‘Aboriginals Exempt From Alberta Carbon Tax’

“A new report from the ‘Calgary Herald’ reveals that the NDP are exempting…aboriginal Bands and individuals from their new carbon tax…

“If the main goal of the carbon tax is saving the planet from the deadly effects of C02, then why are the NDP exempting anyone? This just makes it clear that the carbon tax is about a wealth transfer and not about mother nature.

“There is another huge problem created by the exemptions the NDP are granting. Exempting Band-owned companies from a carbon tax means they start off with an advantage their competitors don’t have. Band-owned companies will never have to factor the cost of the carbon tax into the goods they produce or the services they provide, placing them at a competitive advantage.

“Just when I thought the NDP’s carbon tax couldn’t get more ridiculous, they’ve gone and made it race based. How about we scrap the whole tax, instead of dividing the business community based on ethnicity?” 

–‘Notley NDP’s “race based” carbon tax? Aboriginal band owned companies EXEMPT’,
Sheila Gunn Reid, The Rebel, March 24, 2016



‘Oilsands, farms to be among exemptions from Alberta’s carbon tax’

“Alberta’s NDP government is set to reveal more details of its carbon tax plan, including who will be exempt from parts of the economy-wide charge when it is introduced next year — including oilsands operations, ‘First Nations’ and agricultural producers.

“Government sources said Wednesday that large greenhouse gas emitters now subject to the existing ‘Specified Gas Emitters Regulation’ (SGER) levy will be exempt from parts of the new carbon tax being brought in as part of the province’s climate-change strategy.

“The group of 109 large emitters that pay SGER includes oilsands operations, refineries and upgraders, fertilizer plants and cement producers.

“Those people who are going to be paying on their emissions won’t be paying on their heating fuel because that would be sort of double taxation of the same facility”,

said a senior government official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“There will also be exemptions for federal entities and ‘First Nations’ individuals and Bands.

“Farmers also won’t have to pay the carbon tax on fuel used for agricultural purposes, including marked gasoline. Alberta now gives eligible agricultural operators a nine-cent-a-litre provincial fuel tax exemption on buying dyed gasoline and diesel.

“The province is beginning to reach out to natural gas suppliers to let them know who is exempt from the new $20-a-tonne carbon charge when it comes into effect Jan. 1, 2017.

“It is also preparing to launch a technical engagement process ahead of introducing legislation this spring.

“The approach being unveiled is consistent with recommendations from the government-appointed ‘climate-change’ panel, which developed a plan adopted by Premier Rachel Notley’s administration last fall.

“Chaired by University of Alberta energy economist Andrew Leach, the panel said large emitters needed to be treated separately because they are trade-exposed facilities.

“Large final emitters would be able to exempt emissions from fuels for which a carbon price had already been applied at the point of distribution”, the report states.

“Maintaining the existing SGER levy on emissions, which the government will increase to $30-per-tonne in 2017, gives an incentive to actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the smokestack, says the province.

“Applying the carbon tax to input fuel costs at the same time could drive facilities to other jurisdictions without such expenses, said the government official.

“The plant will go away and it will emit from somewhere else”, said the official.

“We want to strike the right balance when it comes to emissions levies paid by . . . trade-susceptible companies, because we’re in the business of helping them to reduce their emissions. We’re not in the business of forcing them to take their emissions and jobs elsewhere.”

“Simon Dyer of the ‘Pembina Institute’, an environmental think-tank, said he’s waiting to see regulations from the government, but…any moves to provide broader exemptions would need to be done carefully and reviewed on a case-by-case basis, Dyer added.

“If you start introducing too many exemptions, you’re going to be left with a system that isn’t actually going to drive emission reduction”, he cautioned.

“The NDP’s initial economy-wide carbon tax will be based on the equivalent of $20 per tonne of carbon emissions, increasing to $30 per tonne in 2018.

“At the higher level, Alberta consumers will face an additional total cost of about seven cents per litre for gasoline, and $1.68 per gigajoule for natural gas, according to the panel report.

“Including electricity price increases, an average household will face a total annual cost of approximately $320 in 2017 and $470 in 2018.

“The government has promised 60% of Albertans will receive rebates to cover some or all of the carbon tax costs. It intends to put revenue from the tax toward measures to reduce pollution, including clean energy research, public transit and programs to help Albertans reduce their energy use.

“Critics, however, contend Alberta should not be adopting new costs that competing jurisdictions don’t impose, and they warn the timing of a new tax in the middle of an economic downturn could cost the province jobs.

“The Notley government had originally pegged revenue from the tax at $3 billion, but that figure has slipped because of the ongoing economic slump caused by low oil prices and industrial activity.

“The government is now estimating carbon tax revenue at approximately $2.5 billion.”

–‘Oilsands, farms to be among exemptions from Alberta’s carbon tax’,
James Wood, Chris Varcoe, Calgary Herald, March 24, 2016

IMAGE: Amber Bracken – Canadian Press



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    1. WHEN will the aboriginals ever pay any kind of taxes??? The government is taxing us to death!!!!! When is it ever going to end??? Enough is enough!!! We pay taxes left and right.. I am a senior and the crumbs we get is NO comparison that the Aboriginals and refugees receive in benefits.


