‘Manitoba: Another Illegal Blockade’

In the past, when tribes have illegally blockaded Manitoba roadways and Manitoba Hydro, the Province has not only NOT arrested the criminals, but has given in to the extortion. The result – of course – is yet another blockade… 

“Around a dozen people from the Opaskwayak Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 5,315 people} and their supporters have erected a {dangerous and illegal} blockade on a major highway in northern Manitoba, stopping trucks and equipment bound for a massive hydroelectric development project. 

“The protesters are ‘allowing’ {These criminals have no right to ‘allow’ anything! Where are the police?} cars, trucks and bus traffic through, but they claim to have turned back semi-trailers and equipment that were en route to the construction site of Manitoba Hydro’s Keeyask Generating Station near Gillam, Man., a further 500 kilometres north. {We suggest that the company use its security force to escort their trucks. You have a right to use that public thoroughfare and a right to enforce it, should the police continue to refuse to do their jobs… P.S. Might we also suggest a large lawsuit against not just the protesters, but the RCMP and the Province, as well? Somebody obviously has to force these people to do their duty…}

“The blockade, which began Tuesday, is at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 39 just south of Wabowden, Man., approximately 600 kilometres north of Winnipeg. 

“The protesters are mainly members of the ‘Opaskawayak Cree Nation Local Fur Council’ and the ‘Opaskawayak Commercial Fishery Co-op’, two groups that have been attempting to negotiate a settlement related to the construction of the Grand Rapids Generating Station over five decades ago.

“They’ve also been joined by people from the Misipawistik Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,980 people} and Métis from Grand Rapids, Man. 

Photo: Thomas Monias
Photo: Thomas Monias

“This is for land that was damaged in 1960 — 1.5 million acres of prime trapping and fishing area, when Hydro built the Grand Rapids hydro generating station,” said John Morrisseau, who is from Grand Rapids {Of course, the Treaty legitimized the development, and NO compensation is required — See Treaty below…}.

“Construction of the Grand Rapids generating station began in 1960 and lasted five years until it was operational. The dam, which was built on the Saskatchewan River, required thousands of kilometres of land to be flooded — much of it trapping and fishing grounds used by ‘First Nations’, including people from Opaskwayak Cree ‘Nation’.

“The trappers and fishermen from that community say that because of the changed landscape, they now have to travel up to 150 kilometres just to fish or reach their traplines. Because of that, some people lost their livelihoods altogether, they say {See any literature on ‘social or economic evolution’. Our ancestors all hunted and trapped, too. Welcome to the modern world…}.

“Several of the ‘First Nations’ and Métis people affected by the dam have already negotiated settlements with the province and Manitoba Hydro {And this is unfair to the rest of the citizens who have to pay for it. There is NO legal requirement for settlement here…}. But for the past nine years, trapping and fishing groups from the Opaskwayak Cree ‘Nation’ have been trying negotiate their own compensation {Of course! By giving out unearned money unnecessarily, you simply asked for more trouble…}.

“Those talks broke down around two weeks ago.

“We’ll stay here as long as it takes {or until police and government start doing their jobs…} to get Hydro at the negotiating table,” Morrisseau said.

“But a spokesperson for Manitoba Hydro said it was the trappers and fishermen who walked away from the negotiating table in the first place.

“[Manitoba Hydro] is more than happy to talk to them {Why?} but I want to be very, very clear that they were the ones who walked away from the negotiating table, not us,” said Scott Powell. “We’ve even offered to bring in a mediator at our expense to help with the discussions.”

“According to Powell, there’s a dispute over how many fishers and trappers are eligible for compensation. Hydro is willing to compensate 59 fishers and more than 150 trappers, based on how many were harvesting in the area at the time the dam was built, but the ‘First Nations’ say hundreds more should be eligible {See what you started, you government idiots?}.

Opaskwayak Cree ‘Nation’ banner

“‘CBC News’ has been trying to reach the heads of both the ‘Opaskwayak Cree ‘Nation’ Local Fur Council’ and the ‘Opaskwayak Commercial Fishery Co-op’ for further comment, but cellphone coverage is poor in the area where the blockade is set up.

“Powell confirmed that several trucks on contract with Manitoba Hydro that were headed to “points north” had been stopped and turned back by the blockade.

RCMP didn’t respond to requests from ‘CBC News’ for information {That’s unacceptable! Shameful…} about the situation but ‘Canada Carthage’, a major trucking company, has been warning drivers and operators about the blockade on social media.”

–‘Cree, Métis trappers and fishermen block highway in northern Manitoba’,
Tim Fontaine, CBC News, Sept. 02, 2016


Fox Lake Cree 'Nation' blocked Highway 290. (PHOTO: Fox Lake Cree 'Nation')
Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ blocked Highway 290. (PHOTO: Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’)

From May, 2016:
‘Fox Lake Cree ‘Nation’ lifts road blockade to 3 Manitoba Hydro sites’:


This is all ongoing aboriginal harassment of Manitoba Hydro…
From October, 2014:
‘First Nations’ protesters occupy grounds of Manitoba Hydro dam, refuse to leave’

“Protesters from a northern Manitoba ‘First Nation’ are occupying the grounds around a generating station and have issued an eviction notice to Manitoba Hydro for what they say is a violation of their ‘treaty rights’ {Pure B.S. — See below…}.

