‘Indigenous Lives Matter’

“A protest in Montreal organized to show solidarity with the ‘First Nations’ community of Lac-Simon got heated Monday night, as rocks and smoke grenades were thrown at officers.

“About 150 people gathered Monday night at around 7 p.m. for the protest called ‘Indigenous Lives Matter’.

“The rally was organized to show support for the Lac-Simon community, where an {aboriginal} police shooting last week killed 25-year-old Sandy Tarzan Michel.

“Police said the protest started off peacefully but after about an hour and a half, some rocks were thrown at officers who were patrolling on bicycles.

“Police said smoke bombs were also thrown in officers’ direction. No one was injured.

“Police declared the protest illegal and called on the crowd to disperse, then used tear gas near the intersection of Parthenais Street and de Maisonneuve Boulevard.

“The crowd quickly dispersed, ending the protest shortly before 9 p.m…”

–‘Montreal protest in support of Lac-Simon community declared illegal’,
CBC News, April 11, 2016


(PHOTO: Radio-Canada)
(PHOTO: Radio-Canada)

“Riot police charged at a group of roughly 150 protesters in downtown Montreal on Monday evening, launching tear gas and sending the assembled crowd of demonstrators running.

“The group was marching in solidarity with the family of 25-year-old Sandy Michel, who was killed by {aboriginal} police in the Algonquin community of Lac-Simon last week.

“Protesters gathered at the Saint-Laurent metro station around 7 p.m., where speeches were given by ‘indigenous’ organizers. Shannon Chief, who drove to Montreal to participate in the demonstration, questioned why {aboriginal} police in the community felt it was necessary to use deadly force against Michel.

“The young man was apparently in distress and carrying a sharp object while wandering the community when police arrived on the scene. According to witnesses quoted in media reports, a police vehicle struck Michel, who was then allegedly shot by officers. He was taken to hospital but died as a result of his injuries.

“I have to question: just how does the {aboriginal} police view our people to treat us like we are not their equals? How are the lives of our young and older people any less important?” Chief asked the crowd of protesters. “This is an act of terrorism coming from the system that’s supposed to serve and protect the people. It’s a big deal and it’s gone too far, and it has to stop now.”

“Protesters began marching around 7:45 p.m., and headed east down Ste. Catherine St. The group was accompanied by about a half-dozen police officers on bicycles, but no riot police were present as the march proceeded through the streets.

“Several anti-police slogans were shouted, including “police everywhere, justice nowhere”, but the demonstration remained peaceful as the group eventually made its way to Papineau metro station.

“A few minutes later, at roughly 8:25 p.m., two or three protesters with covered faces deployed smoke grenades and began throwing rocks at police on the intersection of Ste. Catherine St. and de Lorimier Ave.

“At least one officer was hit, and police stayed back as the march continued. Five minutes later, police made an announcement through speakers that the demonstration was illegal under Montreal’s ‘P-6’ municipal bylaw, as no itinerary was provided in advance. Protesters were ordered to disperse.

“About 20 riot police officers were soon deployed on the ground, smashing their shields with batons and chasing down protesters. One man was seen being…slammed down to the ground as riot cops ran past him.

“Police launched tear gas on Parthenais St. as the remaining protesters ran off and dispersed.

“Speaking to ‘The Link’ after the march was broken up, Chief expressed disappointment that the evening ended on a violent note. She maintained that the rock-throwers who provoked the riot police response were not connected to the event’s organizers.

Chief described them as “two or three white guys with bandanas around their faces”, whom she believed were young people from Montreal.

“We wanted to keep our demonstration peaceful … this is not what we asked for”, Chief said. “But in the end, it shows how much oppression is being done, just for little events where people are walking.”

–‘Montreal March Held in Response to Killing in Lac-Simon’
Matt D’Amours, The Link {Concordia U.}, April 12, 2016

http://thelinknewspaper.ca/article/montreal-march-held-in-response-to-killing-in-lac-simon natives-matterThe original story, as seen through the eyes of the racist ‘Mohawk Nation News’:

“On April 7, the police struck again. That night, Sandy Michel, 25-year old, died. He was brutally assassinated by the Anishnabeg reserve corporate police in Lac-Simon Quebec, near Val-d’or. He allegedly showed an object that law enforcement officers thought looked like a weapon. The police crushed him with their car, then shot him dead. The police killed his older brother in 2009. The murders of onkwe’hon:weh youth in northern Quebec, like the murders of black people in northern Montreal, is institutional racism. Non-white lives are being liquidated without trial.

“In the wake of this tragedy, the people of Lac-Simon, after years of police harassment, immediately assembled and asked the police to leave their territory. The Quebec police immediately intervened. Media was forbidden to go to the killing area during the investigation. Media black-outs have become routine. After the recent revelations of sexual atrocities committed by ‘Surete du Quebec’ police officers around Val-d’Or, the SQ is desperate to hide their systemic violence against our men, women and children.

“The so-called «aboriginal police» had just returned to Lac-Simon, which they were forced to desert after the death of one of their officers in February, 2016. Anthony Raymond Papatie, 22-y.o., shot him, before he himself committed suicide.

“The police refuse to see the nature of the people to survive. The police actions on reservations are part of the genocide plan. In solidarity with Sandy Michel’s family and the community of Lac-Simon, a demonstration of solidarity will take place on Monday April 11th, at 19h [7.00 pm], metro Saint-Laurent in Montreal. Indigenous Lives Matter! Contact anarchives@riseup.net for info…”

“If you can’t go to demo, gives these politicians a piece of your mind:

Surete du Quebec: 514-598-4141

Quebec Minister of Justice Stephane Valee: 418-643-5140, 1-800-536-5140 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: http://pm.gc.ca/eng/contactpm

RCMP HQ: 613-993-7267

CSIS: 613-993-9620

Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett:

Bureau of Indian Affairs 202-208-5116 Washington DC: http://www.bia.gov/ContactUs/index.htm 

Mohawk Nation News, April 10, 2016

Main Photo – Willie Wilson



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