  1. What a bullshit crock you are. You deliberatly rewrite how things are stated to mis-lead people because you know that most don’t read past the first paragraphs. You write a title that gets people going, then you intentially leave out information in order to rile them up more.

    ““A new report from the ‘Calgary Herald’ reveals that the NDP are exempting…aboriginal Bands and individuals from their new carbon tax…”

    I see that ellipses there, intentionally removing the list of other exemptions in order to place the focus on Bands only. The “Race Based Politics” is you. Creating a Race Based problem where there isn’t one. Fucking jokers. You’re scum pushing your own political agenda by skewing the information given.


  2. If this isn’t racial discrimination then I don’t know what is. We all have to pay a carbon tax because were not native Indians. That is pure BS. The natives in Alberta get a break because they’re not white, or black, or brown. Racist!!! Who is going to start a class action suit on this and where do I sign up??




  4. They keep saying farmers will be exempt. Keep in mind only the very large farms haul everything they buy and produce themselves. The mid-sized or smaller farms pay for others to haul whatever we buy or sell. This means that those people we hire to haul cattle, feed, or grains will be charged the tax, and we will have to pay it in higher hauling costs because of this. Definitely looks like another way to squeeze out the littler guy…


    1. Nadine unless you can back up your comment I would not believe that. If you company is a farm related business then yes you should be exempt from a lot of stuff. I worked for a guy who had manure trucks. Since he trucking business was farm related he was exempt from having to carry any log books and having a CVIP inspection on all his trucks every year. When we fuelled up he was allowed to buy purple fuel. I am quite sure these cattle haulers have the same privilege. If they are using their trucks to do more then just hauling farm related products then I can see them having to pay this carbon tax and they would not be able to buy this purple fuel. My old employer, with the manure trucks, was abusing the tax breaks he got by running his one gravel truck under his farm business. Later on he was caught and was forced to put his gravel truck under a different business license because he was hauling gravel and snow for retail stores and other private business that has nothing to do farm work. I am going to speak to an accountant today just to confirm who is right here.


  5. What a bunch of BULLSHIT! Doesn’t the government of Canada already fully support the Indians? Why are they all of a sudden exempt??????


  6. I can’t believe anyone in government could be as shortsighted and naive as to think native bands should be exempt from the carbon tax. This move on the part of the NDP only shows how stupid they are. They preach equality, they want to wipe out racism but are so blind they can’t see they are only widening the gap and creating more resentment between the races. I feel this is a very bad move. Bands receive many millions of dollars from oil production and are paid Treaty money Monthly. And don’t forget the GST they do not pay. In some areas, they have exclusive rights to build casinos; they hunt and fish, leaving salmon to rot in piles on banks of streams and rivers. I could go on but I think I have made my point. However, I fail to see Notley’s. But when has there been any point to what she has done? All she has done is bankrupt a great country; please have mercy on people who work hard to create and earn a decent living and have a home to live in. Rachel, please apologize for making this harder and please go away, step down or just get lost…


  7. Just another privilege that the Indians get. You know, they fight so much for equality, yet they get so many special treatments, and once they get confronted about it they say it’s because of what happened to their ancestors. It’s Time to move on in life and get over it so everyone can actually get treated equally.


  8. Notley, tell me and the rest of Albertans that they don’t get this royalty check you’re sending out??


  9. This is complete bullshit and if the natives are not the first to point it out, they are also full of bullshit and complete Hypocrites…


  10. Promote “Clean Coal”, instead. The technology is already here!!!!!!! Listen to your people !!!!!


  11. What about the people on pensions? Hello, Notley — Grow some and address us people in Alberta. Government is just dumping the crap on Alberta. Thanks, exempt some more… Stupid tax, so stupid…


  12. I agree we need to end race based law in Canada! If our government really wanted cleaner air, how is this tax suppose to work if certain people are exempt from it?


  13. I wonder if our Aboriginal Peoples are excempt in paying the Alberta Carbon Tax, will they be collecting Carbon Rebates? It would seem fair if they don’t pay into it that they wouldn’t be collecting any rebates or refunds of any kind.


  14. Are you bloody kidding me? What the hell next? If we are one country, we should all be the same. This is what causes people to dislike others when some are given a free ride while the rest pay. Notley is an idiot; can’t wait to vote her ass out of here.


  15. This is not cool. I am a Canadian just as much as they are, equal rights for everyone, and the same equal rights need to be presented to all Canadians…


  16. You can’t really call the Carbon Tax race based, when First Nation Companies and People’s have always been tax exempt when purchasing fuels and tabbaco on reserve!
    Can’t be race based if we have never had to pay tax to begin with.


  17. Air conditioning puts out 1000x more effect than CO2 does. Does our leader of Alberta have air conditioning in her car, home and office, and does she drive a car using gas or electricity? Maybe she should show us in Alberta how it is done…


  18. I am so sorry we have such as Notley’s NDP.
    She will finish Alberta sooner.
    She has no experience to run a small company, how she can run the most profitable province?
    Please go away…


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