“More than 100 protesters from the Cross Lake ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 7,254 people} north of Lake Winnipeg marched to the hydro dam Wednesday and some have refused to leave the grounds. In a letter to Hydro President Scott Thomson, Chief Catherine Merrick said the ‘First Nation’ is taking control of its {ceded, surrendered, bought-and-paid-for, former} ‘traditional territory’ and {illegally} ‘evicting’ the Crown corporation. 

Photo: APTN

“You do not respect our ‘rights’ {You demand ‘rights’ that you don’t have!},” she wrote in the letter dated Oct. 6. “You do not even respect or acknowledge who we are as people {You are Canadian citizens — no more, no less}. Money and profit — that which you make {by investment and hard work} off our {ancestors former} ‘traditional territory’ and people — is apparently all you care about.”

“Treaties signed by the ‘First Nation’ agreed to share the land with the Crown {That’s a LIE. See below for what the Treaty actually says…}, as long as “you act honourably”, the letter states. Manitoba Hydro is guilty of fraud for using

“these {ceded, surrendered, bought-and-paid-for} treaty lands for your own purposes regardless of what we, as the original title-holders, would have to say about it {You hold ‘title’ to nothing!},” Merrick wrote.

“A ‘Facebook’ page dedicated to the occupation showed video of dozens of protesters occupying the site Wednesday, and featured a deafening alarm wailing from the station.

“I think they figured they would scare us off,” posted Darwin Paupanakis. “Anyways, {illegal} eviction has occurred. Now, next thing if they want back in … we talk ‘rent’ {‘extorted bribe’}.”

“The Jenpeg generating station, which cost $310 million to build in the 1970s, is about 525 kilometres north of Winnipeg and is a key element in Manitoba Hydro’s northern electricity generation. The dam is used to help regulate the level of Lake Winnipeg, which has become swollen in recent years due to flooding, and the site also acts as a reservoir for other northern generating stations… 


“Hydro spokesman Scott Powell said he doesn’t know how many protesters were at the dam site Thursday. Some employees were allowed to leave under police escort, but Manitoba Hydro personnel were {illegally} not being ‘allowed’ to enter, he said….

The corporation has been reaching out to the band’s leadership since May for a meeting but to no avail {More tribal dysfunction…}, Powell said…”

–‘First Nations’ protesters occupy grounds of Manitoba Hydro dam, refuse to leave’,
Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press, October 17, 2014


Photo – Tyler Adam Turcotte
Photo – Tyler Adam Turcotte

The NDP government of course caved in to the extortion. That’s why Hydro continues to be blockaded. Government appeasement and outright cowardice continue to make things worse all across Canada:

“A six-week occupation of a northern Manitoba hydro dam is over after {illegal} ‘First Nation’ protesters reached a deal for negotiations.

“Protesters from Cross Lake ‘First Nation’ have agreed to leave the site of the Jenpeg generating station after agreeing to talks that will address some key concerns including {extorted, unearned} ‘revenue-sharing’ {bribery pilfered from the public purse}, a shoreline cleanup and help with residential hydro bills that hover around $600 a month in the winter {They have illegally extorted ‘help’ that is unavailable to other Manitobans. That’s called ‘discrimination’.}…”

— ‘Protesters end occupation of Manitoba hydro dam after agreeing to negotiations’,
Toronto Globe and Mail, Nov. 28, 2014



“‘Treaty 5’ is a treaty that was first established in September, 1875, between Queen Victoria and Saulteaux and Swampy Cree non-treaty tribes and peoples around Lake Winnipeg in the District of Keewatin. Much of what is today central and northern Manitoba was covered by the treaty, as were a few small adjoining portions of the present-day provinces of Saskatchewan and Ontario… Pimicikamak {Cross Lake Band} territory was north of the lake. It was included by accident, or design of Tepastenam attending the Norway House signing.”



So, these characters claim that

“Treaties signed by the ‘First Nation’ agreed to share the land with the Crown, as long as “you act honourably,” the letter states.

Now, that would be ‘Treaty 5’, so let’s see what it actually says about “sharing the land”:

TREATY 5: “The Saulteaux and Swampy Cree Tribes of Indians and all other the Indians inhabiting the district hereinafter described and defined, DO HEREBY CEDE, RELEASE, SURRENDER AND YIELD UP TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DOMINION OF CANADA, for Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors FOR EVER, ALL THEIR RIGHTS, TITLES AND PRIVILEGES WHATSOEVER TO THE LANDS INCLUDED within the following limits…
{There follows a lengthy description of the territory ceded, released, surrendered, etc.}


“The tract comprised within the lines above described, EMBRACING AN AREA OF ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SQUARE MILES, be the same more or less;

“To have and to hold the same to Her Majesty the Queen, and Her successors {The Canadian and provincial governments} FOREVER.”

Why do these people insist on lying about the Treaties and, more importantly, why do so-called ‘journalists’ quote their lies over and over again, rather than doing their professional job and taking 10 minutes to check the veracity of their claims???
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