}

“The City of Toronto begins its council meetings with a {token} land acknowledgment {that is void of historical accuracy}. Events hosted by many universities, school boards and even the Winnipeg Jets also include {often historically inaccurate} land acknowledgments.

I think that it’s a clear and first step that’s been adopted by many organizations to start the conversation and it’s a respectful way to acknowledge the fact that the land that we’re on is land — that we were not here first“,
said West.
{Neither were the tribes you’re erroneously acknowledging…}

“West’s motion was amended during the Monday night meeting to replace the land acknowledgment with the creation of a new ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} training program that will be available to city employees. A motion to create that program was eventually passed, but made no mention of a land acknowledgment.

It’s disappointing because I think the idea of a land acknowledgement is to show leadership“,
{It demonstrates ignorance more than leadership…}
West said.
There are things happening all over the country and I’m really sorry that we’re not on the forefront of that.”
{So, it’s about being trendy?}

“Regional and local councillor Joe DiPaola, who proposed the amended version, did not respond to multiple interview requests by CBC News. But a councillor who backed DiPaola’s altered plan said it was “superior” to the original.

We’re going to help explain, educate and promote the Aboriginals and their history in Richmond Hill“,
{Not unless you get your facts straight!}
said Coun. Tom Muench, before acknowledging that many people at the meeting were unhappy with the result.

Was it disappointing for those that said, ‘I didn’t get what I wanted, I want chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I wanted it my way’? You’re right, those people are disappointed“,
he told CBC News.

Richmond Hill councillors Tom Muench, left, and David West, disagreed about the motion to begin meetings with a land acknowledgment. (Martin Trainor-CBC)

“Muench said many people in his ward voiced opposition to the land acknowledgment plan, though they did not attend the meeting nor submit letters to council expressing their opinions. He went on to argue that municipal governments should be focused on more immediate issues, such as parking, transit and affordability.

It’s not within the municipality’s role to get involved in land treaties and engagement, that’s not really your mandate{!}“,
Muench said.

“Clements, who lives in Muench’s ward, vehemently disagreed, and said people in his community are concerned with {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ and want to see their local government take action…

“Andre pointed out the ‘diversity’ of the speakers who addressed council on Monday night as evidence that many people in her city would have backed a land acknowledgement.
{There was no ‘diversity’ in their political bias or historical ignorance…}

It was totally dismissive“,
she said of the amended motion.
There is no democracy.”
{Such a foolish comment after a vote…}

“Clements also took aim at what he saw as the hypocrisy of the training program, which will be made available to city staff. The motion did not mention that any educational programs will be directed at the city’s elected officials.

They’re the ones that need to be educated“,
he said of council.
And they’ve rebuffed that.”
{No, you’re the one who needs an education in aboriginal history. Try looking at the truth of their violent past, which includes endless stealing of land from one another. P.S. Do-gooder racism is still racism, no matter how well-intentioned…}

“–‘Richmond Hill, Ont., residents upset after council rejects land acknowledgment proposal’,
Nick Boisvert, CBC News, Mar. 27, 2019

See also:
We’re NOT on Treaty Land’:
“Retired Judge Brian Giesbrecht explodes the myth that we are all living on “treaty land” as per fashionable pronouncements prior to hockey games and assorted public events…” (AUDIO)
Political Correctness At Its Finest’:
‘Activist begins ‘Tinder’ date with land acknowledgement’
“Internet activist Dillon Sanders introduced himself to his date Rebecca Holder by way of a ceremonial acknowledgement of the ‘traditional caretakers of the land’ on which they were meeting.”
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“The Ontario Medical Association governing council decided, quite rightly, that there was no need for them to acknowledge the surrendered, former territory of whichever tribe happened to have lived there last, before the development of Canada. In an all-too-familiar Canadian pattern, they are now apologizing…and this abject retreat is particularly pathetic…”
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