Protesters, stop using oil

This is my father, Konrad J. Tittler, who did real environmental work, inventing new products and technologies back in the 1970’s to treat lumber and pulp & paper with more environmentally friendly products, and to do water treatment in industry, and for cities and towns down the west coast all the way down to Chili. They cleaned water and treated sewage with their technology.

They cleaned up oil spills, long ago, the technology is not new. Why do protesters not know this?

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Now, at the age of 83, my father just sold his innovative technology to BASF, to clean up the tailings ponds on the oil sands.

To me, the radical protesters and even the “moderates” who are anti-pipeline, are emotionally triggered people who got sucked into somehow thinking THEY cared about the environment because they attacked, blamed and abused the oil industry, and industry as a whole, when MEANWHILE, it’s industry and guys like my dad and all the brilliant talent he pooled, challenged and paid to do amazing things, who DID & DO amazing things without ever going to one protest.

As protesters have been wasting everyone’s time play acting as the caretakers, knowers, and doers of all things sanctimonious in the name of holy mother earth and the environment, the REAL movers and shakers were out innovating ways to make their lives more comfortable, as they used all the technologies to rail against all the industries who brought them those technologies.

I don’t feel in the least bit rude, out of place, uninformed, or even guilty for being so intolerant in any way towards the current environazis, and/or anyone protesting pipelines. I know there is NO GLOBAL WARMING. because people who did extensive research figured it out early on, and now the data has been completely debunked, and “I told you so”, and I was able to do that because I learned. I know, it’s radical, but I actually EDUCATED myself on these issues, instead of just being emotionally histrionic, pretending I cared about the environment, by abusing oil and pipeline companies, as I used their products and all products associated to oil.

Our father taught us, and everyone he hired and influenced, including a young Patrick Moore when he was still with Greenpeace and they did a radio show together, that we march forward, not backwards, and that it’s our ingenious thinking which propels us to the next phase, the next level, the next innovation. He taps into the part of human nature that naturally wants to explore and problem solve, invent, create, imagine, and build, and he is one of those people who dreamed ahead of his time, and inspired people to come along with him.

Not only did they invent, employ, and contribute to Canada, they put a lot of time, money, effort and importance on giving back. They sponsored academic and athletic scholarships, commissioned artists, and got involved in sports Canada with Harry Jerome, the fastest man in the world, when our mother was also a runner. In total, our father has contributed so much to the world around him, and never stopped innovating, and excelling. His motto at age 70 was “70 and accelerating”.

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At one point, my father’s company, which both our brothers were an integral part of all their lives, took over every last pulp and paper mill in Canada, driving out all the American companies and competition, and they grew until they were bought out, then they started over again and continued on their journey, just recently selling again, all free to do new things.

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My father has been on the oil sands half the year, for the last 5 years, and he’s never worked harder trying to solve the problem of the tailings ponds, and they bloody did.

THAT is how it’s done people….you don’t go to protests and pretend you care, you get an education and learn to bring new ideas to the table.

STOP USING OIL & ALL PIPELINES, or start getting to work coming up with new technologies, and quit abusing the people who are. Eco-nazis really and truly do not care more than others, they just abuse more, and do nothing to help solve anything.

Suzuki, that means you. You were one of the few people my father dissed, he absolutely could not stand your hypocritical, arrogant, holier-than-thou fake persona of being some enviro guru, when you never did one single thing to help the environment, you just abused people who had to exist for a living, and who did the work for you. My father’s biggest complaint was that you, Suzuki, NEVER gave any advancements credit, all you ever did was look for ways to scare people into following your fear mongering cult, making you their cult leader.

Suzuki is no where near the great man people like our father is, and that includes so many like him who do the work, while the protesters freak out about the perils of life. They can’t even handle a pipeline, yet no one has even died from one. It’s nuts, and nothing short of it, so be prepared to be called what it is if you protest.

I refuse to take even one person seriously, who protests pipelines, and/or oil, especially when they do it on social media, which does not exist without oil, and even MORE especially from the film industry.

If they can’t stop using oil, they can’t keep bothering everyone about it. They need to show everyone how they can exist without all that oil brings to them, but they can’t tell anyone else what to do, or to speak on behalf of the earth, when the earth will spit us out any time she wants. They need to worry about surviving, not acting as if God. Their only job is to survive, but you’d never know it with the suicide wish they have in turning out the lights and driving us all back into the dark ages, towards a 7th century war lord.

The current times feel like a strange world compared to the one I was raised in, where we were proud to create, build, innovate, and improve the lives of others….when we were proud to be Canadian…..when we were proud to have vaccines that saved millions of lives, when now the only unproven story told is of one small-pox infested blanket from centuries ago, yet all anyone who is not native hears is that they (“whiteman”) killed off all natives on purpose, no thanks at all for the bloody vaccines invented, just abuse for not being the right skin colour. Vaccines saved lives, and yet now they are vilified, and/or not given credit.

We accept this narrative, and allow our country, the people who built it, and the amazing innovations we have produced, to be abused, bullied, vilified, and “decolonized”, as if they mean they’ll give back the technology, when all that means is abuse towards those who invented it all.

We have every right and reason to keep building this great nation and feel proud of our hard work, and proud to be Canadian.

Michele Tittler.

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